The Savage Innocents

The Savage Innocents

An Eskimo who has had little contact with white men goes to a trading post where he accidentally kills a missionary and finds himself being pursued by the police.

The film's themes include Inuit survival in the extreme arctic wilderness, as well as their raw existence and struggle to maintain their lifestyle against encroaching civilization. Trouble happens when he accidentally kills a priest. So he is pursued by the cops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Savage Innocents torrent reviews

Evan O (au) wrote: Sure, it's a complete, detailed, and well-acted portrayal, but I'd rather spend my time with anyone other than with these miserable, self-important narcissists. I've seen one too many takes on this type of person.

bill s (jp) wrote: While the first had a bit of a heartbeat thisone is DOA.

Joe M (de) wrote: the emotion, the subtlety, the awkwardness... great, has much more grip than most hollywood movies that attempt those things

Alastair R (mx) wrote: Formulaic drivel. Absurd storyline, cliched dialogue and one-dimensional characterisation.

Becky F (ag) wrote: This movie still really stands the test of time, an also, being a lover of the TV show that was based on it, I now see a lot more similarities between the TV and movie families. The only mis-step is that there's a comedic mass-shooter scene where a father envisions he's messed up his child who becomes a gunman, but how was 1989 Hollywood to know that was to become our reality?

Troy M (ru) wrote: One of my guilty pleasures.

Muffin M (au) wrote: I own this as a bonus feature on the Blu-Ray of The Dirty Dozen (1967)

Denise A (es) wrote: Oh, I really like this movie. A Bio Movie on Prefontaine. Jared Leto made good as the runner. Great Screen-play!