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The Santa Claus Gang

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Ben M (nl) wrote: While the story it self is inspirational, the film seemed cobbled together. Just when it started to gain some traction, the story was derailed by odd, misplaced sequences.

Tyler V (gb) wrote: Hilarious, raunchy and one of the better SNL movies

Sephia R (us) wrote: the thrill and suspense is a bit's like when ur fishing and there is a great pull on the rod and you sure damn hell its a giant snakehead or some fish but when u pull it up it's a monitor lizard, devastating..i was expecting lesser survivors and more flesh-tearing scenes..

Theo H (au) wrote: Amidst the glut of "epic" movies (all the Lord of the Rings wanna be films), this was a really refreshing view. The pacing and mood reminded me of Paris, Texas. It's the world shone on a smooth, reflective surface but underneath is the dark pit of the human condition. I'm confused why anyone would call this a comedy, it's not and I don't believe it was ever intended to be? It's a drama, pure and simple, and explores the intensity of emotion when people in crisis are thrown together to try and resolve the crisis. Harvey Keitel was great in this - especially when he got all "dolled up". I guess that was funny? Or horrifying depending on your perspective. Kate Winslet was also fantastic and I imagine this was role she may have considered passing up. It's very gritty. I'm glad she didn't pass it up though, she was perfect for it. I would simply warn potential viewers that this can be tough to view in a few spots, but only too tough for die hard prudes. If you have a date night coming up with a loved one and plan to spend it cuddling on the couch, watch this please. This is art and I love art.

Dece Dawn U (nl) wrote: been touched by this movie...

Nathaniel M (au) wrote: Mulholland Drive perfects the vision, but Lost Highway has Lynch's signature vibe. The ending is among Lynch's weakest, but it is in no way fatal.

Cassandra M (br) wrote: I'm kind of caught here. I somewhat liked it, but came away rather under-whelmed because it was all too familiar and there was something more interesting within this strange horror/thriller premise than what was chalked up. Even with some creative cracks, it should've been better. The story's direction seems a little uneven if it wants to go out to shock (a good amount of blood splatter is spilt), or play its cards for psychological torment. Something about it never entirely fulfils. The performances are the main reason this one doesn't slip off the mind too quick. The beautiful Jennifer Rubin is exceptional in brining out a vulnerable side, which is counter-punched by determination. Alongside her are a very good Bruce Abbott and a towering Richard Lynch brings an uneasy subtly to his menacing character. Harris Yulin, Sy Richardson, Susan Ruttan and an amusingly batty Dean Cameron chip in with durable support. Andrew Fleming's leisured direction is stylish, but has that breakable quality to it. Good use of lighting, colouring and composition in pockets drips of atmosphere. The material is enjoyable (if minimal), as the protagonist tries to overcome the hallucinations that might be because of her unstable state of mind or the simple reality of being haunted by a restless spirit. There's some black humour evident, but the by-the-numbers script goes about things rather seriously. As well it has a fine and compelling soundtrack to boot. The special effects and make-up FX stands-up well enough. A decent little film.

Michael A (es) wrote: Looked like garbage once I saw the trailer.

Lesley G (gb) wrote: One of those films that stays with you forever. Impresionante.

Juli N (it) wrote: I was totally gobsmacked!

Chrisanne S (ag) wrote: Watchable because of Garner's willingness to go all the way- even if it means mimicking Grant. If it wasn't for him it would be just another cat-fight.

Leilani L (jp) wrote: I was interested in watching this because of the talk about the revival on Broadway. I didn't really like it. Maybe it was too innocent or it was dated. William Holden's performance was too over the top and Kim Novak as Madge was kind of boring. I really liked Susan Strasberg as Millie(the younger sister) and Rosalind Russell as Rosemary Sydney (the old maid teacher). I thought they both did really great and added dimension to the movie.

Jonny Jeremias S (ru) wrote: Mercury Rising"Mercury Rising" is a movie based on a outstandingly good book "Simple Simon". Though I can't remember the name of the author, I can tell you this, promise you this; I will remember this movie. That actually says a lot, seeing my memory, both long and short term, are worse than the ones of a goldfish. The acting was nothing less than spectacular. Bruce Willis did, as always, a good job playing FBI-agent Art, while the kid who played Simon did a job so amazingly brilliant it cannot be described. The acting from this little kid was on such a high level that I almost started to wonder if he actually were autistic and didn't just play a role. One word: Amazing!I liked the music very much. It changed well in sync with the mood of the characters, the happenings around them and what actions they would make. So, I would say that the music gives the final score a boost in the right direction.The movie, meaning the content of the movie was good. There wasn't much direct action in it, but it didn't need much action to be as awesome as it is. There were on the other hand both loads of drama and indirect action. There was also a bit of mystery stuffed into the movie, mystery around the characters and their next actions.The entire story of Art is *blank*. I don't know what to fill in the blank spot with. It's so psychologically deep and so emotionally filled with sadness. You add the sub-stories, the ones of Leo and Dean, Tommy and last, but certainly not least, Simon, you get a story so filled with so much of everything it's impossible to describe.So, as you can imagine my overall opinion about this movie is pretty positive. I think I'll just end it here leaving my star-rating while recommending you to watch this movie. it will bring a tear to your eye if you watch it, and it will bring a tear to mine if you don't.Star Rating: 8/10 Thanks for reading my review. I hope it was helpful to you. Feel free to rate, comment and give me feedback and your opinion on both the movie and my review of it. - J.J. Shevy

Allen (jp) wrote: If you grew up in the south, you MUST see this movie. Hilarious!

Jeffrey O (ca) wrote: Plodding, boring story with a couple of spectacular explosions that's greatest success was convincing people Guy Fawkes and his gang were somehow anti-government and a symbol of resistance against tyranny.

Michael W (gb) wrote: Credible Charles Band production has 400 yr old Samurai brought back to life by a miracle of modern science. Highlights include Samurai's curious reaction to WASP's "Tormentor" video and a confrontation with a street gang hassling a war veteran.

David L (it) wrote: All the President's Men is an immense disappointment. It has its moments, it is well filmed and well acted, but it is also incredibly boring from beginning to end, it is difficult to follow because it assumes that you already know this story and it is never a thriller because it never has anything intense or exciting in it whatsoever. It is such an overrated film.