The Safecracker

The Safecracker

Safe cracker, Colley Dawson, is recruited to steal a list of Nazi agents from a safe in a Nazi occupied chateau in Belgium.

An honest expert on locks, Colley Dawson turns safe-cracker after he meets Benny Carfield, unscrupulous dealer in antiques; Dawson steals the goods and Carfield disposes of them, and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jackson M (nl) wrote: No. It's annoying. The actors are annoying. The plot is pointless. You can never really relate to the characters. Don't care when stuff happens. Just doesn't work. Garbage.

Buggy B (es) wrote: Bruce Willis plays a burnt out (alcoholic) NYPD detective escorting a small-time crook the (16 blocks) to a grand-jury session. I almost gave up on this after about 15 minutes because of the annoyance of Mos Def's voice. What was up with that!? By the end this became an okay crime drama. Willis is impressive with his burntout-edness. His character does not resemble any kind of action hero here; unfit, overweight, unattractive, shuffling, gasping for a drink. Well done. And while I like David Morse his character was a bit OTT. I mean, I get that they are crooked cops but really, shooting wildly into a crowded NY street and a bus full of civilians. Did the bad cops think they were completely above the law or any repercussions? That they could just do whatever they wanted without consequence. Reminded me a bit of Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L Jackson in "The Other Guys" and that was a comedy. I will say this grew on me by the end though. 06.13

Joshua M (ag) wrote: Tremors is one of the only series i've seen that doesn't deteriorate across its direct-to-dvd sequels.

Antonios g (br) wrote: it not as good as part one or two but it still a good movie

roger t (ru) wrote: entertaining, yet I was slightly disappointed with this Thompson based neo-noir, ward's performance was, for me, off a bit........

Michael H (us) wrote: This restoration is surprisingly entertaining. The film is light hearted. It is a mystery thriller with comedy overtones, like such popular and much-filmed 1920's plays asMary Roberts Rinehartand Avery Hopwood'sThe Bat(1920) andJohn Willard'sThe Cat and the Canary(1922). Both of those plays pitted a group of innocents against sinister goings on at night in a remote mansion. Their menaces were human, but very outr (C) and bizarre. The menace inLondon After Midnightis seemingly a group of vampires, led by Lon Chaney in one of his zaniest horror get ups. This gives the film a cross hybridization with the vampire film. However, there is little of the grim, brooding and genuinely disturbing sense of horror here, that one finds in traditional, pure vampire films as Murnau'sNosferatu(1922). Instead, the film's tone reflects the mixture of mystery, comedy and thrills, found inThe Batand its relatives. This is all to the good; Browning had a real flair for the mystery thriller.

William C (br) wrote: Grade:High 7/10Copland is a slowly paced story that although may lack the massivethrills some other films promise, you still get a smartly written storyintertwined with some vicious characters and a small town Cop that justwant's some justice and respect in his community. The story as I say is smartly done and can be very much enjoyed(I meanthat in the way that it is interesting more than fun). Stallone'scharacter seems composed and I felt he knew what he was doing even whenthe cards are against him it seemed, but yes all round the story isgood and I think this film is underrated as I have seen some say it isjust Stallone walking around a lot, it it much more than that.The Director James Mangold well to say this his first punt at directingit goes down very well and expectant things were thought of him, nowwhether not he ever did do better it doesn't matter because this filmis a solid kind of good film. I particularly liked the script aswithout it the film would have crashed, thoroughly written well andseemed to match each character perfectly which I guess goes to who evercast such actors.Stallone and Keitel are the stars in truth of this and they performwell throughout the entire film, now with Keitel it is maybe known forhim to do such things but Stallone is playing in a slightly subduedrole from some of his others and we really see the range of which hecan act and that he doesn't require violence in every film he's in. Amention to one of the best that is Robert De Niro who plays hischaracter with mystery and intrigue who knows something is wrong beforewe seem to know.It is not without it's criticisms as it can seem to lack revelations,you know what the deal of the film is and who is bad and good withinthe first quarter of the film, but we don't get shocks and I felt therewas space for such things. I also will say that although it isthrilling, the thrill side is more Drama than action and well I saythis to anyone who wants' to see it, don't expect loads of action fromthis.The most memorable thing about this film to be fair is Stallone'sperformance in a light role but also I thought a lot about the mysterysurrounding it not finding out who is bad but the mystery of saying toyourself "how will it all end", you won't predict it all because justas you think the film is ending it throws a curveball and put's you offcourse, just watch it and you will definitely see what I mean by that.So overall a good film and moving upwards towards being very goodrather than falling to being just pretty good, I recommended this forany person who enjoys a good police drama with just a little actiondabbled in. People expect too much of Stallone action wise well don't Imean as I say he is subdued and is basically in invisible chains inthis from breaking free and killing Keitel's character right where hestood.I give this a high 7/10, that overall give's it a Solidly Good film rating andmoving towards being very good indeed as well, I suggest renting it orwhatever you can do to see this, but have a look and see and I feel youwill enjoy it, well maybe.