The Seven Red Berets

The Seven Red Berets

Seven mercenaries on a mission into Simba controlled Congo territory requisite with typical sterotypes.

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Jayakrishnan R (mx) wrote: 76%Saw this on 29/10/16Far far better than most of the recent horror films that received a certified fresh rating from RT. It plays by some rules and a basic framework, but friends request always has quite a few tricks up its sleeve and its well made. The film doesn't bore you out and it moves at a brisk pacing.

Laura H (gb) wrote: A very carefully and well made film. 10/10

Tom V (gb) wrote: These guys look and act like such babies after the first scenes one has to hit the stop button!

Ethan T (us) wrote: Don't be fooled by the crummy cover; this is a brilliant rockumentary. If anything, the story of the tri-city rock festival that journeyed across Canada by train in 1970 surpasses the famous Woodstock concert movie of the year before. Great live performances and endearing footage from the train ride itself with all its jamming and bonding across the Great Plains.

Amy T (mx) wrote: before "fast five"...justin lin's earlier work

Manthos S (ag) wrote: Pretty weird,but I liked it.I loved Sorvino's performance.She was so cute...Great soundtrack too.

Jacob B (it) wrote: Boasting stunning art direction, amazing action sequences, spectacular voice acting from its cast with Mark Hamill stealing the show as the Joker and a darker and deeper tone than the live-action movies, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is one of the best Batman films to date.

Barbara D (us) wrote: Even decades after his death, EM Forster is known as one of the great literary minds of the 20th century. He wrote six novels in his life, but Forster decided to have Maurice published posthumously because of its controversial subject matter; a story about homosexuality with a happy ending. Although the book was enjoyable and at times, poingant, it still isn't considered to be one of Forster's best works. How do you take a book like that and turn it into a brilliant film? It takes skill. Much of this skill is due to some of the changes that were made in the adaptation process. For example, Clive's character (Maurice's first love) in the book magically becomes straight when he travels to Greece and in the screenplay, it was changed so that Clive is still gay but chooses to live a heterosexual lifestyle out of his insecurity. As anynone with brains knows; being gay is not a choice. To Forster's credit though, the book was written right before WWI and hardly anyone except for doctors knew terms like "homosexuality" and "bisexuality". Maybe he believed that some people were capable of changing. On the subject of Clive's character, Hugh Grant delivers what he called in an interview his best acting job, and I would have to agree with him on that 110%. He plays a seriously insecure person who actually is (unlike many other characters he's played) a three-dimensional character. People often say that Grant's best performance was in Four Weddings and a Funeral and honestly, I want to vomit every time that I hear that. His role in Maurice was ten times deeper and above all, it was before he was hopelessly typecast. As much as I love this film to bits, I painfully have to admit that I did take off a star for a reason. I had little nit-picky problems that were mainly to do with the low budget. The film had good transition shots, but occasionally some parts were a bit quiet and generally empty. The score wasn't too brilliant either. These faults bothered me a bit because I thought that they didn't do justice to the revamped story. For this reason, I wouldn't disapprove of a remake. Another issue I had was with Alec and Maurice's relationship. Don't get me wrong, I loved their relationship, but I don't think enough empasis was put on it to make it 110% convincing. I was only really convinced that they loved each other towards the end, because some of the other moments between them were a bit awkward. This wasn't a huge issue, I can still forgive it. I think the most controversial thing about this movie is not the occasional full-frontal nudity, but the message that a gay couple can have a happy ending. If they had a happy ending back in 1914, they sure as hell can now! I mentioned in my review of Brokeback Mountain that the only reason why it was so controversial was because it was popular. Well, Maurice was popular with the critics back in 87 and it has a huge gay following today, but apart from that it remains an almost unheard of indie film. Thus, no annoying conservatives protested against it. That may be a good thing, but the bad thing is that not enough people have seen this film. Overall, this film is a triumph on so many levels. It's a triumph in being a great adaptation, well directed and providing social commentary which is still relevant today. It may have little nit-picky faults, but I can forgive them for the rest of the film's brilliance. It teaches people that it's okay to be gay, and that any homophobe who has a problem with that deserves to stick it.

Senor C (us) wrote: I Bury the Living sorta puzzles me. I was impatient w/ it @ times but when it got to the climax I wish it was longer. A lot of people compare it to an episode of the Twilight Zone & it's very similar if only the last couple of frames were different because it's not as haunting as it should be or rather it let's us over easy. Some say this should be remade but I usually say if you've seen the outcome in it's original form why bother. This uses great use on a tiny budget that it could only be remade a for TV, an independent flix or an off Broadway stage play...Of the three the stage play sounds the most interesting to me

Edward C (nl) wrote: Fever Pitch(2005)Starring: Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon, Lenny Clarke, Jessamy Finet, Miranda Black, Brett Murphy, and Johnny SeedDirected By: Bobby Farrelly and Peter FarrellyReviewA Comedy About The Game of Love.I saw like the first thirty minutes of this movie early last year and since then I have been wanting to finish it and today I gladly did. This is a comedy that makes me think of myself again. We all have one thing were very passionate about. IN this film theirs Ben who has been a passionate Red Socks fan since he was eleven, he goes to practice games, does drafts of who's going to what game with him, and never misses a game. But he has to try and balance his commitment to the game and Lindsy.This film is based of a novel actually and that surprised me, I feel like reading the book now, when I look at Jimmy Fallons character in this movie I see me, because he's a romantic and he's like an expert on his passion among him and his friends, his being the Red Socks, mine being movies/films. It's humor is played out through funny situations with Ben and Lindsey, when it comes to Lindseys job and Bens love for the Red socks. I don't know how close it was to its source material but it was a joy to watch. I give Fever Pitch a four out of five.

Johnathon W (de) wrote: Classic romantic thanks to two brilliant lead performances and witty direction & writing behind the screen. Gable & Colbert give career defining performances as the bickering couple, delivering exquisite chemistry that even when they're fighting, you can tell they're falling in love. The film, though tame by today's standards, even lets them use their sexuality fun & risky ways (Gable reportedly killed the undershirt business for years in his famous undressing scene while Colbert legs showed a new way to hitchhike). Behind the camera, Capra keeps the film fast-moving, focusing just on the main plot (the only subplot is Andrews father, nicely played by Walter Connolly, and his desparate search to find her) while Riskin script gives some of the best dialogue you'll ever hear. With this combination, it's easy to say why this was the first film to sweep the Oscars in all major categories and remains the standard for all romantic comedies since.

Claudine J (ag) wrote: Half way through this film I had a 'Straw Dogs' moment--as a woman, I simply got tired of the power dynamic--but I stuck it out. Surprisingly, it picked itself off the ground, dusted off & had a strong finish. The production values are excellent: all the grimy details of hard life in evidence. The reason I only give it two & a half stars is that for all the hard work and care involved, it don't mean squat if you cannot hear what is being said, and I don't mean 'method acting'. Shoot--get the DVD & there's a whole thing with the actors chatting about the film & y'all can hear every. single. word. Naw. It's the artsy-smartsy filmmaker's decision to have half of what's said either under-the-breath, or some such artifice. And I would have stayed home & said okay, I'll watch it later on Netflix, except the DVD has no darned Subtitles! This really does a disservice to *anybody* with the slightest hearing loss, especially when the women appear to be saying *cough* interesting things. So, yeah, good flick at the end of the day, but major slappie for messing up the sound.