The Sandpiper

The Sandpiper

A free-spirited artist (Elizabeth Taylor), who lives near California's Big Sur, meets the administrator (Richard Burton) of the parochial school that her young son attends and lures the cleric away from his wife (Eva Marie Saint).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:117 minutes
  • Release:1965
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:artist,   guilt,   dancing,  

Free-spirited, young, unwed mother seduces a Episcopalian priest. Lots of pretty beach/ocean scenery. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Courtney K (ag) wrote: i've seen this before -- but i watched it again cuz it's cute!

Dan H (ca) wrote: What starts out as an interesting story full of mystery and suspense soon takes one too many worng turns. The writers tip their hand prematurely, and the subsequent killing off of characters smacks of a desperate attempt to salvage what's left of the plot- thus painting the story into a corner from which it cannot escape. It's a shame to see Selma Blair's character- so fully developed and mysterious- be wasted due to poor wiriting. She is one of the best parts of this film. Same goes for Ribisi and Pollak.

Square A (de) wrote: This movie sets up its moral, and completely demolishes it. The entire moral point of the movie is destroyed by the "plot twist". A plot twist seen from a mile away, leaving it to seem like a poorly planned quick ending designed to shock the few people who didn't see it coming.

Rosemary R (fr) wrote: If you don't mind the slow pace, this is a really enjoyable film with great payoff at the end.

Lewis P (br) wrote: Depressed housewife hires sadomasochistic gigolo for fun and games*** This review may contain spoilers ***As is often the case, films about self-loathing characters do not usually make for good drama. 'Downloading Nancy' is no exception. It's supposedly based on a true story about a woman who's murdered at her own request by someone she meets over the internet.The protagonist is Nancy (Maria Bello) who is married to Albert (Rufus Sewell). Albert is a successful software developer who has developed a golf game which his company has successfully marketed to various bars and bar/restaurants. Unlike most human beings, Albert has virtually no positive attributes (except for his ability to be successful in the business world). Throughout the film, Albert has a grim and dour expression on his face. He has no sympathy for his wife with all her emotional problems and resorts to patronizing prostitutes. When his wife asks for sex, he punishes her by masturbating in her presence instead.Nancy is equally one-note as a character. Not only has she had a loveless 15 year marriage but was sexually abused by her uncle when she was growing up (thankfully there are no flashbacks of that back story in the film). Her self-loathing takes the form of self-mutilation and a result, she's forced into therapy. However, she has such contempt for her therapist that no progress can be made.Finally, Nancy is so depressed that she contacts Louis over the internet. He's sort of a sadomasochistic gigolo, who has sex with women for money while inflicting massive amounts of pain to boot. It's revealed that Louis has two children but no longer sees them (the children's mother no longer wants anything to do with him).Nancy's plan is to first have painful sex with Louis and then have him kill her. There's a particularly unpleasant scene where Louis has sex with Nancy while slashing her vaginal area with a broken piece of glass. These scenes are shown as flashbacks after Louis pays a visit to Albert who ties him up and strikes him with a golf club. It seems that Louis has a two-fold plan in going to see Albert: 1) berate him for his treatment of Nancy and 2) enjoy the beating he receives. It takes awhile before Louis will reveal Nancy's fate?first, he forces Albert to do him the favor of taking his dog to a relative so someone will care for it in the future. Nancy's fate of course is that Louis finally ended up choking her to death (but showed some hesitation first as he made it clear that he had some 'feelings' for her). We soon learn that Louis is imprisoned for life for Nancy's murder.What exactly are we to take away from a film such as Downloading Nancy? Are we supposed to feel sorry for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence? Is that the main point of the film? Is sympathy for Nancy actually warranted? I don't think so. The film's writers create a straw man in the character of Albert?someone who is so cut off from his emotions that he is the one that is held responsible for Nancy's decline. But are people so one-dimensional in real life? I think not. They have the repulsive Louis, a man who makes a living by inflicting pain, come over and berate Albert for neglecting Nancy. Furthermore, his expressions of love towards Nancy (before he kills her), is supposed to show his 'sensitive side'.In the end, it matters little whether the filmmakers have defined where their sympathies lie with the various characters in the film. They are so bent on titillating their audience with scenes of gratuitous violence, that Downloading Nancy becomes nothing more than an exercise in poor taste and soft pornography.

visitorQ S (fr) wrote: Ziemlich eigenwillige und krasse low budget Produktion aus dem Jahre 1985. Das Geschehen konnte ich zwar nicht immer ganz ernst nehmen und phasenweise ist der Film auch recht langweilig geraten, doch zumindest Anfang und Ende haben mich berzeugen knnen, und das ist immerhin auch schon etwas. 2,5/5

Bradley P (jp) wrote: Things To Come is quite interesting as it pertains to the future of civilization and mankind. The ideas that are presented throughout the film are filled with discussion worthy issues of politics and war. The dystopic and utopic set pieces are quite impressive given the time period and the subject matter is amazingly relevant in 2013. The main focus of the film features a war breaking out in 1940 that decimates the town of "Everytown". Along with the help of a new sickness that compares the the black plague, much of mankind is lost. Later, Mankind evolves and survives but not without the presence of a new outsider species which of course is welcoming future war and conflict as with what is inherent in mankind.

Alex D (gb) wrote: great story such a unique film

Chad M (mx) wrote: One of the most quotable films of all time.

Jessica P (mx) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS AWFUL.