The Scar

The Scar

After discussions and dishonest negotiations, a decision is taken as to where a large new chemical factory is to be built and Bednarz, an honest Party man, is put in charge of the construction. He used to live in the small town where the factory is to be built, his wife used to be a Party activist there, and he has unpleasant memories of it. But he sets to the task in the belief that he will build a place where people will live and work well. His intentions and convictions, however, conflict with those of the townspeople who are primarily concerned with their short-term needs. Disillusioned, Bednarz gives up his post.

1970. After discussions and dishonest negotiations, a decision is taken as to where a large new chemical factory is to be built and Bednarz, an honest Party man, is put in charge of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaime L (gb) wrote: Cheesy in a way that only the 80s can give us with the action scenes and one-liners but was lots of fun.

Mira Mohd S (ag) wrote: a simple comedy film with gr8 performances from the lead actors..

April W (es) wrote: It wasn't the worst I'd seen but I think the only reason it was any good at all is because the first one was phenomenal.

Mike Z (de) wrote: 10 years ago was it was a bomb :)

Chris D (ag) wrote: [i]Dark Harbor[/i] is... interesting, at best. The film is obviously B-rated. This wouldn't be a problem if the story could hold its own, but unfortunately the plot ultimately fails. Something that bothered me was that Rickman (David) kept wavering in between (his native) British accent (which, notably, his wife in the film carries) and an American one, which was surprising considering that he nailed the accent pretty well in [i]Die Hard,[/i] made ten years earlier. The actors' performances were actually pretty decent, but you can hardly tell because of how poor the writing and directing are. For about the first two-thirds of the movie, the plot is classic and makes sense, but is predictable and boring (because the real conflict doesn't show up until the last part). The rest of the movie is what really brings the whole thing down. The story becomes muddled with inconsistancies and incoherence. The characters' motivations seem to be erratic. The climax seems to be thrown into the story randomly and it doesn't quite fit. But the very [i]end[/i] of the movie, the last five minutes or so, are what really pushes it over. The ending, which adds an extra plot twist and resolves nothing, is terribly confusing and nonsensical. I believe the idea was to make the viewer think, and there's nothing with that if it's executed well, but this film failed to deliver the thoughtfulness it takes to achieve that. There are lots of bizarre fight scenes and creepy spots in the movie, not to mention the unnecessary suspense music thrown in where there's nothing else suspenseful. [i]Dark Harbor[/i] struggles to be a thriller movie, and it works for the first part of the film until it dies in a mangled heap of badly thought out plot twists and poor writing. I wouldn't reccomend this film to anyone. Some bad films are so bad they're good. This is not one of them. I gave it a 3/10 because of rounding, but if I could I'd give it a 2.5/10.

Tor M (es) wrote: Never "laugh out loud"-funny, but there is always a funny undertone here - it's like a horror spoof in many ways. Make sure that the pretty weak title fool you, though - this is a great film.We are served a great story where we meet vampires in a colder setting. It felt pretty christmassy to be honest. I really liked the mood and atmosphere of the film a lot.Two cool leads among other great characters also lifts the film. The silly professor Abronsius and his assistant portrayed by Polanski himself.Some great scenes and camera handling here, the roof scenes and the window scenes earlieron seems most remeberable for me. A great intro too, both impressive and cool.This film is also carrying a dark, true event. Polanski met that beautiful girl, Sharon Tate, through this film. They married, but two years after this film's premiere, at age of 26, she was brutally murdered by some of of Charles Manson's followers. Yikes.7.5 out of 10 rock symbol hands.

adam o (gb) wrote: its so so so so funny stuff for kids