The Savage Is Loose

The Savage Is Loose

A husband, wife and their son are stranded on a remote island with no way off; as the son grows older, sexual tensions emerge.

A husband, wife and their son are stranded on a remote island with no way off; as the son grows older, sexual tensions emerge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel A (gb) wrote: Did we really see the same movie Rotten tomatoes? Did we?? the characters where hard to like, the plot took too long to form and the Sara Paxton's OVER acting was down right annoying and distracting.

Mike B (es) wrote: Fine cast in a muddled misfire.

Pierce G (ca) wrote: Found this film walking the aisle of Blockbusters. knew what I was getting into from the box artwork, for this was going to be a chop-socky night. However, I surprised to find not as much fighting as I would have thought. The film feels more like a drama, and a pretty good one. Some odd moments with the flow, but overall the film was entertaining and well acted. It was a whose who of a cast. 2 from Star Trek, one from Twin Peaks, One from Pulp Fiction, one from American Gangster, and I'm sure many more I missed. What fight scenes were there were very cool. A bit more and this film could have been really something. Enjoyable little crime drama.

Phillie E (ca) wrote: It's a rehash of a genre we've seen before in classics like THX 1138, but it's a decently fun ride with eye candy.

Robert G (ca) wrote: I wouldn't say this is a bad movie. They were obviously rushing to capitalize an the success of Taken and I think they just rushed it too much. They had what could have been a good script with good characters but it needed some refining and would have benefitted greatly from more time. Travolta was very entertaining, the cover advertised he not been better since "Pulp Fiction" of course bull, but he was good. I like Rhys Meyers. I haven't seen much of him in film, but what I have seen from him in The Tudors tells me that this guy can act. Here he gave very flat performance, some of the writing was cheesy but Travolta pulled it off, Myers Did not. This movie is good to get your action movie fix, maybe a Travolta movie marathon or a date night movie but not much more. Give it a rent if you have time but don't go out of your way to see it.

Ben W (es) wrote: A chaming film. A surprise hit for me, even though I've been unable to see it all. Complex plot and all.

Martin B (br) wrote: Good looking classic Carry on drama in beautiful 1970 coloringA story that evolves around a matrimonial agency and lonley people and their hunger for marriage, company or just some sweet good times.Of course nothing goes as planned. Star performaces all around. Kenneth Williams in the role of a bachelor working as the marriage counselor is a story in itself, and Bernard Bresslow plays out very diffrently than in other epidodes. Here he is the constantly raving angry wrestler instead of that big nice stupid guy that we are used to see him.The end involves a lot of cake in the face

Adam R (it) wrote: Hayley Mills and Deborah Kerr together should have been a match made in heaven, but it doesn't live up to its potential. The Chalk Garden isn't a bad movie, but it lacks the special quality I was hoping for. It is also bizarre with an ending you will never expect. I wouldn't say that I truly understand this film. (First and only viewing - 11/16/2015)

Kestutis K (nl) wrote: The effects are decent and the plot takes a few interesting turns, but Lon Chaney Jr. is terribly miscast as the vampire. Good for a few laughs, but little else.

Joe C (nl) wrote: A personal favorite of Woody Allen and Orsen Wells, Jean Renoir's masterpiece is set almost entirely in a POW camp. The battlefield is avoided in his tale of two French officers whose series of escape attempts get them transferred to seemingly impenetrable fortress in which escape seems impossible. Think Missing in Action with an IQ of 140. Yes, a war film with no actual fighting might sound a bit, well, dull but Renoir's deep focus on the characters in his film gives The Grand Illusion an emotional vibrance and a pulsating sense of tension that floors you more than any explosions could. More pro-humanity than anti-war, though that didn't stop Dr. Goebbels from seizing this film first chance he got during the German occupation of France, and labeling Renoir as "Public Enemy #1." An understated film, such is the case of films from this period, but The Grand Illusion has more than a couple powerful messages to covey about the decency of the human spirit, and petty notions such as national lines, religion and language barriers do nothing to blur an act of kindness.

gerardo r (mx) wrote: The sequel to the originally popular offbeat comedy with Clint Eastwood. Like the first one, this is not a classic film. It is a slow paced, thin plot film playing as much music as it can throughout the film. It is infused with country songs and themes and is not meant to be an edge of your seat film, but a film you sit back on a lazy day and let it roll. The humor is more low brow than the first one. I might even describe this as a collection of SNL type skits. The fights are not realistic, but the audience's penchant for street fights make the film a macho fantasy. Again, if you enjoy Eastwood's tough as nails characters, he holds the film together. Otherwise, there is no other reason to look up this film. In this sequel, some wanna be mafia leader wants to set up a fight that gets him noticed and they find Philo to set up the fight. When Philo backs out, the mafia steps it up to make sure he shows up. The humor continues with the orangutan's antiques, the mother's cantankerous personality, the wanna be motorcycle gang and inept mafia group. The final fight sequence sets up for a classic Eastwood scene. The film is an exercise in satire or a celebration of society's view of what it means to be an alpha male, the top dog, where toughness and violence determine the standard. Again, it is a piece that reminds the viewer of times past and cannot transcend its origins.