The Roots of Heaven

The Roots of Heaven

In Fort Lamy, French Equitorial Africa, idealist Morel launches a one-man campaign to preserve the African elephant from extinction, which he sees as the last remaining "roots of Heaven." At first, he finds only support from Minna, hostess of the town's only night club, who is in love with him, and a derelict ex-British Army Major, Forsythe. His crusade gains momentum and he is soon surrounded by an odd assortment of characters: Cy Sedgewick, an American TV commentator who becomes impressed and rallies world-wide support; a U.S. photographer, Abe Fields, who is sent to do a picture story on Morel and stays on to follow his ideals; Saint Denis, a government aide ordered to stop Morel; Orsini, a professional ivory hunter whose vested interests aren't the same as Morel's; and Waitari, leader of a Pan-African movement who follows Morel only for the personal good it will do his own campaign.

In Fort Lamy, French Equitorial Africa, idealist Morel launches a one-man campaign to preserve the African elephant from extinction, which he sees as the last remaining "roots of Heaven." ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip D (ru) wrote: By now it is a well known fact that I find the Coen Brothers to be excessively overrated. I've slogged through Fargo, The Big Lebowski, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Inside Llewyn Davis, No Country For Old Men and others while still failing to really grasp why the Coen Brothers get such a fantastic rap. Culturally their movie titles come up often and certain aspects of their middle American focus have become more popular and certainly the sepia overtones of O Brother, Where Art Thou? have become an important benchmark but overall, I still can't seem to find an impact that even begins to rival that of Lucas, Kubrick, Spielberg, Scott, Scorsese or Tarantino, despite the brothers often occupying the same space as these great directors (and sometimes winning awards over them as well). Burn After Reading has been next on my Coen Brothers filmography road trip and after seeing it, I have to say it may be my favorite of their films. That isn't to say it was fantastic. While the plot and timing came together better than their other films and the characters were infinitely more fascinating, Burn After Reading bears some similarities to Hail, Caesar! in that it continues to appear as a vanity project for Hollywood elite. While I like the cast and appreciate their stories a bit more, the brothers don't even make an attempt to disguise zoom shots on George Clooney and others that seem to serve no purpose other than to allow these high class thespians to showcase their fantastic and profound line delivery and acting skills during one of the movie's many monologues. In some ways, it continues to seem like, that in their attempt to highlight incredible performances, the brothers actually make a mockery of just that. Maybe that has always been the intention but it comes off as incredibly pretentious and off putting. Nevertheless, more than any of their other films that I have seen, Burn After Reading actually seems to latch on to both a coherent plot and a unifying philosophical identity. Aging seems to be the target here as all of the main characters struggle to come to terms with the disappearance of their youth. Clooney is obsessively exercise oriented even as he courts droves of women. Malkovich is paranoid and delusional about the importance of his life's work. Swinton desperately craves a change of scenery while McDormand plans to literally change her appearance to that of a younger woman. Brad Pitt has the most iconic performance, as the gym bro who opts for the ignorance is bliss approach as the youngest character on screen. It all goes down rather smoothly, even if it isn't as funny or profound as it could have been. Despite once again working with an A+ cast, the brothers still can't seem to distill the purest form of what their working with but Burn After Reading still seems like a high note for their filmography.

Juha S (it) wrote: Havent seen the first ones in the series, but this was quite exciting. And the plot was not what you would expect. Only the monster was stupid looking a few times when it was made with special effects.

Robert N (es) wrote: Amazing acting by Dame Judi Dench and Cate Blanchett.

RJ B (de) wrote: hard to watch but very interesting

Paul D (it) wrote: Lightweight comedy, part drama, although watchable.

Ajaypal S (us) wrote: There cant be a more touching love story.......hell

Mark P (ru) wrote: The "How it was made" bonus feature was better than the actual film.

Sanford R (ru) wrote: I don't really care about this right now

Ryan V (it) wrote: The animation is groundbreaking and the music is majestic. This is an underrated one, in my opinion. The Magician's Apprentice is the highlight, but this masterpiece has so much more to it than just that.

Hunter D (de) wrote: A movie about a kid in the seventies who plays in a band that plays eighties music whose mom is a big Elvis fan. He decides after their family starts falling apart to kidnap the king of rock n' roll and take him home to cheer up his mother. Elvis takes this a lot better than you'd expect

Gaspar O (nl) wrote: Robin's performance was fun to watch, but the film itself seemed like it was shot and edited by ten year olds. It was worth one watch I guess, just to see another pre Good Morning, Vietnam Robin Williams effort. Extra half star for making me despise love of the almighty dollar even more.

Evan H (mx) wrote: This is a strange movie. It's still good though. Divine plays a classy mobster that is awesome. Keith Carradine gets a weird haircut in this movie and wears ridiculous makeup and droopy eyeliner. The shootout scene is probably the best scene in the whole movie. It's also filmed in Seattle!

Kevin R (us) wrote: Of course I'd like to do something for you...if you'd do something for me.A producer has to put in an alternate for his star performer and finds an unexpected all star that drives crowds wild. The owner of the show, a wealthy old man, falls in love with the star and she tries to impress him while not leading him on. She does fall in love but not with the wealthy owner. Will her new love destroy her budding career? "Three weeks like this and a leg ain't nothing but something to stand on."Lloyd Bacon, director of You Were Meant for Me, An Innocent Affair, Golden Girl, I Wonder Whose Kissing Her Now, and San Quentin, delivers 42nd Street. The storyline for this picture was fun but not overly imaginative. The songs are a bit long winded but the acting is very good. The cast includes Warner Baxter, Bebe Daniels, Ginger Rogers, and Dick Powell."Next time you come to a lady's department...act like a lady."I DVR'd this picture off Turner Classic Movie (TCM) because I thought the plot sounded interesting. Well, it was okay and I definitely wanted to see how everything turned out but I didn't feel like this was excellent (and I was honestly a bit disappointed). Overall, I probably skip this picture."I'll give you a chance...because I've got to."Grade: C+/B- (6.5)

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