The Saints of Mt. Christopher

The Saints of Mt. Christopher

As a capacity crowd holds their breath, sophomore sensation DELROY LINKS falls dead during the biggest game of his career. Simultaneously, Delroy's death effectively ends the career of ...

As a capacity crowd holds their breath, sophomore sensation DELROY LINKS falls dead during the biggest game of his career. Simultaneously, Delroy's death effectively ends the career of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sasy N (gb) wrote: [02/12] Benedict Cumberbatch als junger Stephen Hawking ist ein Garant fr Trnen und spontane Emotionen. Der Film wirkt endet leider ein wenig abrupt und hat zwischendurch auch so seine Lngen, aber dafr ist er interessant erzhlt und BC ist einfach toll.

Ed K (fr) wrote: The most captivating parts were the interviews with the founder(s) and behind the scenes of the DPW, and more time spent on those (and related) subjects would have elevated this movie. Entertaining / educational film nonetheless, and the high production value gives it a good boost over other BM docs.

Matthew S (it) wrote: Excellent doc, building on the themes explored in Queen of the Sun (still the best doc on bees)

PY C (au) wrote: I expected something very funny similar to bridesmaid however it's just way too depressing. And I find that Isla FIsher's character didn't suit her at all.

Nick O (br) wrote: I still most prefer Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette movie (though Diane Kruger's pouty prettiness almost matches Kristen Dunst's lovely dreaming head in that film), but "Farewell, My Queen" won me over with its dark beauty, director Benoit Jacquot capturing the end of the French Revolution -- and the power of an era -- mainly in the dusty, empty rooms of the Queen's mansion in perishing flux. The cinematography and acting by Kruger alone is nearly enough to forgive its lack of depth and tension in servant Lea Seydoux's protagonist, but then the non-ending happened in a needless wrap-it-up voice-over. Still, incredibly well-made and for sure worth seeing.

Charly F (es) wrote: I saw this on stage - Nick Moran had to play Joe Meek as Con O'Neill was ill. Anyway - the film opens the play up a bit while remaining true to it. Nick Moran as the author was really good as Joe but Con O'Neill is brilliant. A really good way to spend Christmas night. Oh, a musically its spot on, too.

Ashley H (es) wrote: Being Flynn is a disappointing film. It is about Nick Flynn who re-encounters his father at Boston homeless shelter. Robert de Niro an Julianne Moore give horrible performances. The screenplay is badly written. Paul Weitz did a terrible job directing this movie. I was not impressed with this motion picture.

Patrick F (jp) wrote: Please don't watch this movie. It's absolutely aweful. Bad Acting, Bad Directing, Bad Writing, good cinematography ruined by bad Color Timing.And, did I mention this has Juliette Lewis In It.

Carlos H (ag) wrote: This is a really good movie, one of the best prison flicks I have ever scene. Most people don't know about it but that is because it got a limited release when it came out. Willem Dafoe does a great job as Earl (a tough old convict) who mentors the new guy Ron (Eddie Furlong from T2) who has never been to prison before. If you like good drama or prison flicks check out Animal Factory, Thumbs up

Brian G (au) wrote: Do androids dream of electric sheep? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But, Blade Runner achieves as cinema's earliest examples of eccentric robots capable of feeling empathy. And by the end of the film, the viewer is left deciding on who is more capable of doing so much evil, humans or robots?

pete 1 (ru) wrote: still a classic war movie, richard burton & clint eastwood are fantastic,lots of action,only down side is clint's american accent when he is supposed to be a german officerclassic,one of the best wwII films ever,complex story lots of gunfights & a couple of decent stuntsburton & clint work well together its a shame they did'nt do more films together

Martin G (es) wrote: Have to say we did like this film but is not best as like "Step Up" suitable for teenager and adult to watch this if people like dances.

Waleed A (it) wrote: fun adventure movie with the addition of a great character in Gollum. the final battle scene was epic (about 4 viewings)

Gina D (ru) wrote: Annoying. Predictable. Director should go back to directing school.