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Simon D (ru) wrote: Really poor film, I was not aware that Spike Lee was behind it and for the first three quarters i was cursing the fact that I'd not been fore-warned of this awful Christian rubbish, it dragged on and on with no point and long periods of nothingness. I swear that I was thinking "what this film needs is..." about 3 minutes before it happened, unfortunately, the mildly interesting ending couldn't make up for the cack that went before.

Adam H (de) wrote: La pelicula es muy buena y interesante. Es sobre dos peloteros. Son shortstops de la RD. Los peloteros son activos y atleticos. Pero uno es mentioso

Joshua H (nl) wrote: Loved it!! This movie makes you feel but has the laughs as well! Parker Croft is a STUD!

Yousuf A (es) wrote: Ok to be real its one of my favorites ,, Maybe its not smiler to the quality from Hollywood however the story was so romantic and sad but it got to me ,, loved every minute from the movie . it was worth it some might not like it because its a foreign movie but if you look deep and try to understand the story you will love it.

Jeikobu U (gb) wrote: One of the great Christian movies of all time! I highly recommend it to everyone. It's a sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, always moving movie based on the true story from the book of the same name, showing God's enduring grace through life and the sometimes tremendous trials that come with it.

Callum S (it) wrote: This film is just brilliant, really shows how far people will go to chase there dream and there family

John W (fr) wrote: It's Rounders for pool. But not as good if you love pool check it but if you want a good hustle movie there have been better

chris c (br) wrote: Good film it was really funny !

Dan G (us) wrote: Don't let the lofty 3-hour running time of Hoop Dreams discourage you- this documentary will make you wish it were 5 hours by the end. One of the benchmarks in documentary filmmaking, it's a really gripping look at the struggles of two inner city youths and their personal struggles while balancing out their dreams to becoming basketball superstars. After you watch it, check out the "where are they now" by searching for them on wikipedia, as the documentary is now 20 years old.

Alex V (fr) wrote: Pretty alright. Mostly it's very telling how much Kevin Williamson took from this for Scream

Michael M (kr) wrote: Pacino and John Goodman plus Ellen Barkin in her prime. A little too much of the titular song but definitely a solid movie.

Heather P (fr) wrote: Popcorn and a Movie with the hubby! ?????

Peter W (es) wrote: This is one of the best crime films ever made.

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:I'm surprised that this movie wasn't bigger than it was because it's quite an epic movie with some fairly big names in the cast. I did find the leading character a bit annoying, but Michael Sheen was a joy to watch. The storyline wasn't bad either. Basically it's about young boy whose looking for his kidnapped brother whilst on a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. With the help of Michael Sheen, he ends up working in a hotel which is were all the clues lead, to find his brother and the box. It's not exactly Indianna Jones, but it's a mysterious tale which leads the audience down many different avenues after following the many clues. I think that the director wasted a lot of time on trivial matters in the middle of the movie, but the showdown at the end was half decent and it looked very glossy. Personally I thought that the movie was OK and I'm surprised that it made such a lose at the box office. Average!Round-Up:I think this movie would have been much better if Michael Sheen and Sam Neill had more scenes and if there was an actor with more screen charisma, playing the lead. The director left the storyline open for a sequel, but judging by the lose at the box office, I doubt that we will be seeing one anytime soon, which is a shame because the concept wasn't that bad. All the clues did seem to drop on the main characters lap with ease, but he did have the help of his new found friend, who he falls in love with, and the great Sheen who helped his partner in many sticky situations. In all, I honestly think that people would enjoy this film if they gave it a chance, but you do have to be in the right frame of mind to watch it.Budget: $25millionWorldwide Gross: $14,000 (Terrible!)I recommend this movie to people who are into there mysterious, magical movies about a quest to find a magical box which can turn anything into gold. 5/10

JC Y (kr) wrote: the main actress is the most annoying person in the movie... ruined the movie...