The Secret of the Grain

The Secret of the Grain

At the port of Sète, Mr. Slimani, a tired 60-year-old, drags himself toward a shipyard job that has become more and more difficult to cope with as the years go by. He is a divorced father who forces himself to stay close to his family despite the schisms and tensions that are easily sparked off and that financial difficulties make even more intense. He is going through a delicate period in his life and, recently, everything seems to make him feel useless: a failure. He wants to escape from it all and set up his own restaurant. However, it appears to be an unreachable dream given his meager, irregular salary that is not anywhere near enough to supply what he needs to realize his ambition. But he can still dream and talk about it with his family in particular. A family that gradually gives its support to this project, which comes to symbolize the means to a better life. Thanks to its ingeniousness and hard work, this dream soon becomes a reality...or almost...

At the port of Sète, Mr. Slimani, a tired 60-year-old, drags himself toward a shipyard job that has become more and more difficult to cope with as the years go by. He is a divorced father ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew F (br) wrote: Classic Don Knotts. "Atta' boy, Luther!"

Matt S (us) wrote: The Barrens took a promising premise and did nothing remotely interesting with it. The film had some suspense, grisly but off screen deaths and a likable cast. The result though came up very generic, slow moving, underdeveloped and dull. There were absolutely no scares, terror or entertainment value to this picture, making it one of the weakest horror films of 2012. The film stars Stephen Moyer from the True Blood series and Mia Kirshner from The Black Dahlia. They play Richard and Cynthia Vineyard who go on a camping trip with their kids, but soon their trip takes a sinister turn when mysterious vanishings and death follows them. Richard is convinced that it is The Jersey Devil that has been after him since he was a little boy and paranoia soon takes over when no one believes him. I thought the performances were lackluster and has a botch script that brought the flawed film down even further. The characters were underdeveloped and didn't make me give a damn about their story and what happens to them. It's a shame because they are likable actors in an unlikable film. Director, Darren Lynn Bousman is becoming a hit and miss filmmaker, although it's not as bad as 11-11-11, The Barrens is by far his weakest effort. I did not like his filming style in this movie; it came off as uninspired and amateurish compared to his many superior efforts such as Mother's Day, Saw III, and Repo! The Genetic Opera. He is capable of so much more than this flat, made for SyFy channel movie. The writing and filming was just lazy to me. Hopefully it's a hit next time because he definitely has it in him. Overall, the poster is more interesting to look at than watching the actual film. The premise and leads alone may keep you intrigued for the most part and has a twist or two towards the end, but The Barrens is as tedious as they come. Disappointing addition to the horror genre.

Dailiesel M (nl) wrote: La historia estubo excellente pero con un final que no entendi alguien podria explicarme esto aqui aber que paso en el final??

Joe B (es) wrote: A fantastic portrait of underground Iranian music. A must for music fans.

John M (mx) wrote: 0 stars this is hilarious

Mark N (mx) wrote: The effects and acting are above par for a b-movie slasher and the story, while rather silly and predictable, is good enough to carry interest until a rather disappointing ending with a lack of resolution the amnesia gimmick demands.While the effects are especially gory and very well executed the effects people seem to get stuck on one kind of kills that's used over and over and looses it's impact and the lack of reason for it shows a lack of imagination that holds the whole thing back.

daniel d (br) wrote: This movie has practically no storyline. the killer in some scenes is just a plastic and has horrible actors.

Adam U (es) wrote: Purely entertaining , it sucked that my fav character was killed off (pink haired tit girl) and Jenny Wade's Honey Pie . but it did have some faults I couldnt explain the ending?????? WTF (GONNA SPOIL IT CAUSE IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT BY NOW YOU WONT EVER WATCH IT) a METAL ROBOT???????? gimme a break

Maya E (ru) wrote: before watching the movie, i was planning to read the novel since i've heard a lot about Gabriel Garcia Marquez, but now i'm somehow hesitant! i was so much enthusiastic about this movie, but all this turned into frustration! i got bored from the very first hour or even less! i was expecting something more promising!!

Stefani H (fr) wrote: i know i've had watch this. i even forget about it.

Private U (mx) wrote: This movie is a triple thread: Ellen! Peter Chan (Hong Kong director) Tom Selleck! Ellen!!!!

Mike W (fr) wrote: Kevin Costner is an amazing golfer.

ChadPoop G (us) wrote: maybe the book makes more sense. Uma does look cute in this!!!

Tomek S (gb) wrote: loved the psychedelic impact of this flick, and the way Kafka's biography was mixed with the stories from his masterpieces.

Becky K (kr) wrote: aww- that takes me back!


I dont know w (ru) wrote: Looks long, but has a great cast and a nice story.

Mayank A (jp) wrote: Another telling of beginnings of Batman, while satisfying it's not among the best due to lack of originality. The graphic novel was amazing, the animated movie does a faithfully adoption but a little too late. Felt it's more a Jim Gordan movie then a Batman movie.

Jim A (br) wrote: A sequel to a dumb exploitation movie that somehow is even dumber. As before we get a series of dumb sexual fetishes and its exciting if your a 12 year old boy who has never kissed a girl but for everyone else a complete waste of time

Leonard D (it) wrote: Despite the way it ends, this film kept me from going to sleep for almost a month! That's saying something!