The Season of Men

The Season of Men

An 18 year old on the island Djerba, Aicha, is married to Said, who works in Tunis for much of the year. Aicha breaks with tradition and decides to join Said in Tunis, weaving rugs to make money. Said asks that she give him a son, so Aicha lives under the rule of her mother-in-law.

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Brayden T (br) wrote: Cryptic, razor sharp style, aesthetically rich, characters that are varied and interesting. Exotica demands multiple viewings and I will oblige ever so happily. What an amazing film accompanied by an equally moody, atmospheric score.

Jim M (gb) wrote: Steven Seagal Vanity Project # 15, this time seeing Steve seeking vengeance against Chinese Drug Smugglers, who killed his wife and sit around in a room, glare, look and sound evil. In trying to make himself look good every Chinese in this movie is a sterotype (in keeping with Seagals tradition of showing respect for a people/culture by hauling out the sterotypes). Seagals wooden as usual, except when he's sermonizing/lecturing then you just want to slap him. Backround noise nothing more.

Anita S (ru) wrote: This was possibly one of the most under rated films of Bette Midler's career, check it out.

Nikolaj Z (gb) wrote: THIS FILM IS SCIENTIFICALLY AUTHENTIC!"This movie has the biggest collection of the most annoying sounds ever." - Josh Fuesting (Flatmate)Just watch the original trailer for this picture, it pretty much tells you everything that happens. (As bad as this movie is, the music video is worse.)"God not forget."TRULY A SCIENCE-FACT STORY!

Amy D (us) wrote: Ridiculously silly, like all Elvis movies, and I love it.

gary c (fr) wrote: very disappointing a character I've enjoyed for many years but this film did him no justice.