The Sex Therapist

The Sex Therapist

Australian waterbed salesman Alvin Sees a psychiatrist about his irresistibilty to women

Alvin is your average guy, except for the fact women find him irresistible and chase him everywhere. He tries to avoid them and get psychiatric help but gets used by the psychiatrists as a gigolo to treat other patients instead. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mr N (es) wrote: Seven Psychopaths is funny, violent and has great characters. There are a lot of people out there who don't understand this film but I honestly think its awesome! It is very non-linear and is very smart in its direction, check it out!

Grayson W (ag) wrote: Interesting for a super low budget film, but ultimately almost nothing happens . The Rifftrax version is hilarious though

Rob J (fr) wrote: A tense and forbidding atmosphere haunts this post-colonial story of a white coffee-planation manager in the midst of a violent rebellion. Don't expect Hollywood narrative exposition in this French film.

Kim W (fr) wrote: I expected it to be crap without raven but it's actually pretty good, you forget she was ever in it

J K (nl) wrote: Your career sucks Chris O'Donnell.

Vince K (us) wrote: I stayed away from a lot of straight-to-video sequels over the years for good reason " they suck. Curiosity always led me to rent them, and I think the disappointment, again and again, taught me a lesson. Pumpkinhead 3, Night of the Demons 3, Hellraiser V-VIII, Return of the Living Dead 4 & 5 " all SO AWFUL, and I(TM)m missing a shitload there. I would(TM)ve loved to have seen others, like Candyman 3 or Critters 3 & 4, but I didn(TM)t want to get all pissed off again. Now I(TM)m thinking I might as well, since I watch a lot of crappy movies anyway. Just to, you know KNOW. Some franchises took off on video, such as the Leprechaun series. I liked all of those a hell of a lot more than the original, which had a big theatrical release. I hear Puppet Master is the same. I(TM)d love to see its five sequels. Wishmaster 2 isn(TM)t that good at all, but at least they tried. (I always give big applause for effort.) Wishmaster was already made on a really low-budget. And I thought they did great things with it. Imaginative gore, a good story, and a new villain everyone loved. So, you can imagine what an even lower-budget did to the sequel. Good gore scenes? No. There(TM)s hardly any blood in it at all. The only death scene I can even remember is where the lawyer fucks himself in the ass. That was laugh-out-loud hilarious. But that(TM)s all I can remember that stood out. And I just watched this. The screenplay is also terrible. Horrible pacing. The lead character(TM)s journey into researching the Djinn mirrors what the character did in the original. And when we keep getting back to that through most of the movie it bored me to tears. Also, she(TM)s an ugly dog compared to the hot babe in the original. If the film has any saving grace it(TM)d be the return of the charismatic, likeable, and handsome Andrew Divoff as the Wishmaster. Even though his great dialogue (those awesome, evil one-liners) is pretty much non-existent due to bad writing the guy(TM)s still fun to watch. He even gets to speak a bit of Russian in this one (I looked him up, Divoff speaks 9 languages fluently, *AND he played the Russian Mikhail in the Lost series.) Him being in prison for most of the movie to gather souls was a good idea. There(TM)s some semi-interesting stuff going on there. And taking him to Vegas in the end, probably the greediest place on earth - was a good idea as well. But all that should have been totally killer and completely wasn(TM)t. I read that he doesn(TM)t come back for the sequels as the Djinn (I can(TM)t remember if there were 1 or 2 sequels after this). I(TM)d still have to see them, but I remember how horrible it was when Julien Sands didn(TM)t return for Warlock III. And Warlock III, also probably wasn(TM)t THAT bad (I(TM)d have to see it again.) I still like the story, and I think they set up a great mythology in the original. After the third wish is cast, the Djinn can take over and rule the earth. Now, how bad would that be? Imagine having a Djinn as your next-door neighbor. First off, he(TM)d just be cool to look at (and pose for pictures with). And you could invite him over to get drunk and watch bad horror movies. He could get pissed off about the horrible gore effects too and take you out in public to show you what it(TM)s REALLY LIKE. That would be totally fucking awesome. I also think they could solve the problems with the economy and gas prices. I bet they wouldn(TM)t want to live in a crappy world either. And they(TM)d probably kill all the old people, and assholes. I might(TM)ve just made too many wishes here, but one can dream

Molly A (es) wrote: Five stars is not nearly enough to rate this movie. I would give it 20 stars if i could!!!! LOVE THIS MOVIE!!

KiRstin M (gb) wrote: BEST MOVIE great message!!!

Paul D (it) wrote: Strong enough to spurn a television series, but that's probably where it should have started. This is just a cop action drama with overtime for the make-up department.

