The Scarlet Blade

The Scarlet Blade

A 1964 British action adventure film from Hammer studios. The Scarlet Blade is set during the english civil war. A cruel Roundhead Colonel is on the trail of royalist sympathisers, but unaware of his daughters royalist sympathies. When she falls into a love triangle with Cavalier Edward Beverly and Roundhead officer Captain Sylvester the stage is set for double crossing and derring do.

This historical adventure is set during the English Civil War. When King Charles I is captured by Roundhead forces led by the tyrant Colonel Judd and his right-hand man Captain Sylvester, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Erick Alberto R (nl) wrote: Buena pelicula, aunque yo le llamara misterio ms que suspenso.

Asa B (au) wrote: A gentle Steve McQueen/Sam Peckinpah film that tackles the world of rodeo and family. Enjoyable.

Timothy M (gb) wrote: Very odd film. A mish-mash of Kipling, John Ford, and Shirley Temple. It doesn't quite work, but it's still reasonably entertaining, thanks largely to C. Aubrey Smith and Victor McLaglen. Ford's handling of the material, by and large, is rather straightforward, and he only really gets an opportunity to shine in the action sequences, which while brief are marvelous to look at.

Zoran S (ru) wrote: I say bring on another depression if means having movies like this again. Lovely and goofy musical numbers by way of Busby Berkeley and a fast talking James Cagney make for fine cinema.

Michael H (br) wrote: A solid drama about the dangers of being "sophisticated". Dramas of mundane existence didn't seem to find their voice, so to speak, until the advent of sound in cinema. It's just an extremely difficult genre to execute successfully in silent film as it usually depends more on dialogue than the more melodramatic action, spectacle, and comedy films.

Mge A (gb) wrote: Ted is always Ted, and he is sweet anyway:)

Robin W (br) wrote: I found this movie to be thoroughly enjoyable. It drew me in from the very first scene and I was never bored with the films pace. the characters were sweet and relatable, and the performances are spot on. The bureaucratic nonsense that this man endured is something that everyone can relate to.

WS W (de) wrote: I kinda like Ken Loach's simple & unadorned style. By using new faces, unprofessional films actors, telling some underdogs' fighting back stories in a plain & direct way. THE ANGEL'S SHARE is just another example. Still bittersweet inspiring but somehow isn't really impressive enough this time.

Jake A (us) wrote: This gritty and grounded crime thriller comes very close to being up there with the best from the 70's. Roy Scheider holds it all together at this central character, the action is realistic with one of the most thrilling car chases from the era, the plot holds your attention, the score is solid and although it doesn't add all that much that is new to the genres it is embedded in it is still an engrossing and thoroughly well made film from the era that spawned many classics.

frank p (br) wrote: Nice little collection of short horror movies.

Lenny R (ca) wrote: It's not as consistently hilarious as Spinal Tap, or quite as intelligent, but it certainly has its share of funny moments, and the songs are awesome. Samberg is great.It's a bit like BoyTown, but actually decent.