The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

The Secret Life of Ian Fleming

The Secret Life of Ian Fleming follows the exciting life of a dashing young Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind the highly successful James Bond books and movies.

The Secret Life of Ian Fleming follows the exciting life of a dashing young Ian Fleming, the mastermind behind the highly successful James Bond books and movies. As a womanizer and a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle L (ru) wrote: The Den is a smart, suspenceful and fresh new take on the popular found footage Horror genre, but its not really a found footage film in my own perspective, I find it more as a High Tech Horror film that is captivating and extremely terrifying. This High Tech Horror film is about a woman name Elizabeth Benton who received a grant for her graduate thesis where she logs in to a video chat site known as The Den, which has similarities to Skype and Yahoo Messenger, her job is to explore the habits of its users from around the world. But soon during her random video chats. She chats with a woman who at first has a broken web cam, but she soon witnessed the girl's murder live in camera. The police thinks its a prank when she reported it to the cops. But she believes that what she just witnessed is real. And soon she becomes the major target as she delves deeper into the dark side of the Internet as the same perpetrators are now stalking her online, Elizabeth soon learns that she and the people she loved and cared are going to be the next murder victims. I was so surprised with this Horror film when I had the chance to watch it. When I watched the trailer, it looks interesting and very terrifying and when I had my chance to watch the movie it is super terrifying. The Den is a dark, gritty, suspenceful High Tech Horror film that captures all the thrills and suspense of a good Horror film and it is one of the scariest films I've ever seen in my whole life. This is an example of how a good Horror film works without the use of supernatural elements. The Den balances the essence of Horror and Thriller in the right direction. It is an example of how you can combine two genres in one film. This is the type of Horror film that I've been looking for a long time since The Conjuring. In my honest opinion this is far better than other found footage films that are so worn out. One of the things I like about The Den is that the film is extremely scary and suspenceful from start to finish, I love how this film was totally shot. This movie did not rely heavily on using excessive jump scares, instead The Den relies heavily on something much more different than other Horror films mostly suspense and realism. I love also the film's use of different camera tricks, there's tons of superb and very realistic looking camera tricks used in the film and the way the film is shot is incredible. I love how we get to see the desktop wallpaper computer regularly in certain parts of the film and the whole quality is almost like the movie was shot using different web cams from laptops or the cameras of the modern cellphones like Iphone's etc.... Is just fascinating. The other things I like about this film is that the movie is also packed with scenes that are extremely suspenceful, intense and creepy from start to finish(The scary opening prank scene, the sequence where Elizabeth's friend gets attacked, the creepy scene where we get to hear the first victim's screams, scenes where Elizabeth's account in The Den gets hacked, the scene where Elizabeth sees herself and soon learns that the killers know her every move when she finds a camera in one of the air ducts of her home, the super scary scene where Elizabeth's sister gets attacked by the perpetrators but was spared since the killers found out that the cops were coming and the extremely intense finale where Elizabeth finds herself in a derelict area where the killers are staying) plus the film's twists and turns are so smart, it was really unexpected and frightening that the killers in the movie are very smart hackers and can trace every persons' move and where they go(check out the scene where one of the killers is disguised as a police officer when that killer points the camera to Elizabeth and the head detective very creepy and smart at the same time). Also this movie is packed to the brim with loads of kills that are extremely bloody, shocking, brutal, gory, violent and very intense to watch and each kill is more shocking and brutal than the last(the first victim getting her throat slashed, death by suffocation, the head detective getting his face smashed with a sledgehammer, loads of brutal and gory slashing and the last part where Elizabeth gets killed live on camera by hanging and by brutally getting a shot to the head that is very intense and shocking to watch). But the film's concept is what I liked a lot. I love how this film shows the dark side of the Internet, because this movie deals with what hackers can do and how dangerous hackers can be. Because most hackers are also serial killers as shown in the film that the perpetrators know every individual's movements and where they go. The way the main character and her friends get stalked and killed is so unflinching and yet very terrifying. This film shows the consequences when talking to random strangers and one of them would do something very painful and morbid on the Internet who they don't know and it is done in a chilling and creepy way which makes the film's vibe overall look grim, gritty and very dark and scary at the same time. The acting is great so far for an independent movie. We get to see some performances from a bunch of soon to be famous stars. Although out of all the casts, it was Melanie Papalia who delivers a strong and eccentric performance as Elizabeth Benton, the woman who becomes the target of a bunch of psychotic serial killing hackers. Matt Riedy from Big Time Rush as Arthur Griffin did a good job with his performance in this film as the head detective. Director Zachary Donohue did an amazing and outstanding job with his work on his first feature film, he seriously created a movie that is not only scary and terrifying but also very realistic on the basic concept as well and what he created is something very dark and extremely realistic because the film's vibe and feel is more on realism and he did it in an outstanding and effective way. Overall The Den is a High Tech Horror film that will terrify and give you nightmares for life about the dark side of the Internet. This movie gets a 10.7/10.

Brandon A (au) wrote: We Are the Best! offers an interesting view of adolescence through the lives of three misfits. The characters are relatable, the story is fresh and original, and all the emotional and ambitious vibes make you wish it hadn't ended as soon as it did. It doesn't matter who you are, this movie deserves a watch.

Per M (ag) wrote: Kan inte ge mindre n en halv stjrna, men denna rulle r faktist nnu smmre n Gangsters, guns and Zombies. Denna e bara en parodi p den INTE

Mathieu B (au) wrote: J'ai peine entendu parler de ce film.

Stephanie J (ag) wrote: This is an amazing film.

Scott W (br) wrote: Absorbing but hard to watch at times.. A good companion piece to Boyz in the Hood.

Dylan M (ru) wrote: I completely loved this movie, there are some parts that you might not want your child to watch but other than some of those this is a very good kids movie. It's funny but there are some negatives to the movie including the storyline which could be considered very boring.

Billy R (jp) wrote: Directors cut gives more depth than the theatrical cut