The Room

The Room

Johnny is a successful banker with great respect for and dedication to the people in his life, especially his future wife Lisa. The happy-go-lucky guy sees his world fall apart when his friends begin to betray him one-by-one.

A successful banker's (Tommy Wiseau) fiancee (Juliette Danielle) gets bored of him and decides to tempt and manipulate his best friend (Greg Sestero). From there, nothing will be the same again. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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J B (fr) wrote: Stuart Murdoch's "God Help the Girl" finds a young artist working through her mental health issues with the help of music and like-minded contemporaries. The songs in the film capture the rebellious optimism and wistful longing of youth. It's a credit to Murdoch's precise vision that the singing and dancing feel like a natural extension of the characters' emotional states. The charmingly choreographed musical numbers are buoyed by Emily Browning's mellifluous vocals, which convey both a haunting sadness and innate strength. Stylistically unique, vibrant and uplifting, "God Help the Girl" is a truly divine creation.

Claire P (es) wrote: I really liked the thought experiment this presented, though I was not a fan of the end and some of the more predictable points the writers used to wrap things up.

Tom T (nl) wrote: 7.0/10This was a lower budget WWII film and trust me, it felt like that for most of the movie. With that being said, I enjoyed the plot bc you don't see much about Dutch resistance in WWII. It was slow at times and had acting and editing faults, but I enjoyed it. Especially the last half hour or so. I give it credit for what it was.

David H (ca) wrote: The end made me wanna jump on my feet and cheer. Then I felt like dancing.

KenishaLove B (nl) wrote: I love it all really made me think.

Pete S (gb) wrote: Typical Leslie Neilsen

Shayla M (ag) wrote: Very funny. Love the bloopers.

Ryan V (au) wrote: It's an unimpressive ending to a trilogy, which frankly got a lot more mileage than it should have. It gets credit for actually completing some character arcs, but the schtick is now played out. It's still watchable, but that's based on goodwill viewership from the last two movies.

Carl M (it) wrote: Horror hostess Elvira sets off on her own spooky adventure in ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK! After being fired from her late night television gig, Elvira learns that she has inherited her great aunt's creepy old mansion as well as her mysterious cookbook. The buxom beauty is left to defend herself against the puritanical citizens of Fallwell, Massachusettes, and the her conniving uncle, who will stop at nothing to retrieve his sister's ancient book of spells! ELVIRA is busting at the seems with the same bad puns and tasteless humor that made Movie Macabre such a smash sensation in the 80s! Cassandra Peterson single-handedly sells the act as the always ditsy (but never dull) Elvira, whose quick wit is only exceeded by her stunning good looks. The Queen of Camp faces off against Edie McClurg as the prissy Chastity Pariah and William Morgan Sheppard as the delightfully devious Vincent Talbot. When it comes to double entendres and Double D's, one can do no better than ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK!

Andrew H (de) wrote: It doesn't have much story and can get a little slow, but overall it's wonderful. It's really just a collection of scenes of people reacting to the brother, and the slave owners trying to track him down. It has a brilliant script, great dialogue, and very assured and well paced direction.

John B (br) wrote: Yes, the Jennifer Jones-Gregory Peck stuff is a little over the top but this film is incredibly entertaining. Though not intentionally funny, this is grade A comedy.

Lisa K (jp) wrote: This is a powerful film that left me shell shocked for several days. I am left with a question. What gives a mother the right to cause such damage to her children and her spouse? Meryl Streep did an unbelievable job portraying a very mean, self centered, drug addicted, deeply damaged mother. As the plot unfolds like an onion, the viewer becomes privy to more and more of the family's secrets. Even though, the acting is tremendous, I didn't attach myself enough to any of the characters to care about the outcome. I didn't have any sympathy for Meryl Streep's character. Even though, she came from a very cruel upbringing, she wasn't able to rise above and not pass that damage on to the ones closest to her. Each one of her daughters suffer in predictable fashion from being raised by her, especially succumbing to attachment issues. All three daughters, were not able to form successful relationships in their own ways. The story is believable and most likely most people can see some of their own families' characteristics. I feel privileged to have seen this movie because of the flawless acting.

Robert B (es) wrote: If you'd have told me that a story about a bloke in a car with a mobile phone could be this interesting I'd have called you a liar.

Kurt F (fr) wrote: 7/13/13 Despite other reviews, I actually liked the plot a lot. The acting is rather weak, but overall, I like Affleck's character and how he lies. Yes, the end might be a bit contrived, and of course, everyone is terrible at shooting a gun. I found it entertaining to see all these actors at such a young age! (13 years ago now, and Ashton Kutcher looks quite young!)

Melinda P (es) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Yes, as some have said, it is a familiar role for Hugh Grant. But, what's wrong with that? I loved the story and thought Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei were great.