The Rumble of the Stones

The Rumble of the Stones

Delia survived a river-flood ten years ago. She's trying to rebuilt her life but she soon discovers danger is over her two sons. But hope of reconstruction is possible, because the force of love,despite all, keep them united. (from imdb)

Delia survived a river-flood ten years ago. She's trying to rebuilt her life but she soon discovers danger is over her two sons. But hope of reconstruction is possible, because the force of love,despite all, keep them united. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Victor T (es) wrote: We follow the lives of Brian Taylor and Miguel Zavala, two members of the LAPD, as they accomplish their job of protect and serve.Everyone has an actor that has makes you excites you for a film or makes you watch a film that you have no interest, and one of those actors for me is Jake Gyllenhaal, so I watched this film when it came out but now with "Suicide Squad" approaching I wanted to see David Ayers directorial style so I rewatched this 2012 film and I have to say it wasn't as bad as I remembered. "End of Watch" has two solid and charismatic performances by Gyllenhaal and Pea, the pacing is more than solid it is consistent, the two main characters have believable chemistry, the comedy is actually funny or at the very least charming, and its action sequences are more than exciting thanks to its mashup directing style (this is found footage mixed with documentary and standard), particularly the ending. But regardless this film has many problems. The acting of the supporting cast is just awful (it feels like they waste their budget on getting Pea, Gyllenhaal and Kendrick so they only managed to get cheap actors for the rest of the cast), it has tonal issues as you can literally go from our two lead laughing and hanging out to LA violence, the story comes off as rushed as many of its scenes don't feel intertwined and the editing doesn't help either (while I respect the fact that Ayer tried to go the opposite direction of the corrupt cops from "Training Day", this script is just poorly written and more than predictable), and its directing style comes off as obnoxious very often. Granted it works in the action sequences when there is shaky cam or you cut from a handheld shot to an average shot scene (where the camera is placed correctly) it disorients you. "End of Watch" is an interesting failure that while I give full props for trying to tell a grounded story of the LAPD in the most realistic way possible, it still has a rushed story and its directing style doesn't completely work and will take you out of the film in more than one occasion. Nice try Ayer but not nice enough as other than the two leads and the found footage like style there isn't much to say about this film.

Bass H (kr) wrote: Steven Soderburgh does it again! Fantastic story from a fantastic film maker! Michael Douglas and Matt Damon were amazing also! Outstanding performances.

Dyron W (de) wrote: I had a few chuckles, but its the same old crap; dated pop culture references and all.

Edgar C (it) wrote: Audacious and larger-than-life essay analyzing each layer of a subculture that invaded the world's mentality. "Life without music would be a mistake" states one of the most known publicity slogans. Intoxicating editing and a marvelous direction by the intrepid Winterbottom alongside a brave Coogan, razor-sharp intellectual dialogue, a blast of a varied soundtrack and an honest conclusion about modern civilization's consumerist decay. The ending is a clever criticism to self idolatry.97/100

(gb) wrote: some run around trying to find out how to live, some just live it....

Niklas C (gb) wrote: Om dlig uppfostran och vilka dliga konsekvenser det kan f...

Chris A (br) wrote: One of Tim Roths best performances

Adam F (br) wrote: Tacky at times, with some playfulness perceivable, a little clumsy acting on grown-ups' side and brilliant on the kids'. A few most important words in human history stuck here and there in a manner that may easily elude watchers' attention. Great colourful chewing gum for the eyes on a winter evening.

Filippo S (de) wrote: A legitimate fun time, full of authentic fun and joie de vivre. Rarely have I seen a movie that was so honestly devoted to the love of life and fun. Even the heavies - esp. Peter Boyle, who was outstanding as the evil governor - seemed entirely consumed by the movie. Great effects from the days when effect were real. The beautiful Genevieve Bujold made an excellent heroine - feminine yet more than able to kick ass as required.No deep message here, but hits on all cylinders as a great and fun adventure.

David L (mx) wrote: Really funny. Fallon and Queen Latifah at their bestm