The Sea Beast

The Sea Beast

Based on Herman Melville's novel "Moby Dick."

This silent movie is based on Melville's classic Moby Dick. Ahab and his brother compete for the affections of minister's daughter Esther. But the great white whale has been eluding the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Sea Beast torrent reviews

Ken T (ru) wrote: They really should have quite after number one, but now we have a 2 and 3..."

Wendy 20 L (ru) wrote: Whatever the problem in life is a big trouble, just say to yourself ''All is Well''. This won't solve your problems but it will give the courage to face it." Chase Excellence and success will follow". " Life is not about getting marks, grades but chasing your dreams". These are the golden rules which 3 IDIOTS teaches me in a very light way. When I saw this movie, sometimes I laughed, but sometimes I cried. I laughed at Rancho's homor, felt touched and cried for the friendship between Rancho and his friends. It's really an excellent movie!

Austin W (ru) wrote: aw cool a new Tim Roth movee!

Timothy J (ca) wrote: Acting was incredible, the ending not so much.. I mean I understand the whole purpose is that the story wasn't suppose to mean anything and it was a play on the cat and mouse style movie.. I just figured there would be more meat.

Alexander C (au) wrote: Could be lots of twists!

Toni G (nl) wrote: A cute movie, Gabrielle is the woman you love to hate in this movie - bossy, over-opinionated and controlling.

Justin Y (nl) wrote: i love duchovny... just watch californication.

Zach W (br) wrote: It's so bad it's actually funny to make fun of.

Orlok W (ag) wrote: A Simple Joy--Sublime and heartfelt!!

miss peaches 3 (gb) wrote: it will give you ideas

Sean N (au) wrote: I love the ending even if it's been done to death nowadays

Gareth M (kr) wrote: Strange Movie, in that it doesnt fit the natural sporting modes of either "Against all odds" "Rocky" "Good vs Bad". Instead this is a slow burner of a movie, which has Steve McQueen at his most sudued, most underplayed, and somewhat dull. In some ways it becomes quite unnerving to see such a Icon dealing with his demons, and his own mortality. The love interest only adds to eerieness and overriding mellon collie.Its definitely a strange movie, the race sequences are adaquate, but as stated never awe inspiring, emotional, and to the film makers credit, ever predictable either.All in all, a slow difficult movie to watch, but if you have some kind of car fetish, there be something here for you to enjoy

Robert H (kr) wrote: This neo-noir thriller is one of the genre's highlights. The story is solid and hooks you right from the start. This is Blake Edward's best film by far. Watching this film you can see where genres such as the modern thriller, slashers and especially giallos managed to get their inspiration. While modern audiences may not tend to enjoy film noir compared to their flashy CG action packed movies of today, Experiment in Terror is the kind of film that might just be the genre film that gets them through the door. Experiment in Terror is a true delight to watch and one, if not my fave, film noir. Is it perfect? No. But it's close.

Lawrance L (de) wrote: anything from Buster Keaton is great.

Hal M (de) wrote: Great screenplay, great casting, great location cinematography...why not a great film? Maybe because of the very bad decision to plant vital clues too early? Like during the rolling of the credits! Watch this two times, three! Keeps getting better. Acting is fine across the board but I single out Steve Zahn and Kiele Sanchez especially.

Kevin L (au) wrote: Never seen Cirque De Soleil before but this is amazing. Different elements. This is not a movie though but of like a show.

John D (it) wrote: I am known for my lack of a sense of humor. I found this BRITISH version absolutely hilarious. The 2010 American version sucks canal water.

Jordan K (fr) wrote: Scrooged is a cleverly sarcastic take on the classic A Christmas Carol with Bill Murray working typical magic, but something about the story feels a little off the wall and doesn't allow the viewers to really catch a break from what's happening - the story, albeit a retelling, is flawed in its own spin.Frank Cross is a grouchy TV executive who will fire any of his employees on the spot and abuse his powers on Christmas Eve. While taping a Scrooge TV movie, Cross has a Dickens tale of his own, playing the role of Scrooge as he looks back at the mistakes he's made in his life.Scrooged is mediocre. Like I said, its story tends to go off the wall, switching between the ghost sequences and reality with the snap of a finger and switching Murray's character from evil to suddenly nice to just insane so often that the film can't make its mind up on what mood it wants for its scenes - it's one giant mess of trying to make Murray's character gradually become nicer but only slowly advancing towards it. Speaking of which, Bill Murray is a comic genius and is one of the best comedy actors ever in my opinion. Obviously he shines here but not as brightly as he could have. In fact, a lot of the characters are disappointing and a little cliched. Some even come off as plain annoying - pretty much all of the ghost characters are overportrayed as cartoony, and you know you're in for a treat when Bobcat Goldthwait plays a supporting role as an honestly depressingly dark homicidal fired employee of Murray's. Murray's character isn't sarcastically lovable - he's legitimately dislikable. He has his humorous moments but the character comes off with a lot of negative energy that is so conflicted with trying to be uplifting. All issues with Scrooge derive from its mood - uplifting or humorously dark? Scrooged can either be labelled as a cult classic to some or, to me, one of Bill Murray's forgettable films.

Cheryl R (fr) wrote: not a good movie at all!