The Secret of Mayerling

The Secret of Mayerling

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Adam C (ru) wrote: A western/survival film that takes places in the western mountains after the Civil War. Pierce Brosnan and Liam Neeson give great performances on different levels. Brosnan more for his physical performance as he fights for survival and tries to start a new life while Neeson is more dialog heavy and predatory as he pursues Brosnan to seek vengeance for ruining his life during the war. I really loved the cinematography in this film as it really captures the spirit of the west in the wintertime. It sort of has a Dances With Wolves feel. The film is exceptionally violent and gory as Brosnan goes beyond the extreme to do what is necessary to survive. The drawback that I could find is that the film is pretty long for being a simple concept of a cat and mouse chase, but evens out because of its suspense. The true nature of why Neeson's character is pursuing Brosnan's character is not revealed until the climax. Overall I did enjoy this film for its technical aspects. It may not be the best western ever made, but it's nice to see two Irishmen go head to head.

WS W (mx) wrote: With UK TV's structure & style, kind of wickedly amusing.

Sydnie C (de) wrote: the whole "goth" thing was kind of cliche and overdone. desmond harrington is fucking hot though.

Paul D (us) wrote: Unusual genre for Hugh Grant, but refreshing. He's just as bland here though as in most of his other films.

Shawn W (ru) wrote: Yet another slasher film about a killer who escapes from a mental institution. This escapee goes on a killing spree at a sorortiy house but not before the girls try on all of Cindy's clothes while she is away.

Corey n (mx) wrote: This is a western that stars James Stewart and Richard Widmark. Stewart is a sheriff who gets enlisted by the army to ask a tribe of Comanches about some hostages due to his past ties with the tribe. Of course Stewart's character is not all heart and wants to make a profit on this. This is a decent enough western. Stewart is great as usual in his role. His character was the best thing in the movie. Widmark was okay as well in this next to Stewart. The story is solid enough. I would not call this Stewart's best western. But if your a fan of westerns or are a James Stewart fan then give this film a chance.

Alex S (es) wrote: The usually heroic Jason Statham plays the villain and a pre-Captain America twiggy little Chris Evans plays the hero, Kim Basinger needs to be rescued, it's that kind of Hollywood film.

Ben L (de) wrote: I have always enjoyed the Jack Ryan films, and I think this is the better of the 2 that star Harrison Ford. I love the way we have 2 intersecting stories going on, and it takes time for Jack to realize everything that is going on behind his back. It makes for some interesting debate because we see the effectiveness of the war on the drug cartels, but we also recognize what it will mean for our protagonist if the truth is revealed. All the intertwining motives and plots worked well, and I always followed what was happening even though they didn't spend large chunks of the film explaining it to the audience. Henry Czerny is brilliantly cast as the weasel who is basically the anti-Jack Ryan. I love their limited interactions and how you can see they mix about as well as oil and water. I also think any movie with James Earl Jones gets just a little better simply because he's there. Perhaps my favorite member of the cast, though, is Willem Dafoe. I really enjoy him as the good guy for a change, and his devotion to his team feels so genuine. Naturally, Harrison Ford is also brilliant, and I always like seeing him this passionate about a role (something he seems to have lost in recent years.)My favorite scenes in Clear and Present Danger are when Jack and his team are working to piece together clues about who is involved and what is going on. Those scenes feel like they are out of a mystery/thriller movie, which is a genre that I love. Also the action sequences are intense and exciting, particularly the ambush in a remote Colombian alley. I do have issues with some of the pacing in the film. There are moments where we know certain things and they spend a little too long dwelling on that aspect so it can be revealed to more characters. I also wish the film could have continued and shown us how the trials unfolded, and whether the actual crooks got their comeuppance. But I can overlook these relatively minor glitches in an otherwise solid film. If you haven't seen any of the Jack Ryan films, this is a fine one that I can highly recommend.

Obey A (ag) wrote: The story takes place in Long Beach California a few main characters were Ms.Gruwell and Eva, it is based on a bunch of students who are involved in gangs and drug activities and the teacher is trying to change their lives, I liked the whole movie the acting was good and I'm glad I watched the it because it was exciting and I would enjoy watching it again and the movie taught people to do good in school and never get involved in gangs or drugs.

Manuel C (fr) wrote: Something is wrong when critic give a movie 16 when audience a 72 . Are the critics wrong or us mortals . Underworld evolution is a very entertaining film which I liked very much . Overall the great mayority of movie critics say the story telling is at fault. I do not concur . Maybe the first one , got a bit confused understanding it but if you saw the first and dont understand the sequel , well you have a problem because this one I understood completely . Underworld evolution is a good movie and entertaining , I didn'get bored at no time , fx were done masterfully , sound is good . 3.5 stars .

Karsh D (us) wrote: a British comedy which tells the tale of how two British men landed on the moon in 1899

Dawn S (kr) wrote: The heart-wrenching Roman Polanski version of the Thomas Hardy book.