The Search for One-eye Jimmy

The Search for One-eye Jimmy

While working on a documentary on his old neighborhood, a young film school graduate shifts the focus of his production onto the disappearance of a local resident and the strange characters who are conducting the search to find him.

While working on a documentary on his old neighborhood, a young film school graduate shifts the focus of his production onto the disappearance of a local resident and the strange characters... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicola W (kr) wrote: Loved this. Thought it was better than the original Monsters Inc and it had a good message to kids, never give up on your dreams no matter what others tell you you can't do

Bill M (de) wrote: The Delivery Driver Only Honks Once.

Drew H (br) wrote: Segal you keep doing this to me, but I just can??t stay mad at you!

Angel M (us) wrote: Yet another sick mother story . . .

Benny G (jp) wrote: This movie is fucked up.

Nathan C (nl) wrote: Elektra is Marvel's worst! I'm not sure if it's even a comic book, What i heard is it is only a movie and not a book. Jennifer Garner's dress in the body of Elektra is ugly to even look at, the Acting was Awful and this just makes Ghost Rider look good. 1% Rotten.

Korinn G (mx) wrote: very very good movie, great concept and amazing action by clint once again


Jason S (us) wrote: Easily one of my favorite 80s films. People give this movie such crap that Justine Bateman can't sing. Well, I disagree. While she's not the best singer in the world, I've heard worse. Love this movie, though.

Harsh C (mx) wrote: Kid's story that is neither entertaining nor suitable for children

Tiberio S (br) wrote: An unexpected surprise that mixes mystery, action, and comedy very well. Gene Wilder is yet again superb.

Bryan K (au) wrote: Classic Goldie Hawn. It's scary how much Kate Hudson looks like her mom.

Justin M (de) wrote: I saw in 3D (grand) and enjoyed the story and some of the acting, especially the lead policeman. I found myself wishing I knew more about personal banking in GB in the 1950s...which is not a good thing.

Bridgette F (us) wrote: i still love this movie,an oldie but a goodie

Tony H (ca) wrote: I sat down to 'Warlock' with no illusion that it was somehow going to be be the masterpiece of horror that passed me by years ago and I got pretty much what I expected. A standard 80's, somewhat tame, horror flick. It's more a fantasy film than horror, as there is no real horror element to it. The film is akin more to 'Highlander' than it is to 'Mark of the Devil' and even by the over zealous nature of censorship of horror movies in the 80's, it's extremely tepid.The story, which has been covered on the site before, deals with transportation of a 17th Century Boston warlock (Julian Sands) to "modern day" America and the pursuit of him by the witch hunter Giles Redferne (Richard E. Grant) and 80's chick Kassandra (Lori Singer) as he attempts to stop the necromancer from discovering the locations of a Grand Grimoire, a satanic tome which will revel the true name of God and enable the warlock to undo all of creation...somehow.The story is bunkum, of course, but in films of this type that is usually of a secondary or even tertiary concern. So, it suffices, for the purposes to putting the characters in the places they need to be. But that's it. The makeup and effects are generally sub-par, even for the period, the acting from Lori Singer is awful and the general setting of "modern day" America has been done a thousand times before and it presents nothing new here.All that should mean that 'Warlock' is not a good film and it's not. it's not even a horror's not a bad film either. It does an admirable job during its opening and manages to retain the viewers interest throughout its running time, which is commendable in itself. Julian Sands lends a certain gravity to his part and is very watchable. He plays his character completely straight faced and it's all the better for it. Grant, complete with dodgy Scottish accent, seems to think the whole thing is nonsense, but he's enjoying himself and it comes across. Out of the three leads, Singer is the worst by far. In fairness, her character is limited (although the rapid aging is a good angle), but she just isn't that good an actress and comes across as irritating.Even so, the 90+ minutes of 'Warlock' passes by relatively harmlessly and there are enough good scenes to reward the viewing. Sands and Grant's funny "period talking" is entertaining and the film as a whole is not without its charm. Overall, it's worth a watch, but I don't believe I will be seeking out the sequels.