The Secret Life of Archie's Wife

The Secret Life of Archie's Wife

One of life's losers (Michael Tucker) kidnaps a suburban housewife (Jill Eikenberry) while on the run from hoodlums.

One of life's losers (Michael Tucker) kidnaps a suburban housewife (Jill Eikenberry) while on the run from hoodlums. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason Z (fr) wrote: This is one of the reasons it terrified me when I heard Disney was taking over the Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties. Disney only cares about pumping out movies and not quality like in the old days.

Andy P (ca) wrote: Too whacky and oddball for its own good, this movie becomes so stupid and implausible you no longer root for Basil and his friends, but more for the end credits to arrive.

Dedra C (jp) wrote: not one part was funny

Delores B (gb) wrote: this is sum real stuff...this is happening every day now.

Jacob G (es) wrote: Note: I watched the ~80 minute version, rather than the full 3 documentaries.Bergman Island mixes Bergman history, personal outlook, and self-criticism into one package. It's Bergman on Bergman in a largely effective reporter-on-subject study. His comments about himself are uncomfortably revealing at times, the honesty painted the picture of a flawed human.What the film is painfully missing is outside interviews. While Bergman revealing himself is definitely interesting, it lacks the substance of stories and opinions from the people he worked and interacted with. Granted, Bergman was old when he did these interviews (he would die 4 years later), so maybe everyone it would have made sense to interview had preceded him? But I doubt it. Even though the voices heard here are restricted to Bergman and the question prompts by Marie Nyerod, the 80-odd minutes pass fairly quickly. For those interested in Bergman, this is a good--if flawed--portrait.

George E (mx) wrote: The greatest sports movie of all time.

Tony B (br) wrote: Very cheesy and messy, but fairly entertaining still.

Stacey A (gb) wrote: one of their better movies

Eugene B (jp) wrote: Invincible is visually eye-popping with its landscape off the field and action on the gridiron. Even though marred by a less-than-captivating-plot and somewhat cheesy-Disney-inspiration, the film is still able to be inspiring and heartfelt. 3.5/5

Becky C (fr) wrote: This is one of my all time favorite movies. Love it.

Fong K (ca) wrote: viewed on 19/8/04 (Thurs)I really enjoy the parts when Godzilla goes on a rampage. It is pure entertainment and I want to see more of that, like a kid keep asking for more candies. The movie does not disappoint in this aspect. It is less talk and more SFX. Already I like this more than ID4 and The Day After Tomorrow. I don't really buy the idea of Godzilla trapped under the cables at the bridge. How will they know the cables will trap it? The bridge doesn't collapse given the sheer size of it? It even jumped. Nah, looking for loopholes in this kind of SFX blockbuster is really spoiling the fun of watching it. We should not take it so seriously so must the movie. I think that is why B-grade horror films always has a huge base of fans. A movie like this serve better with more visual thrills. Pump money in the SFX department and go all out to entertain. The only way to blow it is to insert some human drama. The actors and their stories are not at the centrestage. We pay money to see Godzilla only so omit the cheesy happy ending. I will cheer when Godzilla is dead but never for the characters' coming-of-age. I also don't like them making fun of my beloved Uncle Ebert too. It makes them look more like sore losers.The hint of a sequel is laughable, now that we know so many hated this movie so much that they scrapped the idea. I think I will like this movie more, and maybe many others, if the movie takes itself less seriously and just enthrall us with those awesome awesome visual effects. Rating: B-

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Dolphin Tale is a fun and inspiring movie for the whole family to be delighted, even if the plot may be a bit predictable

