The Runner

The Runner

In the aftermath of the BP oil spill, an idealistic but imperfect New Orleans politician (Nicolas Cage) finds his plans of restoration unraveling as his own life becomes contaminated with corruption, scandal and deceit.

In the aftermath of the BP oil spill, an idealistic but imperfect New Orleans politician finds his plans of restoration unraveling as his own life becomes contaminated with corruption, scandal and deceit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Colby P (nl) wrote: It has this potentail that just never comes to life and these set pieces and scenes made to scare and generate suspense and its missing something - no it's not money. This just doesn't pay off in many ways and makes you yawn as a side effect. Definately does not live up to the awesome dvd cover.

Jaime L (fr) wrote: Disappointing adaptation of the novel, hit only the basic plot points and the acting was... not good. Especially from the actress playing Stormy. That line delivery... wow.

Tom H (it) wrote: This has got to be the movie with one of the most abrupt endings ever. But, it's completely appropriate and makes an excellent point. Money doesn't buy everything, or does it? Good parts for Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon. Bottom line: Nicely paced thriller.

Kym c my community profile R (mx) wrote: starring Ryan Reynolds Who plays a teacher that I wish I had for History class (or any other one for that matter being he makes it fun & interesting.. Key word..ENTERTAINING.) Real teachers need to take notes from this character. He's mysterious and kids & teachers alike just love him, All but one. The stuffy Biology Teacher whose father won the Teacher of the year award for 40+ years in a row, and swears this is his year is suspicious of him. I think it's a cool film Oh & to exlain more I would have to ruin the movie for you as that mystery is part of the key to the whole movie B

Caesar M (ag) wrote: I've only seen Thailand martial movies and only one out the dozens I have seen was any good. So I chose to explore Thai cinema outside of the Martial Art genre, which failed to change my outlook on Thai cinema. Tears of the Black Tiger is certainly one of the better Thai films I've seen, but its many references to classic westerns keep reminding of other superior films I could be watching.Tear of the Black Tiger is a parody as well as a homage to the Western and the romantic tearjerker. The plot here is so-so, its simply there and goes by without much to give us. The movie dialogue is more corny than a Spanish soap opera. It uses many of the cliches of the western genre which it pokes fun of, but becomes cliche itself for using to much of them. Contains over the top violence; like a man flipping in the air after being shot with a pistol in the mouth. Surprisingly the violence here uses tons of blood whenever someone is killed. The acting is good though ultimately underwhelming due to the lack of screen time some of the actors get. This is a classic case of style over substance. Most of the efforts went into the unique and sometime odd color scheme of the visuals. Some of the shootouts even if over the top were fun to watch. As a fan of the western genre I enjoyed the film offering, but it gets caught up in reminding us of past influential films and failing to give the audiences something new in the process. Tears of the Black Tiger takes inspiration from superior films and fails to capture the same essence as its influences. It's good if you want to past the time, just do not go into this expecting anything as from the genre usual standards.

Vlad P (gb) wrote: Good movie, but the black youth seemed pretty stupid lol.

cli o (es) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

TTT C (nl) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up A fun time.

Greg W (nl) wrote: good sequel 2 sturges' 'gunfight at OK Corral'

David S (ru) wrote: A simple pleasure. Definitely worth seeking out.

Muffin M (us) wrote: First you're hot, then you're not... and then you're Alex Fletcher. So when the sizzlingest tween queen on the charts asks the has-been '80s pop sensation to write her a song, he grabs for another chance at stardom. Problem: Alex can say it with music, but he sure can't say it with words. Enter Sophie Fisher, his beguiling if quirky plant lady, who has an unexpected green thumb for lyrics. Together, they go after songwriting success - and discover that if you want to write the perfect love song, it helps to fall in love.stars Hugh Grant, Drew Barrymore, Brad Garrett, Kristen Johnston, Haley Bennett, Asif Mandvi, Campbell Scott, Jason Antoon and Matthew J. Morrison.directed by Marc Lawrence.