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Seen maybe 4 times in the past ...seen again let's say 15 years later again . Still enjoyeble to watch now . Lovely how the friendship grows between Sly and his son ! SOMDVD

Bruno L (fr) wrote: Wahnwitzige Stunts, ein gehriger Schuss Humor und liebenswerte Charaktere beherrschen dieses Action-Highlight aus den 80ern, das als Konkurrenzprodukt zu James Bond zur Actionkinoserie geplant war. Leider war der Erfolg des Erstlingswerkes nicht gross genug, um Fortsetzungen zu rechtfertigen.

Ryan H (ru) wrote: Linklater and Bogosian are a match made in heaven. I don't know what it is about Gen-X films, but I love them. This is the best role I have seen Giovanni Ribisi in so far. He plays a guy that is so relatable, but it's clear none of us wants to be him. Yet, in many ways, I am still him. I sit around and talk about the problems in the world and the changes I want to see made, but I'm not really doing anything about them. And when I hear someone has made it, jealousy seeps in. The difference is I notice the jealousy and turn it around and I try to be happy for them. One of my favorite scenes is when Jeff listens to the song "Invisible People" by Pony and asks what the hell Pony is. Pony is clueless. But Jeff says if he is one of the invisible people in the crowd, then Pony is singing about something he doesn't understand. Pony says he is an artist and he has a voice expressing his ideas. Well, Jeff has his own thoughts and ideas and he communicates them all the time. But Pony just says he is an artist. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a noise? Sooze wants to be a performance artist one day because she is afraid that she won't make a noise, but Jeff says everyone makes a noise. They tell thoughts to each other, they make a noise. They can be a tall standing tree, they don't have to fall. Sooze is pissed and just says Jeff likes to argue, where he simply replies "no I don't!" This pretty much defines generation x. They were a bunch of people in their 20s in the 90s who were smart and could do things, but were more interested in telling each other their ideas rather than actually making a difference. Bogosian and Linklater are Pony in this film. They were a part of these people, except they wanted to get their voice out there. SubUrbia is talky and happens in a single day, like most of Linklater's early films, but he can create these characters that we can connect with so it feels like it just flies by. Parker Posey was so good as Pony's agent who is in Burnsfield to see what it was like for him to grow up. She's heard a lot about his friends and his hometown, now she gets to witness everything. He has been writing so much about it in his songs, she wants to see what shaped him as a singer/songwriter. Of course, there is a sort of smugness to Pony at first, but we can tell he has good intentions. The person who left town and comes back to see his slacker buddies who got stuck behind reminded me of the way Garden State did it. It's not bad for Garden State, but it's just realistic. I've seen it, and it's pretty accurate. "We should do something together" "Yeah, totally." Tim is an alcoholic who we can see is trouble right away. He is racist. He hates the man who owns the Circle A just because he is not white or was born in America. He thinks he is a true American. However, later in the film he tells Erica that he was in the airforce, but cut off his own finger to get honorable discharge and even gets paid monthly for it. But here is a man who came to America and is working and getting an education, but he is bad for America? I hated Tim. I know Tim. Then you have Buff who just goes around and drinks and has a good time. He's really not interested in anyone's problems or wants to get involved. He just does what he wants to do, which is mostly shallow. He wants to drink, smoke, and have sex (mostly sex if he could get it). The comedy is mixed in perfectly with the drama. The characters talk in a way only Bogosian can write. **SPOILERS**I watched a movie recently (can't remember which one) but they said if a gun is seen in the first half of a movie then it will be shot in the second half. Well, they were sort of right. Tim goes to jail for standing outside the Circle A drunk and comes back with a gun to settle his score. He says police don't care about Nazeer and neither does he. Jeff tries to show how Nazeer is a human being with feelings just like everyone else, well so does Linklater by having his wife come out and see Nazeer holding a gun and she takes off her wedding ring then throws it at him. Tim shoots the gun in the air, but doesn't actually shoot anyone. Instead, he finds the rehab girl's body on the roof. He blames Nazeer even though he had nothing to do with it. The ending is perfect: Nazeer goes back in to call the police, but before he leaves he asks what the hell these kids are doing wasting their lives. It's a brilliant film that could compete for the best Gen-X film with Kicking and Screaming.

Alonso A (us) wrote: Where Scorsese found his voice

leigh k (ag) wrote: a very deep thinking movie one of those that you would proberbily do an essay on in English... certainly worth a watch keeps you glued to the screen all the way through... a bit weird when he goes into his daydream mode, I hate movies that have like a 5 minute scene where loads of cool exciting things happen then BANG he cones back to reality...certainly not a first, second or third date movie not unless you want to come across as weird as si does in this movie lol...

Josh D (it) wrote: Don't listen to the critics on this one. They definitely got this wrong. This movie won't make you laugh until you hurt, but it's a good time movie. I've seen it multiple times and enjoy it every time. Give it a chance and you won't be disappointed.

Clay B (es) wrote: BEACH BLANKET BINGO (1965)