The Saga of Windwagon Smith

The Saga of Windwagon Smith

Sea Captain Windwagon Smith hits Westport, Kansas, the starting point of the old Oregon and Santa Fe Trails, and is quickly the laughing stock of the town; instead of traveling in the usual oxen-drawn covered wagon, he is at the helm and wheel of a Contestoga-type wagon with a full set of sails. He plans to go to Oregon by taking advantage of the prairie winds. First, he wins over the town mayor, falls in love with the mayor's beautiful daughter, Molly Crum, and then secures financial backing from the townspeople. He sets sail across the plains, with Molly Crum as a covered-wagon stowaway, and a Kansas twister looming on the horizon. And, then, the wind hits the sails. And the fan, too, if he had had one.

Sea Captain Windwagon Smith hits Westport, Kansas, the starting point of the old Oregon and Santa Fe Trails, and is quickly the laughing stock of the town; instead of traveling in the usual... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean P (nl) wrote: It was alright for a low-budget horror flick.

Sarah H (au) wrote: This movie was dark. There was nothing happy about it.

John A (de) wrote: An Excellently well acted Sci-Fi Thriller, with a great script & solid direction. Robin Williams gives an excellent performance as a man who edits footage from digital memories, to be played as tributes at funerals. This thriller is a Slow burner, which ultimately builds into a short but tense chase sequence. A movie that would probably need to be seen 2 Or 3 times to be appreciated properly, as it feels the film would improve after a few viewings.

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Daniel D (de) wrote: In my opinion, this is the 2nd best LW movie, after the 1st one.

Alexander C (us) wrote: May watch...

Adrian K (fr) wrote: Julia Roberts was actually hot in this flick... What happened?!

Grant S (fr) wrote: Very controversial, edgy, shocking and boundary-pushing, by 1978 standards and by 2011 standards. (Probably even more so by 2011 standards - strangely, the world has become more prudish and obstructive of art as time has gone on). While the central story - that of a 12-year old prostitute - is one that has a right to be told, the story actually goes nowhere. It is as if director Louis Malle set out to shock people, and everything else is secondary. Plot just drifts for the entire 109 minutes.The performances are great though. Brooke Shields, who was actually 12 at the time, showed that she was a star in the making.

Justin A (mx) wrote: "Bunny Lake Is Missing" hovers the fine line between a campy horror film from the 70's (but without diving too deep into the actual campy nature) & a really eerie and suspenseful drama. A single mother, Anne Lake played by Carol Lynley, brings her child to school for the first day of school just after moving to London - hours pass when she returns to the school to discover the child has gone missing. The suspense of wanting to know the truth of Anne's mental condition will drive you mad for the duration of the film. We never see the child. Is there a child even? Through-out the film you hear convincing claims that back both sides; from the mother & the police. Anne Lake has an older brother, Steven Lake played by Keir Dullea, who takes matters into his own hands when the police seem to be less than satisfied with the claim that there is indeed a child to look for. The photography is absolutely stunning with it's deep blacks and bright whites. The camera moves also have very Spielberg movements to them, which only leads me to believe that maybe Speilberg was in-part influenced by some of Preminger's films. Early on the music and acting were giving me doubts about this film as a whole. It was feeling very Hollywood, very standard, and given it's subject matter the music had a very unusual uplifting beat -- but over the course of time the music faded, which was for the better. The acting wasn't going to score any points, but as this story unraveled, everything was looking better. It was also very nice to see Keir Dullea in another film aside from "2001: A Space Odyssey" where he played the infamous Dave (or the bit part he played in 2006's "The Good Shepherd") After the first 30 minutes pass that's when Carol Lynley really gets to the meat of her character and is faced with some interesting situations. When all is said and done you're left with wanting to know more about the characters, more about their history. It's not totally left open, but open enough to make you think far more about the film after the credits role.

Victor M (es) wrote: An acceptable American remake of the 1931 French film "La Chienne" (The bitch) by Jean Renoir. Great performance of Edward G. Robinson as usual.

Morris N (kr) wrote: Much funnier than I expected, and much more faithful to Chinese folklore than I expected. Excellent film

Ethan H (fr) wrote: This is another independent film I watched on Netflix that not a lot of people have heard of. The plot seems to be inspired by star wars since it bears a strong resemblance to pod racing. It had decent animation, but mediocre acting. So I thought this was an okay film, but nothing too great.