Adlai N (it) wrote: How one deals with grief after the tragic loss of a loved one is different for everybody and is usually reserved for that person and that person alone. There is no right or wrong formula as long as it's not hurting anybody and the bereaved finds a way to be happy and move on swiftly. In William H. Macy's directorial debut, it gets complicated with Rudderless about a man who gets deeper and deeper in a lie that he doesn't want to let go. There are things we have seen here before, but they are told in such an honest, in your face way that it's hard to not get caught up. The amazing performances certainly helps, especially Billy Crudup who never really gets the recognition he deserves as well as the music which is catchy as well as moving.Sam (Billy Crudup) is an advertising executive who just landed a big deal with a client and is riding high. So he calls up his son, Josh (Miles Heizer) who is at the local college to celebrate with him. But he doesn't show up and finds out that he has suddenly died. Upon hearing the news, he gets into a downward spiral that leads him to drink uncontrollably, quit his high profile job, live off the grid in a boat and wallow in his self-imposed exile to grieve alone. Two years go by but out of nowhere his wife, Emily (Felicity Huffman) drops off Josh's guitar, notes and unreleased music in an effort to move on and clear out the room. Wanting nothing to do with them, Sam throws them out but reluctantly gives the music a listen. Becoming inspired by his sons hidden immense talent, he decides to sing a song at a local bar for open mic. Used simply as a one off, it caught the ear of a young musician, Quentin (Anton Yelchin) who hopes to bring these songs to life with a band, and in turn help Sam deal with the death of his son and finally move on.There was much to like from the cast as everyone here performed rather well, whether their role was big or small. But Crudup was the driving force here as the dad who tries to find a way to move on. His stoic, emotionless face could tell a thousand stories as well as his velvety, soothing voice. Crudup is simply a great visual storyteller who knows how to sell whatever emotion he is feeling in a given scene. His pain is believable and seeing him go through a catharsis was a joy to watch. Sporting a low level charisma, he knows how to take over a scene or share it with his costars. Crudup was often funny in a very sardonic, sarcastic type of way that just didn't care what anybody else thought. Yelchin gets better with every role and should be a force for years to come. Here as a young would be guitarist, he exudes a lot of unrestrained confidence that is often hard to control as he peppers Sam to go into a band with him. They share a great father/son relationship even though it isn't initially brought up. Sam dodges Quentin's questions of whether he will join him and Quentin calls Sam a dick for his forced nature. They go very well with each other, giving themselves a good surface to bounce off on. As Sam guides Quentin to build up more confidence, Quentin gives Sam the pleasure of performing in front of a live crowd that could not be more into their music. Its clich and has been done before, but it's the standard two people meet and they both help each other out type of thing. But even though I've seen it many times, more often than not, it gets used very well. It's a bit contrived, but certainly that could be forgiven since everything else is so engaging and catching. The rest of the cast does some very good minimal work like Huffman. Her scenes were exceptionally moving as she deals with the death of Josh better than Sam and tries to bring him out of the darkness. Laurence Fishburne as Del, the music shop owner than Sam and Quentin frequent was the older, wiser role who gave Sam some much needed tough love when he is at his lowest. Selena Gomez as Kate Ann Lucas Josh's girlfriend wasn't as bad as I thought she would be. She didn't overact, try too hard and infused her minimal scenes with sadness and anger very honestly. The musical performances were rather excellent and incredibly easy to tap ones feet too. The band Rudderless that consists of Crudup, Yelchin, Ben Kweller as Willie and Ryan Dean as Aiken has a fun rhythmic energy that sounds better than most cover bands I have heard. I always love when actors actually sing or play instruments in a movie as it's something that one does not usually see. The songs were interspersed very evenly throughout the movie and used for some cool montages as well. But the songs sounded the best when it was just Crudup on stage with a guitar and no band to flesh out the music. Seeing him play the iconic guitarist Russell Hammond of Stillwater in the classic Almost Famous, almost begs for Crudup to do another movie about music. He is simply too talented to not do at least another one. As he sings every note, it almost pains him as if he can hardly finish. Seeing him perform was just as amazing as listening him perform as they combine to make a great mix of visual and auditory pleasure. I would love if Crudup out an album as it would more than likely be very good and better than most celebrity musical endeavors.William H. Macy who has a minor role as the owner of the bar that Rudderless plays, was the perfect man to direct a film like this as his legendary indie acting career led to some incredible performances full of depth and nuances. He simply knows how to construct an emotional, depressing drama. With honesty, he doesn't really pull any punches with the characters or the story. He didn't get into the schematics of Josh's death or the reason why which I really liked since it was of no importance really. The why did he do it doesn't matter as much as the how do you move on. It would have dragged it down a bit if it went that route and simply left it up to interpretation. Something's are better left unsaid and it makes it more realistic in a way. Sometimes people don't know what others are thinking at a certain moment where revealing it would hurt its honesty of the situation. He paces the film well mixing in humor with stark moments to a great conclusion. The musical montage was edited and directed very well with the feeling of a music video that flowed from one scene to another. It was fun to see the progression of the band laid out like that. It's not overbearing with sentimentality or implausible situations but frankness for the emotional states of its characters. The way it ended felt kind of sudden, like it should have went somewhere else. But I found it as more of a beginning, where you know the characters are going to be alright without a more conclusive ending. The twist that many were talking about didn't feel like a twist since I figured it out within moments of the event of Josh's death. It wasn't that hard to figure out and I thought it was something that was already known. But knowing this didn't hamper my enjoyment of watching the film at all as I enjoyed it a little more knowing the whole time. It has an all too familiar story, but works with the right director and actors. It's a great story of redemption and moving on while not feeling too sappy. You'll get a little depressed since it is a sad story, but it should leave one with hope and at least a smidgen of happiness. If one doesn't get a little happy from the songs, then I don't know what to do with you. Crudup plays the surly, grumpy drunk quite well and does his best to make everyone around him uncomfortable without making a caricature out of himself. I believe he can naturally play any role, clich or not and make it amazing. While it's easy to vilify him for what he has done with his sons music, it's just as easy to feel for him and relate in his situation. It doesn't paint him as a terrible person for doing it but it also doesn't let him completely off the hook. One may do the same thing in his situation. It has similarities to another little seen indie with a great actor, The World's Greatest Dad. Starring Robin Williams, he is the father of a son who is a rude, disgusting, idiot and finds out that he has died in the most embarrassing way possible. To have him go out with dignity, he fakes a suicide note showing how emotional and sensitive he was that quickly gets out of hand which leads to him getting massive success from his son's untimely death. It's a very highly recommended movie with the late Robin Williams at his best.With this being the third indie film released this year about a band coming together with Begin Again and Frank being the others, it might feel like overkill. But those films are great in their own right while being similar in parts, they are entirely different movies. I thought I have seen this type of movie before, but I was wrong in the end. William H. Macy in his first directed film really hit one out of the park that may not get the attention it deserves, which is a shame since Crudup does some great work here. Death is a huge part of life that we have to deal with for better or for worse. But as long as we find a healthy way to deal with it and move on, you really can't be one. Rudderless shows how hard that can be and how uncertain life is, with artistic expression and beauty showing up in the most unexpected of places. Four open mic sessions out of five.

Jason S (es) wrote: A movie really about nothing. At first, I didn't think I was going to like it, but after a while I became interested in what was going on.

Stevie S (jp) wrote: blowing up a bridge doesn't need to be that fucking dramatic.