The Runestone

The Runestone

A Norse runestone is discovered in Western Pennsylvania. The prophecy upon it tells of the Norse great wolf Fenrir (Fenris), and that its release from the stone will bring about Ragnarok --- the end of the world. Archaeologist Sam Stewart and wife Marla find it has some connection to their friend Martin. A young boy named Jacob is haunted by terrifying nightmares of what is to come, and his family explains these dreams through stories from Norse legend, which says that the only one who can destroy Fenrir is Tyr, the Norse god of war, who is prophesied to return to fight the creature.

A Norse runestone is discovered in Western Pennsylvania. The prophecy upon it tells of the Norse great wolf Fenrir (Fenris), and that its release from the stone will bring about Ragnarok --... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sobu M (mx) wrote: This is a soulless muddled mess that does great disservice to a great book.

Bill Z (mx) wrote: That is her gift, for celebrity behind screen

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Doctor S (gb) wrote: Once the end credits roll, you may think to yourself that Les Egars doesn't add up to much. Or you may see it like me and find a lot of value in those little pieces. The film follows a mother and her son & daughter fleeing from Paris in June 1940 as the Nazis invade. Soon they encounter a streetwise - or in this case, countrywise - youth who knows more about survival than the three of them combined. They stumble upon an abandoned luxury house far from the German warpath and have serious choices to make about their futures. I learned a little bit about the hardships of French citizens during the WW II occupation and experienced a little bit of rushing fear as German planes drop their bombs. The 4-way dynamic between the characters forms the core of the film with the varying degrees of experience each person has creating a separate layer to explore: the hopeful yet pragmatic mother, the bluntly realistic loyal son, the quizzical innocent young daughter, and the bold resourceful stranger who is not all he claims to be. Emmanuelle Bart delivers a strong, resolute performance, as does newcomer Gaspard Ulliel. The other child actors also contribute seamlessly, which is vitally important since Bart is the only adult present during most of the film. The ending came rather unexpectedly & reminded me of Cuckoo's Nest without the underlying inspirational message. Nevertheless, with Les Egars I found the parts greater than the sum.

Anne C (kr) wrote: missing all the tension and darkness of the nabokov text...a "charming" film, despite the originally intended atmosphere.

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Dann M (de) wrote: Universal continues their "monster rallies" in House of Dracula, bringing together Dracula, the Wolf Man and the Frankenstein Monster. The story picks up several years after the events of House of Frankenstein, where a now freed Dracula seeks the renowned Dr. Edelmann for help in curing his vampirism, and by happenstance Lawrence Talbot also comes looking for the doctor in hopes of a cure to his lycanthropy. The performances are all fairly good, and John Carradine gives a compelling depiction of Dracula. However, the film is rather uneven and has difficulty handling the various character stories. House of Dracula is fun and entertaining, but doesn't quite meet its potential.

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