The Samaritan

The Samaritan

After twenty years in prison, Foley is finished with the grifter's life. When he meets an elusive young woman named Iris, the possibility of a new start looks real. But his past is proving to be a stubborn companion.

After many years in prison, Foley (Samuel L. Jackson) is finished with the grifter's life, but the son (Luke Kirby) of his former partner has an ingenious plan worth $8 million and he wants Foley in. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter L (br) wrote: Wildly funny and almost unbelievable.

Shawn E (ag) wrote: Kinda brought back the old Mel Gibson 90's action movie feel. Of course it had its over the topness too, but it was all in good fun.

Mye W (br) wrote: lol This movie is so funny

Tyler E (br) wrote: Pandorum has its moments, but ultimately barely crawls its way out of sci-fi horror mediocrity. [C+]

Giovanni M (es) wrote: Holy god this is the saddest movie ever. It's very beautiful though. Very.

Matt S (jp) wrote: This was recommended to me by a co-worker. Danny, fed up with his girlfriend and job, decides to hook a bunch of balloons to his deck chair and he floats off, creating a new life in another city. It's a little rom-com, and is an enjoyable ride. Nothing ground-breaking, but is pleasant and has its fun parts.

Octavian (fr) wrote: Sounds exactly like Bollywood.

Steve S (ag) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Joshua D (mx) wrote: little overrated if you ask me.

Louie P (ca) wrote: As being a recent Eminem fan I loved 8 mile as it pretty much is a biography of Eminems life and has the spirit of Eminem, recommend it to all Eminem fans :)

Muggsy L (ca) wrote: Not really bad, but the whole thing seems like a piece of Pulp Fiction fan fiction.

bill s (ag) wrote: You've seen this plot before but not with the grit or the performances before,that's what makes it special.

Paul G (ru) wrote: One of the worst (if not the worst) movies ever

RajanSatish P (jp) wrote: Too much of gore, too little plot to get you interested and top of them all the cannibal movie will make you sick to your stomach ..yuck

Giovanni M (it) wrote: Awful movie with a worse soundtrack.

Matt M (kr) wrote: An American girl, daughter of a film star heart throb, who can communicate telepathically with insects is in a Swiss boarding school at the time when a serial killer has started killing students. The secret of Argento's best work is very often the way in which he makes the strangest and often nonsensical things somehow function. Somehow, this seems to be the case in Phenomena, where many of these elements come together and create a bizarre, unique, horrific vision that is among the most distinctive in Argento's whole body of work.