The Salute of the Jugger

The Salute of the Jugger

A Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic world provides the backdrop for a brutal, futuristic game resembling football. Rutger Hauer plays a disgraced former star leading a rag tag group of "...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:battle,   revenge,   dog,  

A Mad Max-esque post apocalyptic world provides the backdrop for a brutal, futuristic game resembling football. Rutger Hauer plays a disgraced former star leading a rag tag group of "... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Salute of the Jugger torrent reviews

John Y (jp) wrote: I really wanted to like this film, but other than the nostalgia value, it's absolutely awful.

Taress C (mx) wrote: I love this movie it's funny

Ash M (us) wrote: Really enjoyed this Fincher thriller. The character development in this movie is quite good, and the story is very intriguing.

Benot R (jp) wrote: Ce documentaire n'a aucune intention politique et est sorti presque dans la foul (C)e des attentats (la premire diffusion s'est faite en mars 2002 aux USA). R (C)alis (C) par deux franais immigr (C)s aux USA, les frres Naudet, ce documentaire ne devait pas s'int (C)resser aux 11/9, mais bien une jeune recrue pompier qui devait encore faire ses preuves. Il est (C)vident que l'int (C)rt de ce documentaire porte avant tout sur le d (C)roulement des (C)v (C)nements en eux-mmes, suivis par les pompiers, qui ne savaient absolument rien de ce qui se passait en ext (C)rieur. Il ne se rendront compte par exemple de l'effondrement de la premire tour qu'en sortant de l'autre. C'est (C)videmment toutes les r (C)actions des pompiers qui est int (C)ressant. Lors des (C)v (C)nements mme il y a de la pudeur, lorsque par exemple un des deux frres d (C)tournera sa cam (C)ra pour ne pas filmer deux personnes en train de brler. Toutefois, je noterai que l'oeuvre est trop cibl (C)e pour un public am (C)ricain, avec un fort accent patriotique (a me fait penser Emmerich qui fait plus que ce que les Am (C)ricains ne font eux-mmes), et l'aprs-attentat un rien trop long. Pour le reste, ne fut-ce que pour la raret (C) de certaines images, et l' (C)v (C)nement v (C)cu presque minute par minute, a vaut le d (C)tour.

Alex r (us) wrote: Antwone Fisher is a pretty good drama, directed by actor Denzel Washington in his first directorial outing. The story is a well thought out, engaging, and the cast are very good in their roles. Washington is a standout actor, one of the finest that I have seen. With this film, he displays a unique eye for crafting a truly engaging story, and he is aided with some standout performances. Derek Luke is great in the title character, and he adds so much to the film, that really makes this picture standout. I liked the film, but at times there are things that don't seem to work, and the material could have been handled better. Luckily the performances standout, and that's the strongest aspect of the film. I wanted to really enjoy the film, but at times, some parts of the film tried to be a bit too ambitious, as if Denzel Washington had something to prove in the director's chair. The film was good, but it felt that the filmmakers tried too hard at making a memorable drama. In the end, the film was entertaining, but you could clearly see that the film tried too hard at being more than what it was, and it didn't end up being the film that it could have been. Luckily the performances here save the film, and also it does show that Washington is capable as director, but for this first directorial effort, he tried a bit too hard at delivering a drama that just made you want more out of the film. If you're a fan of Denzel Washington, this is worth seeing, but it's not a truly memorable drama. It's more of a good drama that could have been improved upon. But for what it is, it's nonetheless an engaging picture that relies on a good story and is saved with engrossing performances by its cast.

dave b (br) wrote: Fun in a buddy flick sense, lacking in the horror special fx production dept. If Ferris Bueller was a comedic vampire flick, this would have been it.

Zach M (br) wrote: This was a terrible movie about a sea cow creature that is killing people.Yes, that's right, a killer seas cow creature.This movie had nothing redeeming to it except the scene where the sea cow creature jumps out of the water and pulls a helicopter down from the sky, that was very funny.Such brief nudity and boring as fuck story hold it back from being a watchable Roger Corman production.

Skillofonico S (fr) wrote: the most real movie iv' seen

Octavio M (fr) wrote: This movie was unnecessary. Its still unnecessary. This movie is so unnecessary that it was nothing more than Stallone exercising his montage muscles. Hell, the movie should've been re-titled as "Montages: The Movie"

Tara A (fr) wrote: I'm sure it was extremely daring and important in its day, but it's so Lifetime Movie Network now. Not necessarily in a bad way. Also, 1982-era Ontkean is foxy.

Sage H (kr) wrote: A Clint Eastwood western classic. The returning familiars from most of Eastwood's other films provide great performances with this rugged and genuine take on an good old American Western.

Nathan C (nl) wrote: Phenomenal performance from Hardy, visually attractive, but edited jaggedly, feeling sparse.

Evan K (ru) wrote: Not as great as I was anticipating, but still a worthy flick.

Facebook U (au) wrote: It boasts an all-star cast that gives it their all, but that can't help its incredibly slow pace and story that can't keep audience's interested.

Alan W (kr) wrote: This is a good western