The Rose of the Rascal

The Rose of the Rascal

The life of Irwin Goodman, a Finnish singer.

The life of Irwin Goodman, a Finnish singer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Superkitty A (gb) wrote: it could have been beautifully written ,, but it's FLAT ,,,, star for Josh Lucas, he put out a great performance regardless the dull storyline ,,, another star is for the cinematography, stunningly shoot! Other than Josh Lucas and the scenery, the whole movie is DRY ,,, I had to fast forward to the end ,,, SORRY

Lori A (ru) wrote: Finally, a movie the whole family can agree on! Adventure, dance, song, retro vibes----- what an accomplishment!!!!!

Ceph J (kr) wrote: A closeted hockey player, concerned about his image, adopts a gay 11-year-old boy who wants to be a hockey player. This is the central theme of this likable film which starts off like a sitcom but gets interesting at the midway point. The movie does end by having something to say about human nature--we should be true to our selves. In light of the US/Canada hockey game last night, and watching this movie, I'm now getting warmed up to this ice sport. Tom Cavanagh plays the character a little too "wound up" for me--can't a closet gay have fun? His relationship with his mate (Ben Shenkman whose role is underwritten) is devoid of passion and they could be mere roommates. However, Noah Bernett as the boy, Scot, is a wonderful actor. He embodies both the softness and toughness of his character. There are some genuine comic moments like when Cavanagh sees Bernett figure skating and decides to teach him hockey while he lies to his boss who's observing them. Or, when the young hockey team discusses the rumors about "Eric is called Erica." I liked the scenes of them shopping and bonding together. "Breakfast with Scot" is a not only a hybrid of "La Cage aux Folles" and "Three Men and a Baby" but is also a delightful export from

Anna B (mx) wrote: A lot of the subtle, ambiguous tension is squandered in some of the later scenes. But the first two acts are good enough that it didn't completely ruin the experience and it remained a quality film overall. I think my DVD had a problem with its sound though (intense, annoying clipping/compression artefacts that I thought at first were an intentional part of the sound design), so I wouldn't mind re-watching this.

Karen H (kr) wrote: the last few minutes were really disappointing - we felt cheated by the ending. up to then it was pretty interesting. watched for 2nd time 2014-08-17.

Jessica H (us) wrote: A bit forgettable, but entertaining.

Jacob B (it) wrote: While it is occasionally uneven and isn't exactly an Oscar-worthy film, the chemistry between Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, the story that's both humourous and heartwarming, a reasonably worthwhile premise and the sure-handed direction of Nancy Meyers elevate What Women Want beyond some of the romantic-comedy cliches the film may have.

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Dre M (kr) wrote: this is a great sequel to the first one, not only did they use the same kid but the story is so well developed and contains some of the same atmosphere that the first one had with little dialoge and great cinematography.

Kevin C (de) wrote: Movie night with Iris. Iris' first introduction to Sid and Kenneth. She loved Kenneth "Oh matron".

Graham R (gb) wrote: A quite charming Bond cash-in from the Swinging Sixties. Richard Johnson is well cast as the dapper Bulldog Drummond, here up against the sinister Nigel Green (who's usually on the side of good, like when he played Nayland Smith in the FU MANCHU movies). As the title suggests, this is all about the women, and both Sylva Koscina and Elke Sommer are quite lovely in it. Campy, funny, colourful and action packed, there's nothing not to like here.

Eric R (mx) wrote: Max Ophuls' Lola Montes is his grand opus, in which he tells the epic story of Lola, who is presented as some sort of circus attraction. The film is absolutely gorgeous and epic in frame; Ophuls really was a master of the long fluid shot, and he once again proves it. This is grandiose storytelling with some beautiful moments into Lola, as we learn about her life through flashbacks and her current circus situation. Let me just add that watching this on blu-ray blew me away and Criterion is the shit for releasing this.

Isadore H (jp) wrote: Will Smith shines as Hancock, a troubled superhero who doesn't remember who he is or where he came from. The execution is pretty good from all the other actors, but Hancock struggles to keep its pacing smooth and a few of its jokes fall on its face. Still a good one to watch to kill time.

Dyron W (kr) wrote: Mallrats, Kevin Smith's second film following his break through hit Clerks, is definitely juvenile, but scores a lot of laugh-out-loud moments (and a neat Stan Lee cameo) and continues to have a lasting cult following.

Jonathan T (nl) wrote: Wish they made a sequel