The Screen at Kamchanod

The Screen at Kamchanod

In 1987, four movie screeners stumbled upon a chilling event as they were hired to screen a movie in the forest of Kamchanod, Udon Thani Province. The screeners were wondering why they had no audience at all. Yet, as the movie was about to end, a group of people emerged from the forest and lined up in front of the screen. To the screener's surprise, the audience also began to disappear as mysteriously as they had appeared out of nowhere.

In 1987, four movie screeners stumbled upon a chilling event as they were hired to screen a movie in the forest of Kamchanod, Udon Thani Province. The screeners were wondering why they had ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timothy S (au) wrote: Good action, Amber Heard is excellant

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Natalie M (ag) wrote: A stunningly beautiful film documenting the life of sheepherders in Montana. The honesty of the film almost makes you want to cry.

Josie A (fr) wrote: In 1961 a 16-year-old schoolgirl, named Jenny (Carey Mulligan) is in love with French films, movies, art, and books. Jenny can't wait for her life to really begin, her life outside of school. On a rainy day after Cello practice she runs in to a man named David (Peter Sarsaard), around 30 years old who has money and is grown and can show her the world she wants to see. Jenny and David fall in love so effortlessly. I give this film 3 stars out of 5, the reason being I found this film quiet creepy and disturbing to watch since the huge age difference and since David is already married with a child, and it is not considered a norm in modern times. Even though it could have been normal back then I don't think that the correct actors were picked for the parts, they do not seem the ages they are portraying. Especially that they had some racy scenes that no 16 year old should be participating in with a 30ish year old married man. David looks as though he could be in his late 40's and Jenny around 14 or 15 years old wearing too much make up. The film was overall inappropriate and disturbing.

Muntasim T (de) wrote: While 'inspired' by Memento, it brings in the particular brand of Bollywood and South Indian flavour to it, with its colorful songs and dances and an amusing love story gone tragic. Aamir Khan went on spectacular body building regime for this movie and that shows in how muscular he looks. Even at 3 hours running time, it never feels long and that is the success of the film. Very enjoyable.

Richard R (us) wrote: Movie is awesome - great look into the 90s art world and Cindy Sherman. Must see for anyone who enjoys good movies.[FONT=Arial Narrow]

Sean H (it) wrote: Ok you guys are probably gonna hate me for giving 5 stars . To me if I was flying I would probably not survive with snakes on a plane all be honest. But to me the reason I gave this movie 5 stars is I just love horror movies and this one was one of them . This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat. So crab your pop and popcorn relax and try not to be scared .

Alice S (au) wrote: Absolutely delightful. An American-Born-Chinese lesbian finds her world rocked when her widowed mother is disowned for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The story subverts stereotypes about race, gender, sexuality, and age, but it never seems to do too much. Enough time is spent on major and minor characters and plots. The end teeters on Joy Luck Club-level saccharine, but the performances are all nuanced and the bilingual script is seamless in mixing the elders' traditional Mandarin and the ABCs' mix of English and broken Mandarin.There is the requisite nagging Tiger Mom we've come to expect from Asian culture clash films, but Joan Chen brings a quieter, more sensual layer as well, since Ma is also back on the market. Michelle Krusiec, as the surgeon daughter, is brilliantly still and funny in a serious way. There are even a few mannerisms of hers that I know I do/did in my one short film acting experience. She, along with Carey Mulligan and Emmanuelle Bart, are actresses whose faces I'd like to wear, "Silence-of-the-Lambs"-style.

Kat G (de) wrote: Every son and daughter should watch this movie. We should treat our parents with the respect they deserve and never forget the love and sacrifices they poured on us all our lives.

Keith O (it) wrote: one of those movies you think is funny as a kid, then u watch it like 10 years later and then think to yourself, "oh my goodness, i had way too much time on my hands". but now im writing a review of this movie so...5 stars?

Diana S (de) wrote: Well, I got behind again. And it's just been a bizarre movie week. [b]The Pit[/b] is a strange little horror movie about a boy who gets revenge on those who have tormented him by feeding them to the creatures he finds in a large hole in the woods. If that weren't creepy enough, the movie also has the boy, who's about 12, hitting on his live-in babysitter, talking to his teddy bear and sending sex notes to the librarian. This isn't so much scary as funny and weird, but the production is pretty terrible. [b]Bloodsucking Freaks[/b]. I'm still at a loss as to what to say about this. Netflix called it a cult horror classic, so I had to rent it. Then Tycho said to watch it with friends while drinking or I'd just feel dirty. So I took his advice. But I still feel a bit dirty. The "plot" revolves around a theater of the macabre where people are actually killed on stage though the audience believes it's fake. Master Sardu (Seamus O'Brien "The Happy Hooker") is an S&M freak who leads the show and desperately wants to be Vincent Price. He's assisted by Ralphus (Luis De Jesus "Samurai Dick"), a gleeful midget who revels in the torture as much as Sardu. The scenes of torture are interspersed with Sardu and Ralphus playing games with their hostages. Human darts, backgammon where they bet fingers. Also, there's more naked women than you can shake a stick at. So, I didn't hate the movie and sometimes I laughed through my desire to vomit. But I would never watch this again and can't recommend it to anyone. This is my second viewing of [b]28 Days Later[/b]. After we first watched it in the theater, I had a nightmare that I had to kill my fiancee with a pair of scissors through the eye because he had the rage. Horror movies don't often give me nightmares, so I am especially impressed when they do. But this led to an ongoing debate between me and the finance that if I were a zombie, he'd let me make him a zombie so we could be together. And I say that's silly because it's not like we'd be ourselves. We'd just be mindless creatures hungry for human flesh. So I would kill him if he were a zombie. Then he gets mad.But, as for the movie. I found it equally tense the second time around. Director Danny Boyle ("Millions") creates and eerie London landscape as the main character wakes up in the deserted hospital, with no idea the plague that has ransacked his country. Though the creatures in this are not zombies in the technical sense, they behave in much the same way. And this is the first time they are fast. Fast zombies are much scarier than slow shambling ones. Also, the army base was a good twist. And then there was [b]Doogal.[/b] Sometimes the voices in an animated movie are distracting. That was one of Doogal's problems. The movie was also filled with pop-culture referencing dialogue, which I usually enjoy a la Gilmore Girls. But here it felt flat. The animation was fairly good, but the story was pretty humdrum. Though, if I were a five-year-old, or really, really stoned, I probably would have enjoyed it.

Lauren S (kr) wrote: An okay flick. Didn't really do much for me.