The Scientist

The Scientist

A reclusive physicist creates an infinite-energy machine in his basement that changes his life and all those around him.

A reclusive physicist creates a mysterious machine in his basement that changes his life and all those around him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richie W (ca) wrote: First of all, this is not the greatest title to give to a movie that is based on a true story and is more concerned with the situation of children in south sudan than with machine guns (though one gets to see a fair share of them over the course of the movie). second, although an attempt is made to shine a light on sam childers (gerard butler), one can never quite identify with him. the whole story remains rather superficial, which is unfortunate - it seems there would have been more to say here

David Ray G (mx) wrote: I'm sure many epithets have been used to describe this documentary - about how "disturbing" or "disgusting" it is. Sure, dying from internal abdominal bleeding after being penetrated by a horse can't be something else other than disturbing, and it questions our morality and human nature a great deal. This documentary is a significant attempt into trying to sensationalize zoophilia. I will not express my personal view on bestiality and/or zoophilia, but I am a man free of almost all taboos, and I do not necessarily believe that having sex with animals is a crime that should be treated like child molestation; because let's be realists - they are not close by any measures.When it comes to the documentary itself now, I found it extremely tiring for its short duration. If it had been an audio tape it would have made much more sense to me. Because documentaries are supposed to reveal you the reality of events, when nothing of the sort happens here. You just see almost pitch black footage of fields or houses or horses for the most part, and have a voice-over of people explaining the events, when you see no one being interviewed. I, pretty much, had no idea who was talking when and how they were related to the story. I guess that's my main issue with this documentary.It's certainly tragic and heart-breaking and you can't help but sympathizing with the Seattle man who died the way he did, and the horse that had the fate it did. It sure is depressing and not something everyone would be willing to watch. But it is something everyone should watch.

Chase T (jp) wrote: Very charming. Homebrew rotoscoping was used both to disguise the lack of budget but also to enhance the magical realist feel of the whole thing. Featuring Randall Duk Kim in about three different roles.

Haakon S (kr) wrote: Very interesting and well made movie depicting the evil dark forces in the Norwegian Lutheran church anno 1852.

Dan L (ca) wrote: Charming in places, blackly comic in others. Worth a watch.

Matty S (ag) wrote: Without hope and nihilistic to the core, this will not be a film for everyone. Edel's film adaptation is not as potent as Selby's novel, but the tone is captured. It should also be noted that if the film were any more dark it would be unwatchable. There are some minor flaws. One flaw that really sticks out on the newly remastered blu-ray is some sort of odd audio issue with the voice of a key character. Granted it has been years since I had seen this film, but I do not remember this oddly deep over-dub'd voice heard on the new blu-ray. At any rate, the film is of note if for nothing else than Jennifer Jason Leigh and Stephen Lang's performances. Devastating and unforgettable work by both actors.

Keegan K (us) wrote: What a crazy film! This is perhaps one of the most dark and depressing movies I've seen in quite a while. The premise is very intriguing, however, with the movie about the seven deadly sins. There is a cop who is about to retire, Morgan Freeman, and he was joined by his replacement, Brad Pitt. Together they are tracking down a villain who is killing people based around the seven deadly sins. Visually the movie looks great. Wonderful sets, dark city, the villains apartment is so cool to look at. But overall this movie is so dark and there is no happiness whatsoever. It literally shows a world that has fallen and become very corrupt. If you want to watch a movie that's very dark and features an insane villain and horrible deaths, this is definitely the one for you. The plot and the way he planned all seven deaths is amazing. But this is not a movie that will leave you happy.

Dodi D (us) wrote: In order to give a comment on the plot, I would have to watch it again. Which will never happen. So lets just say:TOO MUCH HEADROOM, and some missing chins!

Jessi t (jp) wrote: Campy, silly fun from Herschell Gordon Lewis.

Samantha B (ru) wrote: I have loved this movie since I was a kid! My favorite part is definitely The Tapioca dance! Haha. Julie Andrews is so beautiful :)