The Saint

The Saint

International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.

International master thief| Simon Templar| also known as The Saint| is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However| in addition to evading
the authorities| Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nisha K (jp) wrote: I really loved this movie. It was so fresh compared to everything else Tamil cinema has been regurgitating on us. The heroine happens to be the focal character of the story - which is already different. And then procedeing to tell a love story with commitment-phobic playboy, genius. Personally, I don't believe the hero would have figured out that he loved the heroine and returned to her, but whatevs.

Quindarius H (au) wrote: I'll go crazy for the movie

Matt R (jp) wrote: By looking at the material objectively and narrowing the focus to a small group of people during the 9/11 attacks, Greengrass manages to craft one the most gripping and tragic thrillers of the 21st century.

charleen w (au) wrote: Anicon is soooo HOT!!!!!

Eve C (kr) wrote: I love this movie ! Les ralisateurs chinois nous proposent de + en + de bons films, mme si ces derniers son souvent interdit par la censure en Chine...

Robert H (br) wrote: The beautiful thing about this film is it doesn't mess with the history of the puppets previously established. As this film has a new master, new characters and no new puppets (kinda) in a new setting, it feels fresh and the story works. The ending leaves room to continue along this storyline but alas, Full Moon has yet to do so. I would have liked to have seen more from this setting and characters.Everything else about this film is standard Puppet Master. Bad acting, lame FX, and even the puppet work has taken a trip downhill but it is this cheesy good natured fun that I love about the Puppet Master series. I just wish they would get away from the dolls turn against their master storyline.

Evangelos C (us) wrote: 'Mr. Nobody' is one of those unusual movies that sink deeply in your head with a dose of fantasy and science, as well as thoughts for the future. Its romantic, surreal and existential approach will likely make your brain cogs spin vividly for a while. It is an excellent choice for imaginative folks who like to get lost in thought, or those who need a fresh, inspirational breeze. And yet the audience expands with the realistic drama that is woven into the film, and the broad range of people of many types and ages it deals with. The direction is pristine and extraordinarily imaginative and playful, giving a bizarre, rejuvenating taste to a series of otherwise everyday situations, just as the story demands to distinguish itself. A great and unique title, 'Mr. Nobody' is a potent and intriguing contemporary film that is certainly worth a watch.