The Saint

The Saint

Ivan Tretiak, Russian Mafia boss who wants to create an oil crisis in Moscow and seize power as a result sends Simon Templar, great international criminal, to England to get a secret formula for cold fusion from U.S. scientist Emma Russell. Templar falls in love with Emma and they try to outwit Tretiak and his guerrillas, hiding from them in Moscow

Suave, debonair, international thief Simon Templa is hired by the Russian Mafia to steal a cold fusion energy formula from scientist Emma Russel, however the mission backfires as he falls for the pretty, intelligent scientist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seraphic W (gb) wrote: Just as I shouldn't upvote films based on their set-pieces (*coughManchesterByTheSea*cough*), I shouldn't penalize efforts on account of their few weak spots, no matter how grandiose they might be.In this case, I'm talking about the insufferable blandness of certain scenes and the performing injustice done to the character I considered to be the most intriguing of the five big ones - Olivia. I can only theorize about the mysteries surrounding her person and it's a dear shame that the otherwise lovely Sara Gadon didn't quite manage to rise up to her muse's height.Overall, Indignation may be suffering a mild case of technical malfunctions and a somewhat inflated sense of pretentious entitlement, however, it benefits tremendously from exceptional writing, memorable performances (seriously, Linda Emond, my heart!) and a unique, tailor-fashioned application of a story-telling craft rather difficult to master -- giving the viewer more detail by simply nudging our attention towards the things chosen to be left unsaid.Severely under-watched. For the genre-inclined, I would strongly suggest taking this for a spin.

Vincent L (mx) wrote: I was expecting some sweet beer pong sequences but YouTube is a better place for that than this movie. The original movie was funny, this one falls short on all levels. It gets a star for having Julianna Guill in it.

Edmund P (gb) wrote: Hilarious, and best of all it does what so many comedies fail to do, it stays hilarious through out and it does't effect the story

Kyle M (kr) wrote: The fact that this is a tearjerker and a chick-flick seems to hide the fact that this is a dang good movie.

John H (es) wrote: really dreadfully underrated and very unfairly its more Monty Python than a Fish Called Wanda especially with a brilliant supporting cast and a stronger role for Palin.

Steve W (mx) wrote: Easily one of Woody Allen's best films, he captures zany caricatures of players, writers, and even gangsters in this 1920's satire when commercialism mixes with art. David Shayne won't have his new play changed in any way, but can only get it produced when a crime boss wants to please his woman. Chaos ensues. From the Sunset Boulevard like actress who wants a comeback, a compulsive stress eater actor, all of the personalities clash in hilarious ways. The movie is fast, funny, sometimes violent, but always a treat. Bullets Over Broadway is Allen at his prime.

Jussi O (ca) wrote: Hard one... Traditional undercover cop -movie, some bad acting, far too shallow on characters, story and directing, but it is still ok to watch once and have some mean scenes.

Ty P (de) wrote: Two Americans battle it out against an Englishman in the Australian outback. Good story but it's got that kind of 1950's film direction about it, in other words predictable, and black and white.

Alexander C (es) wrote: ooh la la Luc Besson film. I like tres bien!

Private U (kr) wrote: Just a nice little story with all the Beatles-esque fantasy that only fans will enjoy. Very good music, and the fact that Ringo and Paul acted in the film together is fantastic in itself.

Martyn M (it) wrote: Made by the people who gave us John Wayne's Rooster Coburn in True Grit, it harbours a few echos with that film, although the girl foisted on Gregory Peck's tough criminal-turned-good-guy is much younger.Dawn Lyn is terrific as the streetwise infant. Robert F. Lyons is equally supeb as the cowardly when cornered bad guy. Predictable towards the end, but highly enjoyable adventure.

John M (us) wrote: Rio Bravo - Rio Lobo. same plot but different. if you've seen both you know what I mean but still good John Wayne movies.

Gary B (it) wrote: Yes, this WAS the last film that Karloff shot, though four Mexican films he made a year earlier (all his scenes shot in a few days) were released over the next 2-3 years.On-set photos show Karloff with his oxygen mask, as he had half a lung left. He was also in a wheelchair when the camera was not rolling, and had braces on both legs. In the scene early in the film, when they are leaving the screening room after watching some footage, you can see -- even with generously cut trousers -- that his right left has a significant curve to it, making walking difficult if not painful.I don't know how much was known about Whitman, the sniper on which this film's sniper character was based, but he didn't just 'snap' one day and go on a killing spree. After a stellar year or so in the Marine Corp, he got a scholarship to go back to college (finish his degree?) but his grades went down and he ended up losing the scholarship. Back in the Marines to finish his hitch, his behavior degenerated to the point he was given a dishonorable discharge.His behavioral problems increased, and the day came that he climbed the tower with a duffle bag full of guns & ammo and started shooting.After his spree was cut short by a policeman and civilian who shot him dead, an autopsy revealed a tumor the size of a walnut in his brain. The connection between this tumor and his behavior is not clear -- such tumors in the same area of the brain have not caused this type of behavior in others.For me, the total lack of motivation for the sniper is a real weak spot in this film, and his character/family seems more like an excuse to get to the conclusion so Karloff can confront him.

Rick R (au) wrote: San Antonio (1945)This is a great technicolor western, starring none other than Tasmanian actor Errol Flynn and beautiful Alexis Smith. It has everything you would want in a western, from a huge bar fight scene, to a gunfight inside the shadowy ruins of the Alamo. Thrown in is some good humor by S. Z. 'Cuddles' Sakall and several singing numbers. The movie begins with lawman, Charlie Bell (John Litel) crossing the Mexican boarder to warn Clay Hardin (Flynn) that he's a wanted man.Clay has found some documented evidence linking Roy Stuart (Paul Kelly) involvement in the organized cattle rustling that has destroyed his and many of his fellow ranchers. He just needs to get back into town without getting shot, despite the odds against him. He sneaks a ride on the stage coach with a performer, Jeanne Starr (Smith) who will be singing at the saloon that ironically is owned by Roy and his equally smarmy partner, Legare (Victor Francen). Naturally, Clay and Jeanne are going to hit it off pretty well, eventually.I know that it has become kind of standard cliche stuff, but it's fast-moving and all in good fun and well worth a watch.

Alex W (br) wrote: This movie has an exciting thrid act that unfortunatly is preceded by two slow boring acts before it. The beginning of the story could have been told in half an hour but it just dragged on. There is a good scene at the end where dodsworth is in an argument with his wife while the crowd around there seems to bustle more and more as there tempers rise. I also think that the path is wife decides to take is uncharacteristic of women so i found it hard to believe, although i guess if it were him this movie wouldn't be unique. Though you never see exactly what she is up to if you understand what the movie implies its seems like a super aggressive attack against him and there marriage. So when you watch this film you can half pay attention until the end and you will get the while thing.

Mad M (nl) wrote: The sum of its parts add up to a pretty captivating movie.The performances and attention to detail are great. The plot could have been better developed.