The Secret Kingdom

The Secret Kingdom

Three kids discover a tiny kingdom beneath their kitchen sink and are drawn inside, becoming involved with the miniature world's civil war.

Three kids discover a tiny kingdom beneath their kitchen sink and are drawn inside, becoming involved with the miniature world's civil war. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Secret Kingdom torrent reviews

Eric L (ca) wrote: Asian spies! They everywhere!

Oscar B (es) wrote: Gran pelicula, el cine italiano nunca decepciona.

Andrew C (gb) wrote: Stunning. I could watch this every day until I went crazy wanting to see the rest of the show. Well, that would happen really soon (in fact, I really hope the are outtakes released on DVD pronto). This is the way a documentary should be: totally immersive. Brilliant editing. I must see When We Were Kings now!

Eliabeth M (us) wrote: Henry Poole: Hope doesn't save lives.

Francisco S (it) wrote: This well acted movie bring to us an important life message, is original and creative and teach many important things, like sometimes we should risk.

Blind P (br) wrote: A bizarre tale set in scenes of nationalistic Russian decay with the backdrop of the war in Afghanistan looming over all. Shown is a complete lack of concern for fellow man and a self-destructive nature of youth heedless of direction. Corruption of official society is complete and fear is the only motivation for those not already driven insane by poverty. Claiming to be based on a true story, it ends unresolved on screen but one can extrapolate that the victim was saved due to the fact the story came out. There are some very difficult scenes and I saw review headers claiming it was "torture porn" but I would say that attitude is superficial. These scenes are meant to convey the horror of action that the viewer cannot ignore, but do not stray into gratuitous close-up. I thought my Balabanov festival was over, but this came in the mail. The production value here is higher, with more sets, extras, and a higher quality of performance. This film is definitely not for everybody. You have to have a tolerance for difficulty in accepting what plays before your eyes. You also have to accept that the film does not resolve the character's fates by its end, leaving you guessing.

Lauren K (jp) wrote: Too depressing to enjoy

Nader O (it) wrote: The most enjoyable Sci-fi documentary... Don't look for any Earth-shaking conclusions. Just enjoy the ride.

Sylvester K (nl) wrote: One of the funniest film that has a satire view point of Hong Kong. The film contains many Asian style humour that cracks me up through out the whole film. It is also interesting to note that this animated film used 3D elements and live action imagery, which is quite impressive.

Josh G (gb) wrote: This movie is so unbelievable 90's, and so ridiculous, yet awesome. DINOOOSAAAUURRRS! DIIIIINOSAURS! I loved the theme song.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Still so hilariously bad and awesome at the same time. Such delicious nostalgia. Warwick Davis is so great in the role.

Josiah B (it) wrote: The first half is simply fantastic, and then the cult comes in. Cue the giant slap in the face to a masterful game.

Isaac S (ca) wrote: A film with werewolves and vampires at war with one another? Yes... but this isn't Twilight. Oh, no. 'Underworld' packs silly, yet great bloody action, a surprising amount of character depth and Kate Beckinsale. I can't really call the film a "guilty pleasure" because it's actually a good film.