The Scorpion King: Rise Of A Warrior

The Scorpion King: Rise Of A Warrior

The heroic tale of young Mathayus and his relentless quest for justice against an evil and powerful villain, King Sargon. Mathayus faces heart-stopping tribulations during his adventurous, odds-defying trajectory toward his ultimate destiny: becoming the formidable warrior king of an ancient desert empire.

Travel back to the beginning and watch as a legend is born in this prequel to The Scorpion King from Highlander and Resident Evil: Extinction director Russell Mulcahy. See how the legend of The Scorpion King began! When a young Mathayus witnesses his father's death at the hands of the king, his quest for vengeance transforms him into the most feared warrior of the ancient world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lori B (kr) wrote: My favorite documentary of 2013. Fabulous in so many ways.

Tim M (ru) wrote: "ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 is an uncompromising, unflinching, and thoroughly insane little film." The support squad adds a different dynamic to the almost always lone slasher. Hopefully the third will use its location to maximum effect and it won't look like V-cinema.

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Sheridan P (mx) wrote: Highly erotic, risque, intense. Never thought anything about Eric Blafour, but he's on my list now ;-) This is very graphic, so don't watch with someone you'd feel shy with!

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Kevin R (ag) wrote: The eye of the tiger...Rocky Balboa has become world champion and Mick has done a great job of selecting opponents that allow him to defend his title and protect his weaknesses. A fast rising knockout artist named Clubber Lang calls out Rocky and eventually a fight is set up. In the process of the fight Mick dies and Rocky loses. Rocky gets his rematch but he'll need to rely on an old friend, Apollo Creed, if he hopes to have any chance against Clubber's relentless style."What's your prediction for the fight?""Prediction? Pain."Sylvester Stallone, director of Paradise Alley, Rocky II & IV, Rambo, Staying Alive, The Expendables, Rocky Balboa, and the upcoming Rambo: The Television Series, delivers Rocky III. The storyline for this picture is a huge step down from the previous two pictures. There are more ridiculous sequences and unrealistic scenarios in this movie than the previous two. The acting is okay and the cast includes Stallone, Carl Weathers, Mr. T., Burgess Meredith, Talia Shire, Burt Young, and Hulk Hogan."There is no tomorrow."These were all available on Netflix until 12/31 so I added them to my queue. This was the worst one in the series to date but I still loved it as a kid. It starts to show the eventual decline of Rocky and some of the evils that will lead to his downfall in later films; nevertheless, this was worth seeing for fans of the character or series. "Sometimes charity really hurts."Grade: C+

Sean d (de) wrote: Simple and easy to follow. classic old skool effects that just work

Jonathan T (ca) wrote: This is one of my mom's movies-- I'd never heard of Jane Forman in my life-- but I really enjoyed it.

Michael R (jp) wrote: Jeremy Davis pushes the envelope...the film on DVD is worth seeing just for his performance.

Sarah G (us) wrote: A fantastic example of the musical genre outside the "we've got a show to put on gang!" type. This musical is pre-code so many of the songs are humerously risque, particularly "Mimi" which the enamoured Maurice Chevalier sings to a haughty Jeanette MacDonald, declairing his love for her upon their first meeting. The opening sequence in which we watch, and hear, Paris "wake-up" is masterfully shot and choreographed. As are the scenes where we follow the song "Isn't it Romantic?", which travels from Chevalier's humble tailor's shop and continues with the customer into the street on to a cabbie and so on untill it reaches the french countryside and is picked up by MacDonald as she lingers on a castle balcony. The film is a romantic musical but it also excels as a comedy thanks to the witty and charming Chevalier and the fantastic supporting cast, which includes the increadibly sexy and funny Myrna Loy (one of my favourites), as the broke Countess Valentine, who contributes some terrific one-liners, Charles Ruggles as the Viscount who has neglected to pay his considerable tailor's bill, and the great Sir C. Aubrey Smith as the Duke, who must deal with his cash-strapped neice and nephew. The final sequence in which the hero and heroine's traditional roles are somewhat reversed is an excellent ending to this remarkable movie.

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Matt L (nl) wrote: I really disliked almost everything about this movie.

Jeremy S (fr) wrote: A movie that I feel is very underrated and forgotten about from the movie audience. A top notch cast who all give stellar performances (especially Terrance Howard.) Great production value, story telling, editing and cinematography. If you want a great, underrated forgotten gem to entertain you join Harts War. You wont be dissapointed. 5/5 stars!

Jack C (nl) wrote: Metallica sure had a lot going on at this rough time, and I'll be damned if it didn't make wonderful viewing, even if that is from a biased fan's point of view.

Xaib (jp) wrote: The Penguins of Madagascar is a wonderful spin-off to the Madagascar franchise. It gives us new and unique, unfamiliar characters that bring humor to the plot that families will love and laugh to.

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