The Serpent's Kiss

The Serpent's Kiss

A man sends a young architect (Ewan McGregor) to build an extravagant garden to bankrupt the husband of the woman (Greta Scacchi) he once loved.

Young Dutch architect Meneer Chrome comes to a remote English estate where Thomas Smithers lives with his wife, Juliana. Smithers is determined to leave as his legacy a fabulous garden, to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rodrigo G (mx) wrote: 70% A boy with a mental disease, Is not a bad movie but Diego Luna should act and let the ones who know how to do this job do it

Max H (mx) wrote: Tragic exploration of knowing you have 24 hours to live and having to die for such inhuman concepts as "the economy".

Alex K (gb) wrote: My Favorite Western Film Is 1939's Stagecoach.

Ash M (ag) wrote: One of the worst Bond movies ever made. It is poorly directed and the story is very disappointing.

Geoffrey H (gb) wrote: One hell of a survival story - dint much like the lead in this movie - but he had one incredible survival drive = resoect

Andy P (mx) wrote: It gets a little boring due to how predictable it is. They also took the wrong angle with how they presented the "villain" in the movie. Yet, it has a real Canadian feel to it that ultimately won me over.

Brandy C (gb) wrote: Liked the movie, it was a little slow, and I couldn't quite figure out the importance of the film at first. Thurmans job was great as usual, as if she relates to the roles she chooses. I have liked Depardieu since I saw his role in My Father the Hero.

Cody I (de) wrote: This was my first star trek movie i ever saw in theaters when it can out and it's my favorite.

Matt C (gb) wrote: Awful. Truly not believable and dragged on. By far the worst movie in the franchise.

Ashley H (au) wrote: Blackboard Jungle is an amazing film. I thought the film said the truth about the city schools with honesty. The cast is excellent which includes Glenn Ford, Anne Frances, and Sidney Poitier. The script is also well written. Richard Brooks brought incredible story to the big screen. Blackboard Jungle is a must see.

Conner R (gb) wrote: I really love this movie for being so completely unique and moody. The cinematography is absolutely breathtaking and the way John Ford manipulates the camera is completely revolutionary. This is from what I can tell one of the first anti-war messages for WWII, it's very direct and not overdone or sappy. This has great characters, an ensemble drama that should never be forgotten.

Hayden H (es) wrote: I don't hate this movie, I just hate how it was performed. Nic Cage tries his best to be a good ghost rider but he can't do much with crappy ass villains. I mean this is the best you can do? Whatever man. I'll wait for marvel to finally give this a try."C"

Bryan T (gb) wrote: If you can go along with the far-fetched but well-realized premise, this might be the best sci-fi action film of the year.

Brian W (au) wrote: Amazing CG, weak plot with lots of gaps. Check your logic brain at the door...