The Servant

The Servant

A decadent London aristocrat hires a man-servant to attend to his needs. However, the balance of power starts to shift...

The aristocratic Tony moves to London and hires the servant Hugo Barrett for all services at home. Barrett seems to be a loyal and competent employee, but Tony's girlfriend Susan does not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos G (ag) wrote: Hablado de don Cuba. Esta casi anda, pero se toma demasiado en serio a si misma. Superhackers contra un establishment corporativo que literalmente conquist el planeta! Mucho veneno simptico al respecto, y Val Kilmer con la peor peluca de la historia (espero que sea peluca, si no...).

Matt C (ca) wrote: Whilst the mood and production of this documentary is great and really interesting it's basically about nothing. The film starts off examining the urban legend on Staten Island of a murderous figure known as Cropsey it then shifts to investigating the true story of a child muderer called Andre Rand. It never really links the two threads together successfully though and it never really reveals any new material in order to be investigative. It's just a nice looking and nice presented doc, that doesn't really work long term in your memory though.

Navin R (mx) wrote: This movie was far below my expectation, it had so many fantastic actors. The storyline was nice. The only problem is that there is too much action which makes it look like a cartoon.

Robert F (us) wrote: One of the better Superman animated movies.

amelia b (de) wrote: there is a roadkill that ant been out long with paul walker in it thats the one i like never seen this one

David P (ru) wrote: I have to say I really enjoyed this. After District 9 and Elysium this just continues to prove Neil Blomkamp is one of the better directors around.

Bradley J (es) wrote: One of the sweetest and most charming of the 21st century coming of age films, Juno is cinematic bliss. Jason Reitman is brilliant proving he's one of the best young filmmakers out there, with this and Up in the Air. Ellen Page is phenomenal. So smart, witty and fast talking, she creates a lovable heroine. Her sharp tongue delivers the juicy screenplay with ease. Props also to Jennifer Garner in a beautifully touching performance. If you want a film that just makes you feel happy, while also being so humane, Juno is the film for you. It is a modern classic. Rating: 90

Cecily B (gb) wrote: Really really cheesy and according to my husband unrealistic. He complained most of the movie and I don't blame him. the lead guy was really annoying with his fake deep gravelly voice and the main chicks extensions were so low budget it drove me insane. I will say I am not a big car movie fan in general so that might have something to do with my opinion though I really liked 'Gone in 60 Seconds' so I don't know. Could have been way better.