The Sea Hawk

The Sea Hawk

Dashing pirate Geoffrey Thorpe (Errol Flynn) plunders Spanish ships for Queen Elizabeth I and falls in love with Dona Maria a beautiful Spanish royal he captures.

Geoffrey Thorpe is an adventurous and dashing pirate, who feels that he should pirate the Spanish ships for the good of England. In one such battle, he overtakes a Spanish ship and when he ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob V (nl) wrote: One of the best horror films of 2013. There must be something in the water in Canada.

TheIan E (gb) wrote: Nailbiter is silly and has terrible music that is terribly used, the actors are wooden and playing cliched hard to like Characters. However it is watchable in the end.

William C (fr) wrote: Grade:Low 4/10Anuvahood is an urban film which is meant to be a comedy but completelymisses the marks it set's itself and then becomes a juvenile effort atbeing a drama. Set in London somewhere it is also a crime drama andeven trying at that seems under average and poor, but let me tell youmore thoroughly why it is a very poor and under average movie.The story is not the worst I have ever seen but because it is a comedyfilm it makes the story seem stupid and the characters are also reallysilly. It moves at a fast enough pace for you to get through it and notbe completely bored but by the end you feel you have wasted some oflife watching this, but still go ahead and watch it, I am sure someonemay like it. Finally on the story it is not dramatic either and failsto dramatise anything, well actually it is badly dramatic probablydescribes it better.Adam Deacon can be a fine actor and usually we see him urban roles butin this he fails and although he is not too bad in this film, the storyruins any chance of anyone in this doing well at acting. I found someof the supporting cast boring and as if they have been plucked from anover dramatic soap, also the villain is ridiculous who although actedwell in the comedy role was not funny himself and ruins again anychance of humour, just plain average acting overall.I hated the script and is the biggest reason I didn't enjoy this filmwith it's stupid lines that are meant to be humour and when you finallythink a thrilling part is coming out it turns out to be bad humour. Inall the mess I enjoyed some of the sets they used for fights andrunning scenes which actually worked well with what was going on inthis Urban setting. Finally Directing was superbly average and not theworst thing by a long shot, but not good either.The only truly positive thing from this film was the more emotionalpart of the film where Kay played by Adam Deacon is sad to hear hisfamily have no money and the emotion the family give off is also sadbecause you can see they want there son to help but he is too greedywith his own money to give it over. Other than the emotional part notmuch else to say at all in positivity.I think people may like it if they have seen films like Kidulthood orAdulthood but it has more cheek like Kidulthood and of course Deaconfeatures in these and in comedy type role in both. I am also suresomeone will find it funny because I have seen worse films that peoplelike also so it would be no surprise to see someone excited andthrilled by this.Overall it is Very Poor if not a wholly Bad movie coming in at a ratingof low 4/10 ,to be fair it is a strong one of that, but goes down due to whatI said. I think it is far from the worst film ever and parts areenjoyable I guess like the beginning so just watch it for yourself andsee what you think about it all, it may have damaged the London Urbanfilm market but that market of films can produce some fantastic piecesas well.

intuciic (ag) wrote: it was kinda ok... strange love movie

Arash X (es) wrote: What the hell is this? not even a single interesting moment, not even a single interesting line, not even entertaining, not even...nevermind

Austin G (de) wrote: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!" This movies pretty great!!!!! I really enjoyed this, I just found some of those lines and scenes just irreplaceable!!!! Good comedy!!!! "Thank you Chuck Norris!"

Oliver O (de) wrote: good movie and god dame the villainess was sexy

Gianni V (mx) wrote: Film praticamente antropologico. Mia moglie, che e' francese, non riusciva a credere ai suoi occhi: "ma in Italia succede veramente cosi'???" + un'attrice che e' una grandissima GNOCCA.

Sjgorekattnet S (es) wrote: Being a history buff, this is MY FAVORITE WWII movie! Although it is based on a book, the basic background of the movie, is the early days of WWII when the we (the U.S.) was getting our butt kicked; something we should never forget ! The only bad part of this movie was the introduction of a romantic theme between Wayne & Reed - shallow.

Jeh R (au) wrote: Pretty decent movie. Simple plot, while keeping the theme of the game. It even has scenes shot in first person view. What else were people expecting from this movie??

David W (fr) wrote: An example of a good idea done horribly wrong.