The Secret War of Harry Frigg

The Secret War of Harry Frigg

When 5 allied generals are captured in Italy in WWII, it is a propaganda nightmare for the allies. The generals are all 1 star and refuse to take orders from each other in order to plan an escape. Harry Frigg is a private who has escaped from the guard house dozens of times. He is promoted to Major General and ordered to get the generals out once he is captured. Harry is willing to escape, but then he meets the countess...

When 5 allied generals are captured in Italy in WW II, it is a propaganda nightmare for the Allies. The generals are all 1 star and refuse to take orders from each other in order to plan an... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracey S (us) wrote: Watched this with my daughter. I love the way Barbie is so up to date with i-pods, i-phones and digital classrooms, but still manages to dress up like a princess and have fairies floating around. Were some funny scenes in it and my son kept singing the theme song over and over. Anyone with a daughter will enjoy this :)

David W (es) wrote: I seriously hated hated HATED this movie!!! Why does the man have to give up his dream for some manipulative teenage girl? Because this movie is geared towards manipulative teenage girls that will expect their boyfriends to do the same IN REAL LIFE.

Harri I (nl) wrote: Blood and gore, need I say more...Oh yeah theres a dude with artificial hand who shreds his guitar as a form of attack...

Robert F (au) wrote: good movie - excellent story & beautifully directed - just a shame about the subtitlesas they flashed on/off too quickly to keep up.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Friday, January 6, 2012 (2004) Shallow Ground HORROR Watching this film is like reading an original Stephen King novel which starts off with a young naked boy fully drenched in blood walking directly to a small police station somewhere in the neck of the woods without saying a single word, creating some very bad vibes at the same time with much of the film dwelling on this notion about who and what he is and where he comes from! Strange, innovative and original which is nothing like what anyone has seen before. Had this film gotten a bigger budget, who knows how much better this film might've become. 3 out of 4

Paul W (ca) wrote: Not Miike's best. Still alright. A bit on the boring side.

Caroline K (jp) wrote: A tax investigator takes on a crook in a battle of wits. Very fun.

Erik B (jp) wrote: Some of Woody Allen's best stuff is jammed in between some of Woody Allen's more forgettable affairs. Still though, Gene Wilder humps a sheep. Brilliant.

Massi M (au) wrote: Embora falte o humanismo do primeiro filme, "Extermnio 2" feito com uma atmosfera fantstica e uma direo forte.

Ryan W (ca) wrote: This is a really good and heartfelt war drama but at the same time suffers by dragging the story a bit long then it should and some really cheesy dialogue

Samuel H (de) wrote: The name says it all. This movie is a disaster. This is quite possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. To make things worse, I went to see it in theaters. There is almost nothing funny about this movie. Its full of cheap laughs that aren't funny, racial stereotypes and just awful scenes.

Jesse K (fr) wrote: Hard Candy had lots of potential but the execution is a massive disappointment. The brief opening scene was unfortunately the highlight of the film, igniting a wide grin across my face. But that grin quickly faded until I was begging the film to wrap up. The first thing I noticed was the camerawork. It's a mild complaint given the remaining flaws but the cinematography felt far too cramped. It gave no sense of location or space, and the editing made the initial conversations between Page and Wilson feel awkward and disjointed. I have few gripes about the stylistic look of the film although one particular fast-paced sequence feels very poorly done, bursting from out of nowhere and offering more intangible camerawork. The biggest problem with Hard Candy is the script which has various flaws within itself. Similar to the camera, the movie is constantly in your face. There is absolutely no subtlety in its storytelling, forcing it to sound preachy and unintelligent. Every detail is made to seem so obvious and every line is written in such a way that the most simple themes are practically shouted at the audience. At first I thought Ellen Page was just giving a very bad performance but now I realize that the script is (mostly) to blame. She still did a fairly mediocre job in my opinion, often over-acting and bringing out the film's unrealistic nature even further. But Page's character is the worst part about the film by far. The filmmaking issue that Hard Candy suffers from is that we don't care about the characters. At first Page's character Hayley seems like a good protagonist - a shy, innocent girl who may be smarter than she looks. And when combined with Wilson's antagonist, Jeff - a pedophilic creep who might not be in complete control - we have the potential for a good, thrilling story. Unfortunately Hayley becomes a two-dimensional psychopath with hardly any backstory or motivation to her actions. Her dialogue is condescending and quite annoying. I feel like Brian Nelson, the screenwriter, was trying so hard for Hayley to seem cool and hardcore that he forgot the audience needs to connect to her emotionally. Combine her completely insane actions, unrealistic dialogue and complete lack of character development and you get a hero we can't root for. On the other hand, Jeff is actually given two scenes in which he discusses his past, one of the scenes being a sort of relief from Hayley's monotone personality. He's a questionable villain with a backstory, a motivation and multiple demeanors. He feels real! I found myself caring about him, not Hayley. That is...until he proved to be nearly as stupid. His actions later on in the film made my attention drop even more. So to put things simply: we don't know who to root for because both characters are unlikeable and fail to create an emotional connection. The film felt like a bad play half the time, with dialogue and scenes going nowhere, repeating the same thing over and over. Finally, the film promotes itself as a thriller. Unfortunately there might be only two minor thrills throughout its excruciating duration. The problem in this particular area goes back to Page's character. As I mentioned, she has no character development. She never learns anything, she never changes. In addition, she is practically in control of every situation in the movie - the reason it's not exciting. There's nothing on the line, nothing to hold our attention and seemingly no threat to her character. The film could have easily been creative with the premise but it goes nowhere. The only redeemable factor in this movie is Patrick Wilson's performance which was actually pretty impressive. He brought a good variety of emotions and delivered many scenes/monologues with great control of his character. Too bad the rest of the movie was awful.

Kai C (jp) wrote: Absolute nightmare of a movie, tediously horrible beyond all belief, about detestable cowardly characters who cheat on and lie to their best friends and can't make a freaking life decision, in a styrofoam-looking whitewashed New York straight out of pseudo-yuppified-hipster Betty Crocker hell. I'd rather drink a gallon of Liquid Drano than watch this movie again.

Matthew M (au) wrote: Honestly Kristen Wig saved this movie for me she was stellar in it.