The Sea and the Weather

The Sea and the Weather


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,  

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The Sea and the Weather torrent reviews

Thomas W (jp) wrote: Womanizing lothario Rich Johnson (Cam Gigandet - Priest) continuously finds himself getting into trouble with the ladies as his head -- not the one on his shoulders -- does most of his "thinking" for him. After his latest relationship ends because of an oral exam and some lipstick, Rich wishes that he could stop getting into trouble! When he awakens the next morning, he discovers his "wish" came true much like Tom Hanks' wish came true in Big. It's gone! As terrible as this all sounds, Bad Johnson CAN get worse ... and it does! Rich discovers there is a new man in town who "thinks" much like Rich used to "think"! In other words: his penis has come to life as a vilely repulsive, annoying, trashy, juvenile, despicably shameful, crass, foul-mouthed horny jerk the ladies just cannot seem to get enough of. Because this new arrival seems to crimp Rich's style ... Rich has to figure out how to get rid of "Dick" and get his mojo back. Yes, this movie is real ... and no, I do not recommend it. It'd be nice if this film ended the careers of every single person involved in making it. Bad doesn't even begin to describe it.

Marilena G (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie, mostly because the raw realism of it makes everything in the story seem deeper and important.

Cole W (nl) wrote: Though it has some of the romance movie cliches, I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

Gabriel D (fr) wrote: One of the worse Video Game movies ever!

Denise A (ca) wrote: It's Ok not a lot of depth.

gaby a (mx) wrote: I love this movie its the best musical and its bssed on true events I watched it in choir best days

Joel C (gb) wrote: I have many complaints concerning this film but instead of divulging into them in this review I will instead inform you of the positives. It stars Gary Oldman. That is all.

Dustin G (es) wrote: Heart Burn is a movie that starts off SLLLLLLOOOOWWWWWW and then picks things up about halfway, perhaps not surprisingly, when things in the marriage start to go awry. It ends up saying a lot of good things about marriage and warning against the destructive cancer that is adultery and conveniently features two of the greatest actors of all time as the leads. It's not overly unique, actually not unique at all really, and the boring first half will always be the boring first half, but it is refreshing to see a movie try to say something true and real about marriage and adultery, even if that movie is almost as old as I am.

Wes S (it) wrote: It's still entertaining, but the formula is getting old, and the story-line is really messy in this one. Not a lot makes sense, and the characters are too hollow. The ending isn't as memorable or spectacular like the other Dracula movies, though the resurrection is rather elaborate.

Wenndell A (mx) wrote: Bom filme de Tribunal. Um enredo bem amarrado, mesmo assim bem previsvel.

Phil S (ca) wrote: one of the all time most entertaining train wrecks

Samantha C (gb) wrote: It was okay. Definitely some stuff that wouldn't pass now.

Sebastian B (it) wrote: After accidentally knocking her best friend off a roof. Alyce is haunted into a brutal nightmare of sex, drugs and brutal violence.