The Room Upstairs

The Room Upstairs

The local building-contractor Martin Roumagnac is fascinated by the fashionable Blanche Ferrand. To impress Blache, Martin presents her with a villa. However, this ruins him financially. Despite Martin's many efforts for the now femme-fatal Blanche, she is not able to chose between him and the rich consul De Laubry.

The local building-contractor Martin Roumagnac is fascinated by the fashionable Blanche Ferrand. To impress Blache, Martin presents her with a villa. However, this ruins him financially. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tanmart S (fr) wrote: Jason Schwartzman plays the title character too well, you quite legitimately want to strangle the son of a bitch that is the title character. The film's bleak, rather dreary, atmosphere is suffocating. The filmmakers' stylistic choice of cinematography and editing is clearly from Woody Allen's 'Husbands and Wives'.Jonathan Pryce and Elisabeth Moss are good in their roles but ultimately all their characters are unsympathetic. There's not much of a story arc for Schwartzman either. I liked the jazz quintet score though.

Daniel B (fr) wrote: best movie i have ever seen

Jacquie B (ru) wrote: One of the most thought provoking films i have seen in a long time. It has stayed with me for many weeks after seeing it.

Mary P (es) wrote: This is an uplifting movie without being saccharine. Our hero is flawed, but he pursues a noble quest. The hero's journey is transformative for himself and people around him. This is a good movie for families, but perhaps not for sensitive children under the age of 10 because of the boxing scenes.

Alianna L (it) wrote: I love it so so muchI love it

Fai D (au) wrote: A very good psychological thriller.

Michelle A (us) wrote: no info = no interest

David K (ru) wrote: If you enjoyed My Big Fat Greek Wedding then you will love this movie with a gay twist!

Pinki J (ag) wrote: i love this movie......

ana g (ag) wrote: i would like to see it

Jacob R (nl) wrote: 'Fury' has a fun comic-book look and features some nice nods to fans of the comic's world...but it's just waaaayyyyy too cheesy and dull. Even for a late-90s made for TV movie you would expect better acting (I'm thinking the villains and supporting cast...I mostly liked Hoff and Rinna) and a tighter storyline.

Tim R (fr) wrote: Waiting for the Titanic to hit an iceberg and sink is worth waiting for!

Rebecca S (ca) wrote: A charming movie, which provides one with the opportunity to see Denzel doing the electric slide!

Millo T (jp) wrote: Irregular movie. I understand how shocking had to be the interpretation from Marlee Martin in that moment, and it is clear she has a great personality who reflects in the screen. Between 2.5 and 3.

Christopher H (de) wrote: Creepy 70s Lovecraftian horror.

Patrick F (kr) wrote: Unremittingly boring film. The soundtrack sucks dick, the acting is sup-par even on the grindhouse level (the 17 year old girl was driving me nuts with her total lack of expression), and the film could seriously be half the length that it ended up being. For god's sake, no one need to have 15 straight minutes of irrelevant characters pickaxing dirt in any film at all. The only redeeming factor is the 5-second long jailbait sex scene that was both humorous and slightly exciting, at least compared to the rest of this compost heap.P.S. Where are the women? There were two girls in this entire movie, and combined they don't even share 25 minutes of screen time.

Jack G (ag) wrote: A lot funnier than I expected, like a very dark-comic-tragic sequel to The Searchers, it looks at a Marshall and a Major set to task to bring back a few young people kidnapped years before by the Comanches. The personal stakes of the actual finding of the people isn't so high-stakes and existential like Searchers, but there's more to do with what happens when these kids are brought home, how they're beyond recognition, and also the camraderie between Stewart and Widmark is awesome. The scene where the two of them sit by the riverside and have a friendly argument is one of Ford's great scenes of men being men, amusing, tough, deep down squishy.

Christopher S (nl) wrote: Bereavement was a good slasher flick that, for me, exceeded initial expectation. It also serves as a scary reminder that killers can be made not just born. The idea that a normal boy could be kidnapped and taught to hate and kill is a frightening one and it comes through well in this film. Proof that slasher films, when in capable hands do not have to be dull, campy or boring.

Brayden H (ca) wrote: No Ho Ho! The MST3K version is better than this.

Darren B (nl) wrote: This movie is worth 10 stars! Wow what an awesome awesome - AWESOME movie that reminded me a bit of the classic Stand By Me. One of the best I've seen in sometime!I highly highly recommend this movie!!!