The Secret Fury

The Secret Fury

A mysterious figure tries to stop a woman's marriage by driving her mad.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1950
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   trial,   conspiracy,  

During the ceremony marrying Ellen and David, a stranger stands up when that phrase "if anyone knows why these two may not be joined..." is spoken. The stranger announces that Ellen is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lilianetty l (ru) wrote: What a great animated version of a classic book for kids! I honestly cried at the very end coz you can't tell if "Stick Man" could survive this amazing yet scary adventure (life is scary isn't?).The voice actors/cast all were brilliant (loved Martin Freeman as Stick Man BTW too!). The music score also was lovely :) I recommend this film for everyone (if you know someone with kids also recommend it to them!). Enjoy and HAPPY NEW YEAR! COME 2016!!! - December 31, 2015 review :D

Candice M (br) wrote: I was excited when I saw the cast of characters for this movie, because it included actors from many other franchises I was familiar with. Then the movie got started. I liked the way the franchise tried to keep up the "Xena" effect by casting Renee O'Conner in the sequel whereas Lucy Lawless was in the first, but this wasn't a good role for her. Tobin Bell's role reminded me of that given to a cheesy slasher fic that threw in Robert Englund just to show it could. The movie reminded me a LOT of Asylum, since the plot is basically the same - a bunch of young people are in a building where an antagonist will force them to "face their fears." Strangely, the film did have somewhat of a twist, since the antagonist isn't exactly who he/it was in the first, but twist or no twist, this film had too much unnecessary gore and not enough interesting aspects.

Stephanie H (kr) wrote: ooh lucas grabeel kinda cheesy movie read some of the books lester is cool and my fave character nice songs hate alice the girls were annoying aww nice old teacher perky young teacher odd and weird cute blond boy

Henry P (ru) wrote: Let's get this review started! Now, I'm no biology expert, but I am a film fan, and I saw this movie ten years ago at a drive-in, and it's still fun, but I do notice a flaw or two! Anyway, Barnyard opens up with a nice, country vibe song playing, establishing the tone and setting. We meet the farmer (Fred Tatasciore) tending to his farm (which he seems to do little throughout), and when he heads out to the fields, the animals start walking and talking. It's not like other movies where we're just perceiving their communications in a way we can understand, they are literally walking and talking, and apparently have to keep it a secret, which would make perfect sense considering the ramifications this would imply. If you suspend your disbelief (in a big way), you will enjoy this movie more, just letting you know, there are minor things like a seemingly negligent farmer, and cows that are male and not bulls (research bovine biology on your own time). Quite simply, remember these points: it is a universe where animals can walk and talk like us, but choose to keep it secret, and also, this is aimed at kids! It's not as smart as Pixar, and it doesn't have to be. When you let go, you'll enjoy a story about how Otis (Kevin James) must take charge when his adoptive father (Sam Elliot) is no longer able to lead the barnyard animals in their secret lives of walking, talking, and partying. The animation is a little more cartoonish than other studios, but there's still some ultra-realistic fur on the coyotes like Dag (David Koechner), which makes them look like the imposing threat they are to Otis and his friends, from Pip the mouse (Jeff Garcia), Freddy the weasel (Cam Clarke), Pip the rooster (Rob Paulsen), and Pig (Tino Insana). While each of them gets a fun moment, and every barn animal under the barn roof is given a moment, the real focus is Otis, and they all come off as one-dimensional. The character development is poor, but you will like Otis. All of this moves at a pace that will stay in a child's attention span, and give adults something quick and fun (if you watched this growing up), or outright confusing if you don't think too deeply about it. If you want something to take your mind off of that, try using the soundtrack, which has hits like Boombastic and several other songs, mostly with country vibes, with a score done by John Debney, conveying the appropriate emotions, and being there when the story needs it (Like Otis' dad for the farm). Barnyard is not the kind of movie with deep, subtle references, but it is a fun flick that will amuse children and adults who grew up with it or are willing to overlook some biological inaccuracies (if you think Otis should have been a bull, explain how you'd have made this movie with biological accuracy); nice soundtrack with lots of cool songs, acceptable animation, a linear plot, a relatable protagonist with under-developed sidekicks, and lots of humor derived from animals being animals with the ability to walk and talk like us humans, whether sheep follow like sheep, dogs chase the ball, etc. It's a fine, compelling-enough Nickelodeon movie.

Eric H (au) wrote: Muppets in Space was a great movie for all. I was pleased to see familiar faces in this movie and I am always happy to see the swedish chef.Every muppet I saw reminded me of somebody I knew, which made this movie even more hilarious. I always believed that Gonzo would find his family, and now that he did, I can die a happy man.

Gavin P (it) wrote: An interesting car chase film that actually turns out to be a bank robber comedy caper! It's not haha-funny, but does have it's moments, thanks mostly to a young charismatic Bridges and his straight-guy partner Eastwood, a preacher that's actually a robber-in-hiding. There's a lot more tits & ass than I was expecting and the tone is kept amusing with Goody (Lewis), but not so much Red (Kennedy). There's no real motivation for robbing a bank and the ending's a little sour. Overall, a decent 70s action/comedy, but not amazing.

Constana B (es) wrote: Spectacular epic tale, moves along at a stately but never sluggish pace, the cracking script scattered with lovely moments, most notably the grim finale when Joan Collins' campy evil character gets her ironic bittersweet come-uppance. With sets by Trauner and camerawork by Lee Garmes, it looks great. Drama on an epic scale, and certainly one of the best epics.

michele r (ru) wrote: it was okay but extremely predictable

Andrey B (mx) wrote: Very charming movie with great story that guides you through important events of American history of the XX century.

Huw G (it) wrote: Equal parts intelligent and funny, and mean and shallow.

FilmGrinder S (ca) wrote: 72% The first film of the Sinatra and Kelly duo and Tom and Jerry make an appearance. The songs are bearable but Kelly's energetic dancing is something to behold. Kelly has a new fan.