The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

When a spoiled English girl living in 19th century India loses both parents in a cholera epidemic, she is sent back to England to live in a country mansion. The lord is a strange old man-- frail and deformed, immensely kind but so melancholy. She wishes to discover what has caused him so much sorrow and to bring joy back to the household. It all must have something to do with the screams and wails which echo through the house at night and no one wants to talk about.

When a spoiled English girl living in 19th century India loses both parents in a cholera epidemic, she is sent back to England to live in a country mansion. The lord is a strange old man-- ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexis R (mx) wrote: The Brass Teapot Movie Review!Well, this movie had an interesting concept. A magical teapot that gives you lots of money if you hurt yourself. Ok, I'll bite.So right off the bat I can tell how this movie ends and what you can do to avoid it. But we'll get to that in a moment. So obviously, the teapot gets more and more difficult with how it gives you money because it kicks it up a notch.The acting is questionable, the directing is sometimes odd and the visuals can be a bit...odd. Interestingly enough, the movie is predictable and not so at the very same time. The direction it goes in and how it ends is foreseeable but the events in between can be strange and sometimes even enjoyable.Yes, we all can understand the moral of the story, "Don't be greedy", but honestly, it is so long for that one point. Finally, I will say, the ending wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. However, everything could've been resolved easily if you simply found a balance right at the start. The pot would never have kicked it up a notch, and you'd still be making hundreds of dollars every single day forever. Simple as that.5 out of 10 (2.5 stars) An average movie.

Julian T (ca) wrote: Pure exploitation film making. Its sort of a retro-grind house, 'Road Warrior' meets Tarentino mix. Insanely grungy and unapologetic in its over the top violence. I have to say I rather enjoyed it, because its just too much fun not to.First off, the title is awesome. If that doesn't hook you right away, I don't know what will. Rutger Hauer is awesome. The fact that a well respected actor would take a movie like this says its not all about the money for him. He wanted to do this movie because he wanted to do this movie, and I have some serious respect for that. He revels in the comedic aspects of the overly serious stupid plot, and sticks to his guns throughout. The rest of the cast is a bit more over the top. Dunsworth is solid, and she is gorgeous. No one is going to mistake this for grade A cinema. It takes a certain kind of viewer to appreciate this, and chances are you already know who you are. Great fun for that type of viewer, but most others probably shouldn't even bother.

Giovanni M (fr) wrote: A movie that is aimless but should be, Jeff Who Lives At Home's two leads practically steal the whole movie.

Stefan K (nl) wrote: Loved style and performances only downside was story got a little lost

Quincy T (fr) wrote: Answering fundamental questions by scientist for casual viewers. I'll admit I have no knowledge of physics whatsoever and some parts of the documentary are honestly a bit too complex for me, yet the commitment as these men and women pursue their craft will not be lost to anyone. Particle Fever is a documentary about Higgs particle and the long arduous journey to discover, or rather prove its existence. It's made entirely from footage of the actual scientists and impressive shots over the colossal machinery.The production crew knows how to intrigue and inspire audience. It often uses clean colorful visual, nifty graphic as well as the panoramic shots to showcase the size of the Large Hadron Collider. The scientists themselves present monologues to explain the subject to the audience, some clips are even taken from seminar or actual conference. It gives a sense of involvement as they focus with the mainly basic problems anyone can follow.However, it does tend to be overly complex at latter half, which is understandable. Some of the on-screen people have dedicated their lives for this, they are not characters. While the details might not be identifiable for everyone, the scale of massive undertaking and the way it affects those who worked tirelessly for this effort are easily apparent. This is a work to inspire, giving more understanding to the famously hyped god particle. It's visually engaging and effectively entices casual audience to gaze on the science behind it.

Donna L (br) wrote: It had potential. But I found it slow. Nothing much happened until the last 15 minutes.

Michael B (es) wrote: I seriously don't see how anyone that watches this can't love it. Don't get me wrong, the movie is a complete cliche of everything noir and Dick Tracy combined. However, if you are watching the movie because you like Thomas Jane then you may be disappointed. The movie is not "hey I'm Thomas Jane, come watch me act." It is Give 'em Hell Malone. This seems to be the brunt of most of the bad reviews when it comes to this movie. Everyone appears to just want to see Thomas Jane being Thomas Jane, and they forget that is going out of his comfort zone in this movie.Now then: Storyline, confusing at first but very nice. It is about as guessable as most Hollywood based flicks these days. The only true complaint about this movie that I have is that at times it is very hard to hear what Malone is saying unless you have your speakers turned way up. Of course this becomes an issue when the following sequence is a shoot out and you wake up every neighbor within a 3 block radius because they think a drive by is occurring at your house.The story overall was well done in my opinion, and Matchstick is by far the best character in the movie. The dry humor and one-liners are the absolute best part of this movie. One of the best parts of the movie is Matchstick telling Malone "At first when I got burned I thought fire hated me. But you know what I realized? You know what I learned Malone? I learned that fire is my friend." To which Malone replies "What you should've learned was not to play with matches." Just the simple one liners such as that make this a great movie. It is definitely not in everyone's taste and most women that I know do not like the movie. I am still hoping they finish the story by making a second part to this movie.

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Tony M (br) wrote: Not very similar to the cartoon but quite watchable anyway..

cj o (mx) wrote: It was one of my favorite movies for years. I still haven't gotten tired of it. It has a good plot and it had a bunch of quirky characters. In fact, the character development was pretty good.

Francis M (ru) wrote: Contraversial when made, perhaps tame today, but quite watchable with another Rickman performance that puts the others in the shade. High notes - Ac - Alan Rickman.

apollo h (us) wrote: this movie never gets old, should be watched often

Glenda Marie A (br) wrote: Boring and predictable. Please tell me this is the last installment of Step Up's franchise.