The Sculptor

The Sculptor

A desperate art student joins with secret occultists to find success. But when he has everything he ever wanted, he is haunted by the demons he invited into his life. Craving normality, he fights to keep his dark past from the woman he loves

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A brilliant young sculptor makes the worst mistake of his life, and fights to keep his dark secret from the woman he loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim M (ru) wrote: Enigmatic, tense and beautifully shot. Excellent script; the restrictive use of dialogue is effective

Florence (ca) wrote: Two Lives tem contornos histricos e baseia-se na verdadeira histria de Kathrine Evensen (Juliane Khler), uma mulher que vive na Noruega com a sua me (Liv Ullmann). Com a queda do muro de Berlim, esta mulher v-se confrontada com o seu passado secreto ligado s Stasi.

Caitlin L (nl) wrote: Better than the original. Great dancing. Love the main guy.

james t (es) wrote: i havent seen it yet but im predicting a new kind of scary movie ideas even though some is the same copy cat stuff.

Ercides R (es) wrote: Historia cliche, piora com as dublagens de Sabrina Satto e Marco Luqui.

Kobi S (jp) wrote: Amar Khubbi Prio Ekta Movie...Gaan Gulo Oneeek Shundor...

Con Con Connie H (ag) wrote: much better than No Reservations.......

Shane J (us) wrote: dreadful cheap actioner from the 90's and boy is it cheap. the cyborg is cyborg because he's wearing silver clothes on his arms and foot,also a weird headset that looks like it was put together on blue peter in this. Somehow they managed to get john rhys davies? and he hams it up to the max,his accent seems to change multiple times over the course of the film. I think he was playing a joke on everyone? The action scenes are poorly done and david bradley was better in the american ninja series of films. The love intrest is shoehorned in for the exact reason they need a love scene and an actress who would get her boobs out. for her boobs alone this gets an extra half star.

Wes S (nl) wrote: Crazy story that doesn't go too far but it has interesting moments and decent characters, but She Demons don't have a lot to do with the film and sort of disappear by the end. A lot of inaccurate parts but decent overall.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Exactly the kind of Rom-Com you'd expect from Grant-Hepburn-Cukor. Great casting all around with the added bonus of Ayers & Horton. In mid film there is a salute to the cousins... just remember this was released in June of 1938 - more than a year before that salute went from infamous to detestable.

Richard G (au) wrote: Can I give this little gem of a film more than 5 stars? Beautiful! It's sad to see that Robyn Williams is kind of a tortured modern-day Fagan in this movie, so late in his career. I can't believe I missed this film back in 2007. 10 Stars!

Alan W (ru) wrote: Competently made, this sincere film is educational and historically worthy while the feel is lyrical and reflective. However, while the film doesn't lack dramatic tension (because there is), it also can feel a bit flat, especially during the last third of the film, where staying true to the events it is depicting comes at the expense of a more audience friendly and satisfying ending. There are, of course, pros and cons in how much artistic license one should use between inflating events to get a (cheap) thrill (see: Argo) and the honesty in depicting the real truth, but this probably isn't the place to do that. I would simply say that I am glad to have seen this film and learnt a bit more about Irish history, and at a mere 90 or so minutes, it definitely won't outstay its welcome. But ultimately, it is more a film to respect and admire than to enjoy. File next to 12 Years A Slave.

Phil H (kr) wrote: Jill Valentine and three other people are holed up in an abandoned church trying to escape the ever growing army of zombies within Raccoon City (one of the stupidest names for a city ever!). They are in a battle against a group of Lickers and almost out of ammo, things look bleak.Suddenly a bright shines through the huge stained glass window...Alice blows through the glass mounted on top of a motorbike. She lands perfectly, informs the survivors to take cover and proceeds to blow away all the Lickers one by one in an eye shattering display of slow motion action enough to give any fanboy a hard on. At this exact moment the franchise dies, this is where the Resi Evil film franchise loses the gritty grown up 'Aliens' clone formula of the first film and enters the realm of hyper martial arts and lots and lots of slow motion action.The character of Alice has been experimented on since the last film, apparently, which now gives her superhuman strength, speed and agility. This in turn takes the character and the film into the world of 'The Matrix' and absurd action set pieces.Don't get me wrong the film isn't entirely bad, the atmosphere and visuals of the film are decent whilst the abandoned Raccoon City is created very well. You do get a great sense of dread from the deserted city, it feels dangerous and eerie with a really nice dark tone. The film is still pretty adult I must say, there is plenty of blood, some gore and quite a few jump in your seat moments. The general survival concept is along the same lines as the first film with a small band of people trying to escape the City, its a solid idea which works. The problem is the inclusion of Alice who drags the film down utterly with her over the top macho invincibility.The inclusion of Nemesis was of course required by all Resi fans and he is faithfully created, amazingly, although a bit rubbery. Not being a fanboy myself I just don't get why the Umbrella Corp would release this huge monster simply to kill the remaining S.T.A.R.S. members. Was this some kind of field test? and the fact they planned to nuke the City wouldn't that somewhat negate their precious creation? On top of that they make Alice fight this big guy for no real reason other than to have an exciting finale fight in the film...oh and something about seeing who is stronger, err why??? All that work just to have him fight Alice?!The problem as said before is quite simply the character of Alice and the fact we have to follow her around from one superhero sequence to the next. On top of that you have the pathetic alpha female rivalry between Jill and Alice (and both actresses) as both compete for sexiest zombie killer. Jill wins purely down to her ridiculously skimpy outfit which is obviously in there just for the teen male audience. Because of course most special unit cops wear tight hot pants and a tight vest when in terror situations...wait this is a serious film?Its a brave attempt which literately just keeps its head above the waves and manages to be a reasonable film. Shame about all the slow motion crap but this is what happens when Jovovich is in a film. The film is basically let down by stupid action sequences which vomit on your suspension of disbelief, had these bits been more sensible or relatively realistic then the film could have been pretty solid.

Stephen G (it) wrote: Off the wall. It feels like it shouldn't work, but you can't help but laugh. An overall good movie for some good entertainment.