The Seafarers

The Seafarers

Acclaimed director Stanley Kubrick's first film made in color. The documentary focuses on the benefits of membership to the Seafarers International Union.

Stanley Kubrick's first film made in color, lost for over forty years. The documentary extols the benefits of membership to the Seafarers International Union. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel D (ca) wrote: I seem to be on a bit of a war film rampage lately, this and Downfall being the 2 German films I've watched as of late. Downfall was far better than this film though. This film lacked substance...most especially character substance. I kept expecting something more exciting to happen and when the film did reach it's climax, I wasn't that impressed. It didn't build up enough suspense in the crucial moments. Best way to describe it was like a reenactment of what those Crime Stopper reenactments lol...ok maybe not that bad, but it definitely lacked depth and emotion. It's good if you're just watching it for some accurate history telling...but as an entertaining film boooo

Tadd W (kr) wrote: a great comedy about guys who get money. Also starring Charley Murphy as a crazy cop.

SFG 7 (ru) wrote: 06-01-10 "A modern day fable." I thought it would be better than that.

Amanda C (kr) wrote: The New Girlfriend is an interesting examination of the continuum of gender and sexuality. Romain Duris give a steller performance that helps to raise the film past some slockie content that goes for shock over substance.

Dustin M (es) wrote: While it isn't as it funny as it probably should be, this is still a charming and original comedy. While Jeremy Northam is pretty stale, Steve Zahn however is downright outstanding in this. See it for him.

Kat K (jp) wrote: HAMESHAA (1997) - Saif Ali Khan and Kajol. A tangled love triangle - pretty good story about true love, betrayals and reincarnation. Songs were fair. Story lags at times and my mind would begin to wander and then Saif Ali Khan would show up looking like the cover of some tawdry romance novel (long tossled hair and open shirt) and WHOA I was focused again! hehe Movie did have a good ending. Really it did.

Steen T (ca) wrote: Preposterous, silly, terribly acted, horribly dubbed, extremely violent, all-round good Hong Kong action fun. Chow Yun-Fat is almost Bennett-like in his gayness.

Hollie T (ca) wrote: Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland isn't nearly as good as Unhappy Campers but it was at least a little better than I had anticipated. Too bad the Anchor Bay release was lacking most of the gore!

Cody M (gb) wrote: A very charming and mysterious movie that makes you feel like a kid again.

Mitchell W (kr) wrote: Lewis' shtick is an acquired taste, but regardless, his reputation as a film director rests largely on his first four pictures. For my money, this is the best of them and certainly his most impressive work as a filmmaker. A huge inspiration behind the incredible set pieces of Martin Scorsese "Gangs of New York" and Jean-Luc Godard's "Tout va bien."

Robby R (kr) wrote: A royal and regal picture crossed with a fluffy, romantic comedy, with some tragedy thrown in. Garbo is hilarious, sweet, and stoic.

Timm S (us) wrote: A Somber Tale, While Fictional, Has A Definitive Air Of Realism. A Murder Mystery That Ventures Into The Horror-Thriller Territory, Which For The (Mid-70s) Time Of Production Is Done a Incredibly Well. Overall, I Personally Found The Whole a Thing Quite Boring & Slow In a Parts..Thus I Lost Interest.

Steve D (jp) wrote: Worst movie I've seen this week which says a lot since I watched Wet Hot American Summer too!