The Selling

The Selling

For most people affected by the recent housing market crash, the impact was financial. Super nice real estate agent Richard Scarry has an additional burden: the paranormal. This startlingly funny debut feature takes many of the tropes of haunted house films and employs them to exciting, witty, and original ends.

A too-honest-for-his-own-good real estate agent has to sell a haunted house before its ghostly inhabitants ruin his life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shin B (ru) wrote: What "Good Luck Chuck" Left Behind

Khaled M (ag) wrote: Didn't know it was a Woody Allen, but you can feel it in every scene. And of course I loved it

Hadiysarun R (de) wrote: Very Intesting, mystery movie... have motive in the story =)

Cyriak M (ca) wrote: This movie is fun and great if you're up for a little nostalgia. Critics say that the constant appearance of product placement is "hypocritical" but I say it's not. The entire point of the overuse of product placement inside of the movie is explained near the end of the movie.

Zachary L (it) wrote: The buddy cop drama appears again starring Louis Koo and Francis Ng. Wilson Yip does some good directing and shows some of his roots which lead to his current commercial successes (SPL, Dragon Tiger Gate, Flash Point, etc.). No new ground is broken here and this debuted around the same time as Gen-X Cops, which I enjoyed immensely more as a cop action drama. The characters are nonetheless interesting however the ending to pull it all together and wrap things up felt rushed.

Paavo I (fr) wrote: As exploitative as exploitation can be and also exceptionally funny and explosive!

Brendan N (mx) wrote: Chase is probably the only reason worth checking this out. Far from a good film and considering the talent involved this is flat out disappointing.

Luca D (gb) wrote: Ottima la storia (come testimonianza di un recente passato) e belle le scene dei combattimenti. Peccato che a guardarlo sembra di vedere un film degli anni '50 eppure e' datato 1981.

Paul D (kr) wrote: Strong but understated plot, which is the reason why it works so well. Part of this is also due to the very controlled performances which add to a greater sense of realism.

Dan H (gb) wrote: Funny movie about what happens when a confirmed bachelor "accidentally" gets married to a woman he has nothing in common with.

Hanif M (es) wrote: The highest praise that I can give this film is that it makes you think. The plot starts off very slow but half an hour in and I was hooked. This movie deals with a lot of political issues and on the morality of war and suicide. It asks the question what would you do to save your family? The answers are shocking and horrifying.

Jay L (nl) wrote: "Heroes are measured by what they do.." A supremely engaging and highly captivating World War 2 drama thats as intriguing as a movie can get. A supremely intelligent and pulse pounding thriller that will have you engaged for the entire duration. Its not your average shoot em up and action packed war film, no this is an incredibly cerebral and astoundingly intelligent film that could only come from the mind of Director Gregory Hoblit (Primal Fear, Fracture, Frequency) this guy is great at constructing psychological puzzles and making them into feature length films. Harts War is a World War 2 film that will keep you on your toes and engaged in a whirlwind of captivation and intrigue, its a film that is even better upon second and third viewings as is the case for most of Hoblit's films. Its a colorfully action oacked endeaver that really hits the nail on the head, the ending is a complete shock that you will not see coming, I cant understand why some have called this film predictable, I couldnt have seen this films shocking end coming at all. Hoblit set up the film wonderfully, he cunningly and wonderfully decieves the viewer leaving you oblivious to whats going on right under your nose. Harts War is a brilliantly written film, an unpredictable blast of survival and cunning intelligence, very highly recommended this one. Colin Farrell and Bruce Willis deliver powerhouse performances, and the chemistry they have together on screen is electrifying and bombastic. It also includes a slew of ip and coming actors including Terrence Howard, Cole Hauser, Rory Cochrane as well as many others.

Lucy J (jp) wrote: No male nudity , wanted to see massive junk swinging about.

Alejandro E (de) wrote: Remarkable Oldman & Molina.For watch it and judge.

David M (fr) wrote: The best of the Hobbit trilogy. All the action and tension builds up to the climatic reveal of Smaug the Magnificent

Dave J (de) wrote: Monday, July 22, 2013 (1988) Two Moon Junction EROTC DRAMA Written, directed and produced by well renown erotic film maker Zalman King of "The Red Shoe Diaries" which is another 'genre' I don't care too much about since they're so many of it around and I find that these kind of films can be appreciated more by single men and horny teenagers than to others who crave to be challenged. It's the perfect set up to another porn movie except that Zalman King loves to lay out another unlikely scenario to the audience. Good looking self absorbed carny, Richard Tyson as Perry flaunts his great looking abs for the whole world to see except that "no" one seems to notice except the wealthy southern Dixie, April played by Sherilyn Fenn just because everyone else is having a great time at the carnival. I mean, if you're old, puny, overweight or not as physique or something like that, don't bother to flaunt it is what it appears this film is saying or that if you're hot as Perry is, that "only" hot looking girls is going to notice you- not the overweight old and puny and the film's definition as ugly isn't going to notice you at all. Anyways, she drops her wallet, and gee... before he hands it back to her, he has to look at it first and memorize it and she happens to be engaged too. The movie "Two Moon Junction" as the movie indicates is only a name of a wealthy owned property owned by April's mother Belle played by Oscar winner actress Louise Fletcher the title name is only there as a backdrop to showcase this porn-like atmosphere which of course happens to everyone if we're as good looking as him for it's like creating your own character in a video game- a virtual reality portrait of what you want to look like as opposed to what you really look like in real life asking the question can we identify with this! To me, Perry looks like a real klutz, but the movie portrays him as a man which every woman would ever want since he's dumb but caring and is available for a woman's sexual needs whenever she wants it, therefore having a great quality job is not really a requirement meaning that while he's always available- her fianc isn't since he's always working. And just like King's other films, he teases the audience first to set up to the major make-out scene at the end which is minor to what one can find on porn sites and porn movies these days except that in this case it's with a supposedly renown actress. Oh yeah, when Perry pursues her first and vice versa. Belle finds out about this affair that's been going on and forbids it since it's something to do with some silly reason regarding the family name and so forth and reputation. Do I need to talk about this some more since it's so basic and simplistic. Besides Fletcher, some of the co-stars also include a rather young Milla Jovovich as one of the sisters, Burl Ives as the cop, Kristy McNichol as Perry's other girlfriend, and Herv Villechaize the little dwarf who was famous for playing Tattoo from the popular long running series "Fantasy Island" he plays the owner of the carnival. 2 out of 4 stars