The Scratch

The Scratch

Jake, a rookie private eye, spends each day minding a small private investigation office and filing papers...

Jake, a rookie private eye, spends each day minding a small private investigation office and filing papers. Dying for more action Jake jumps at the chance to be in on a big score. His boss ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny A (br) wrote: Tong po was really strong

Varun S (gb) wrote: This movie looks like an excellent movie, but in reality it's far from excellent. I like Kristen Stewart, but her acting is lame. I understand the premise of the movie is that prisoner is a good guy and she sees it, BUT HOW?Have I missed a scene where she first saw the weird goodness in him, or just liked the poopy cocktail and started liking him afterwards

Yeleysa C (gb) wrote: Funny at times. Good animation movie but not the best nor my favorite.

Rob M (us) wrote: Pretty good movie, didn't expect it to tank my tear ducts but it was worth my time. Very good movie. Kind of like watching the black version of scrubs.

Daniela G (ru) wrote: The 14-year-old of this movie is one of the last believers in truth and justice. As the movie develops, his quest will take him to find it. This is a great movie for kids, highly recommended for toddlers and teenagers.

Dane Y (ca) wrote: "SOMETHING DIFFERENT FROM VIEW ASKEW. GLAD I SAW IT"by Dane YoussefBryan Johnson shows amazing talent and depth as a first-time greenhorn filmmaker. There's more than just one worthwhile film here. There's two. "Vulgar" plays out like a scrappy, slapped-together little campy comedy and then shifts wildly into much darker territory. And then back again. And back... Johnson seems to have a natural wild indie touch and while it has touches of some of the darkest nature ever uncovered on the screen, it also has some nice Jersey-blue collar comedy. Now here's a movie Tarantino would enjoy. It's kinda like a soup. It plays out like a stew of movies, styles and ideas. European avant-garde cinema, indie film and campy, low-budget comedy. It's a shame this movie didn't play in Europe and France. Or college kids. This is the kind of thing they all gobble up. I'm glad I bought a copy. It gives me hope as an aspiring filmmaker... and joy and thrills as a movie-lover who loves off-kilter stuff. Brian O' Halloran is touchingly determined and vulnerable as the clown. He scrapes out a meager existence as a "party whore" and lives in his hovel of a home, living on shit wages, barely making ends meet. His landlord is understanding and sympathetic and lets him "mow the lawn or do some maintenance" and knocks off a few. Ethan Suplee and Matt Mawer are effective and creepy as his inbred and mentally-retarded sons who seem to have been phoned right out of "Deliverence." Jerry Lewkowitz is just plain frightening and disturbing as Ed Fanelli. With his portly beer-belly, bug-eyes, raspy voice and bad wig that looks like a little boy's hair. I heard that the inspiration for this character was Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet." He's one of the scariest villains (or any kind of characters) to pop up on any kind of cinema in history. The rape sequence with Will is just horrifying. It outdoes the whole scene in "Blue Velvet" and literally makes you BELIEVE and FEEL what this poor guy who just wants to entertain little kids is feeling. The morning after where he has his emotional breakdown is just as strong. Will confides in Syd about the whole evening and Syd begs him to go to the cops, but Will swears him to secrecy. These scenes all shows strength, talent and feeling with both O' Halloran's acting and Johnson's directing. Johnson himself, like Tarantino and producer Kevin Smith, once jockeyed in a video store. He gives the movie the flavor of a lot of low-budget films and masters past. He gives some "Kevin Smith" flavor in the dialouge and the juice of other great filmmakers', but he also gives it his own signature style. You'd have to see it to know what I mean. Johnson has never been within 200 miles of a film school, so he seems to have gotten all of whatever film education and knowledge from Smith and Mosier. You can tell Johnson is emulating Smith as a filmmaker, like the film's dialouge has an overwritten, over-articulate Kevin Smith-ness to it. Not to mention Smith's one-shot camera set-up. Still, there are moments that generate pain beyond words and conversation that Smith has never shown us. And anyway, this is NOT a Kevin Smith film. I love the man, but this is another cup of tea altogether. Many will see because of the "Kevin Smith" name on the marquee. Which means they;ll be in for some serious shock and disappointment. Johnson's only real mistake, in my opinion (and this is one that hurts the movie more than anything else) is his decision to act in it as the clown's only friend. You see why Smith only gave him bit-parts as Steve-Dave. He's no actor. He tends to mumble a lot of the time. Look, read the other "user reviews" on IMDb about Johnson's "Vulgar." Listen to them describe it. YOU know if it's the movie for you. It all depends on your taste. Go to the site's OFFICIAL WEB PAGE and read the interview with Johnson. After hearing him, does it sound like your type of movie? All in all, this is a hell of a debut. I liked Johnson's different stories and juggling them all at once. Comedy, drama, horror, working-class stories... And at the center of it all, View Askew's poster boy--Flappy the Clown. Have you ever wondered the real story about that clown? Here it is... Now dear readers, I am not recommending this movie as "fun for the whole family." I do not recommend this as a movie to see with your drinking acquaintances. No, this a movie for a specific audience with a very acquired palate--darker, daring, low-budget, creepy, campy, gross and funny all at once. Don't see this because Kevin Smith produced it. See it because this is your taste. Read the reviews. Does this sound like your brand of poison? You know who you are. --Loving "The Vulgar," Dane Youssef

Camille L (de) wrote: Meme les meilleurs se retrouvent parfois a faire des choses catastrophiques et inconsiderees. Trapped in Paradise fait partie de ces films que ni George Gallo ni Nicolas Cage ne peuvent sauver, malgre toute la bonne volonte du deuxieme et le talent derriere la camera du premier. Le scenario de cette pathetique comedie est tellement nul et les autres acteurs tellement ridicules que le film ne peut meme pas etre sauve par ses bons sentiments de Noel.

Jim M (nl) wrote: Decient Exploitation flick. Charles Bronson is an L.A. Vice Cop out to take down a sleazy pimp named Duke who specializes in young girls, walst struggling with his own prejudices against the Japanese, one of whom copt a feel from his 15 year old daugther and who's daughter Duke has kidnapped. There's a serious movie to be made about human trafficing/sex slavery but this ain't it. Instead watch Bronson be Bronson, highlight Bronson kidnaps Duke at gunpoint, forces him to swollow and nearly choke on his $25,000 watch all before torching the pimps car.

Joseph S (ru) wrote: Hypnotic and brutal. The best Fassinder I've seen so far.

Muffin M (de) wrote: I have this in a pack with: "The Bridge At Remagen", "Cast A Giant Shadow", "Attack" and "Mosquito Squadron"

Patrick W (ru) wrote: Decent adaptation of the book and definitely an original concept as to why Lincoln wanted to gain power. Seeing one of America's most beloved Presidents kicking ass was fairly entertaining. The script, however, is a little dry. The action is entertaining as well. With that being said, this movie is still pretty underwhelming when compared to other "vampire action flicks" like Underworld or Blade.

Phillie E (es) wrote: What a mess, poor Arnold. And poor Jake!

Melissa R (gb) wrote: I liked it. Not a bad movie despite the criticism.

Cam E (ca) wrote: A short follow up to the terrific Frozen. Funny and silly it's a good short film, nice idea and definitely some laughs. Looking forward to Frozen 2 in 2017