The Running Man

The Running Man

By 2017, the global economy has collapsed and American society has become a totalitarian police state, censoring all cultural activity. The government pacifies the populace by broadcasting a number of game shows in which convicted criminals fight for their lives, including the gladiator-style The Running Man, hosted by the ruthless Damon Killian, where “runners” attempt to evade “stalkers” and certain death for a chance to be pardoned and set free.

An unjustly accused prisoner in 2019 is given a slim chance at freedom if he survives a public execution gauntlet staged as the television game show "The Running Man". While he is running from champions with chainsaws and sharpened hockey sticks, the host is busy with calls to the network about ratings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ctia M (de) wrote: Apesar de no a histria mais original que se possa ver, a histria (C) contada de forma sensvel e humana e flui bem.

Jessica G (au) wrote: Uninteresting and very boring, but the acting got on my nerves. >_

Harry W (fr) wrote: Although Inside Deep Throat isn't as deep as the title loosely suggests in terms of its exploration of the pornographic phenomenon, it does emphasise the importance of Deep Throat's role in history and even goes to show how it's an important landmark for freedom of expression.Inside Deep Throat doesn't look at the film Deep Throat merely as a piece of pornographic material. It looks as it as a landmark, as the breakthrough the pornographic industry needed. And as an avid supporter of the industry I enjoyed the view the film takes. It emphasises how it's a valid piece of history and how Deep Throat is the paradigm of it. The style of Inside Deep Throat is groovy and it's so energetic and rich with music that it's really a nostalgia trip back to the 1970's and it makes the effort to focus on how Deep Throat changed the course of history and how the industry has developed since then, for better or for worse. It isn't excessive in its footage from the actual movie and is edited well to dramatise elements where appropriate, and it has so many people to comment on it that we get a wide view of it so we can see it as a landmark piece of counterculture which changed the world forever as well as being a scapegoat for politicians to build a career on. It itemises Deep Throat while pointing out how it is seen as objectifying women. It examines a lot of elements of Deep Throat from two directions, and it really reveals how it's more than just the original porn movie.But when it comes to issues of the story, Inside Deep Throat doesn't give much of an examination into the lives of its figures and fails to expand on their lives so much. Really the film could have run longer and further explained what happened to Linda Susan Boreman or "Linda Lovelace", but it only gives half a look into that. I mean I know there is a lot it has to cover, but it could have done that by even adding an extra hour to it because Inside Deep Throat is an entertaining documentary with a fine subject and it really just feels like it cut short when it could have gone deeper.Plus as it covers something it expects that everyone knows of or understand, Inside Deep Throat doesn't refer much to what the film actually is and shows minimal footage of it, approximately 10 seconds of the sexual activity in Deep Throat which doesn't really show the style of pornographic films from the era in terms of its actual depiction of sexual activity, and frankly it doesn't show enough of the sex it constantly talks about, and so as a visual experience Inside Deep Throat could have been enhanced in certain areas.So Inside Deep Throat could have been better, could have been longer and could have gone deeper. That's what she said. But it does touch on the classic pornographic piece as the piece of industry changing counterculture that it is.

Brian W (ag) wrote: A strange love story, but very good

Alexander L (ag) wrote: This movie has something other copycats don't have: magic. It's in the form of enchanted music and animation that forever reigns in the halls of fantasies alike. Each piece fluently sweeps us off our feet like a magic carpet because the stories are engaging, and the music thunders in our ears as if to cast a wonderful spell upon us all. It surprises us with every emotion connected to human thought and feeling. The highlight of this film is the last segment "Ave Maria," and I say this because Walt Disney was a bold man, never afraid to venture out into the religious aspects of our world as portrayed by the monks who embark on a pilgrimage to everlasting peace with the Almighty God. The piece is executed well, and the feeling of the music shifts from a perilous sorrow to an everlasting hope for the righteous followers. It is a marvelous piece, and I highly recommend it to those who admire the greatest of movies.

JayKumar B (es) wrote: i liked the 1998 version more than this one..

Dj Sconey Wrong Productions Midwest Go Getta (nl) wrote: I Love The Chi we used to live over there Sconey

Finch McLovin (au) wrote: ...he said green, green, I did...

Devon W (ag) wrote: Campy but fun anthology horror with some fun cameos.

Matthew B (ag) wrote: Anna Scott: "Here sit down. Have some tea, these lots to see".Notting Hill is about an unassuming, unimportant bookstore owner in Notting Hill becomes friends with Anna Scott, the world's most-loved actress. But as friendship turns to romance, the fame and attention, not to mention an American actor, threaten to destroy their relationship.Okay I have to be honest here but Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts never stood out to me in they movies. I don't think they terrible actors or anything like that, it's just that they performance in they movies I never thought it was groundbreaking or pure greatness, just okay and nothing else. And now both of them are in Notting Hill and I can positively say that I thought both did pretty good in this movie.The chemistry between Grant and Roberts was sweet and well written. Yeah it was cliche and I could predict what was going to happen next and normally I hate it when I could predict the relationship and all the drama in a romance movie, but in this it didn't really bother me that much. Because of the great acting and good character development that stopped me from hating the movie completely.I actually was surprised how much I laughed during this movie. The side characters or the supporting characters to those people would like to say, but anywhere the side characters were pretty damn funny and give a lot of funny lines. Rhys Ifans in this movie was the true comic relief of this movie. He stole every scene he was in. For problems there only are some: Has I said before about the romance cliche thing and how Grant and Roberts chemistry stopped me hating this, well towards the end of the movie it went so cliche I won't lie I rolled me eyes. The scene that stuck out to be the stick in the mood cliche is towards the end were Grant and Roberts have this big fall out and you see them feel sad and they missing each other but they don't want to admit it, but one of them finds out that he or she was wrong and goes chasing after the girl or men of he or shes dream. That right there is the biggest cliche that still been used today and I don't know why that cliche has to be the worst. Notting Hill overall may turn people off by the has I said before those annoying cliche but let's put that a side and look at the movie fully. The movie has some good chemistry and good acting. This isn't like any other romance movie out there, and what I mean is that this movie didn't make me mad and that's so rare for me.

Thomas B (fr) wrote: Grade - CDrew Goddard and Joss Whedon's 'Cabin in the Woods' is a fun time at the movies, but not really a good one. Without spoiling anything, due to the nature of how this movie starts as any other horror movie, it's naturally plagued with cliches. Although this may have been the aim, that doesn't make it any easier to sit through. The movie does partly redeem itself however with an amazing final twist.

Jackson M (nl) wrote: Not the best in the series, but it is some good fun