The Sea Gypsies

The Sea Gypsies

A man and a woman and 3 children start to sail around the world. They are shipwrecked near an uninhabited isle. This island is full of wild animals and it is very dangerous for them in the begining. They live through a lot of wonderful adventure together and they become a big family.

A man and a woman and 3 children start to sail around the world. They are shipwrecked near an uninhabited isle. This island is full of wild animals and it is very dangerous for them in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy H (fr) wrote: With Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, and Lilly Tomlin how could it not be great. Awesome movie.

Peter M (jp) wrote: An vampire themed action movie of the stright to DVD type. There are a few interesting quirks but it drags on too long and the twist is a bit obvious.

Christopher S (de) wrote: Laestadianism + Norwegian oppression = rebellion and bloodshed within the arctic circle. While Laestadius himself only makes a cameo appearance in this film, he does give the "alcohol is the Devil's piss" sermon! ;-)

Stuart K (de) wrote: Written and directed by actor Burr Steers (who later directed 17 Again (2009) and Charlie St. Cloud (2010)), this a dark comedy-drama focusing on teen angst. It has a brilliant lead at the heart of the film as well as a very impressive and eclectic supporting cast too. Igby Slocumb (Kieran Culkin), is a spoilt. rebelious 17 year old who is stuggling to break free from the clutches of his overbearing mother Mimi (Susan Sarandon), his depressive schizophrenic father Jason (Bill Pullman) has been in an institution for years, and Igby's brother Ollie (Ryan Phillippe) is successful, but Igby see's Ollie as a fascist. After he's expelled from several prep schools and his recent stay in a military academy, he runs away and ends up with his godfather D.H. Banes (Jeff Goldblum), and Igby ends up staying with his heroine addicted mistress Rachel (Amanda Peet), hiding in her apartment from his mother and brother. He's only meant to be staying a few days, but Igby and Rachel soon fall for each other, and he later ends up with Sookie (Claire Danes), before she leaves Igby for his brother Ollie, much to Igby's angst. It's a dark film, it's almost like a darker variation on The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), but this has a good free spirit about it, and a good lead performance from Culkin, who nails the feelings teenagers go through when they're 17.

Katherine L (es) wrote: This film is lighthearted till the very end - when you get hit by a cannon of a thousand needles. It's a bittersweet story, almost like a fairytale. It must have taken someone of great regret yet enough optimism and imagination to have created the story of train le vie - it was probably the dream that gave everyone a smile on their face during a time when a smile was the rarest of flowers.

Lupus D (es) wrote: I think this is one of those films which particularly doesn't translate well and loses a lot of flavour after subtitling.

Steve J (kr) wrote: Mimi Rogers gives a remarkable performance in this devastating portrait of addiction and isolation from writer-director Michael Tolkin (best known for writing the novel and screenplay on which Robert Altman based his film The Player). Rogers plays Sharon, a lonely single woman who alleviates the drudgery of her empty life through a series of anonymous sexual encounters. Along the way she meets Randy (David Duchovny, pre-X Files), a fellow sex addict who falls for her. Sharon has a religious conversion and becomes a born-again Christian. She marries Randy and they have a little girl. The turn that the plot takes at this point is something I'll leave unspoken here, as the element of surprise definitely works in this particular film's favor. It's a fascinating film that should open up a debate about the meaning and necessity of faith; the wonderful thing is that the film really doesn't take an explicit position, leaving the viewer to make up his own mind about the story and characters. There are some stilted moments in which the characters come dangerously close to being simple vessels for Tolkin's religion-vs-psychology tract, but thanks to strong performances from a talented cast (which also includes been-there-done-that continental thespian Patrick Bauchau) things never feel too hollow or didactic. An exceedingly well-made low budget film, boasting some truly lovely cinematography. At its best it skirts close to brilliance, but proceed with caution: this is some rather dark, depressing material.

Jenna I (kr) wrote: My parents loved this movie when it came out and so, after years of trying to find this on dvd, I was finally able to sit down and watch... and.... err.... what the hell? Three hours in the interweaving goes from charming to convoluted... and the space ending was idiotic. I hear there's an American cut of this film that ends in the airplane, I'm sure that's a much better film. If I try and forget the last half hour, it's easily a four star movie for the amazing camerawork and the interesting dialogue alone.

Richard V (nl) wrote: Challenging hypocrisy and the difference between sales and passion, Gantry is rightly hailed as a classic. Burt Lancaster's towering central performance overpowers (possibly deliberately) the other cast, and his delivery of the morally ambiguous, salacious, selfish sales man who finds people who want to find god is manginificent, and the fact that he appears to 'win' in the end makes the film even more textured. Revivalism will always be viewed with suspicion by UK residents, and it is so different to out concept of worship. It is encouraging that some of that concern about the ability to manipulate via frenzy and rapture is also shared by those who lived through it.

Muhammed S (es) wrote: A late night watch indeed, but lacking some but having most! A must for John Carpenter fans and horror buffs!

Arslan K (gb) wrote: This documentary can make anyone motivated. Just straight up amazing!

Cle S (it) wrote: Fantastic movie that kind of aniticipated the exploitation wave of the 70's. While it's not very violent for nowadays standards it must have been a real shocker at the time of its release. Especially the rape scene comes across quite genuine, although it's not really necessary for the rest of the movie's plot.

Brian B (ru) wrote: Many if not all shark movies are garbage. But Jaws is the movie which does the shark formula right. After a girl gets dragged under water, pieces of her wash up and people start investigating what happened only to find out that a man eating shark is in the water. This movie has so many memorable scenes and every time someone goes to a beach, people always do the music to annoy you. Jaws is a truly brilliant film which is often called one of the greatest American films ever made. AFI put it at number 56 in their list of the 100 greatest movies. This is a truly brilliant film and it's considered the first true summer blockbuster. Many of its scenes are highly iconic and some scenes left a permanent mark in movie history as we know it. The 3 characters who went to kill the shark all had terrific performances. This is one of those films that about every kid knows about. This movie is so quotable and I could recite many famous quotes from the movie. Even though the shark looks artificial and fake nowadays, there's no denying that the film had an enormous impact on cinema. This movie made everyone fear the water and it will likely be watched for many generations.