The Shadow

The Shadow

Based on the 1930's comic strip, puts the hero up against his arch enemy, Shiwan Khan, who plans to take over the world by holding a city to ransom using an atom bomb. Using his powers of invisibility and "The power to cloud men's minds", the Shadow comes blazing to the city's rescue with explosive results.

Set in 1930s New York, with the aid of a beautiful female friend, the Shadow, a playboy millionaire with a dark past, sets out to bring his nemesis, Shiwan Khan, who is building an atomic bomb. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Les E (ca) wrote: A delicate but grand story that could be about any northern family in the late 60's. Every performance was strong but the shining lights were father and daughter John and Hayley Mills - perfect.

Blue F (kr) wrote: Liked it! Very gorgeous animation, with attention and research into animating the birds! Made the story more believable.

William H (de) wrote: This movie is proof that not everyone loves raymond.

Mark T (it) wrote: Slow burner which explores differing concepts of redemption. Not for the shallow ...

Maria W (gb) wrote: al pacino is usually a garant for excellence, but this time: boring.

Pej N (au) wrote: Half a star only because Jessica Biel is in it. Otherwise... dreadful.

Michael M (nl) wrote: Oh 2000. Everyone still adored Mel Gibson. People still smoked in movies. Helen Hunt was still sultry.

Jose Miguel G (jp) wrote: A fast peaced ride that respects quite a lot of the source material, while adding some good disney spirit in an effective thrilling-touching formula.

Stephen E (nl) wrote: When it comes right down to it, wonderful storytelling and great acting are make a great movie, and "Kiss of the Spider Woman" is an exercise in both. William Hurt's delicate, Oscar-winning performance is obviously the film's main attraction, but there are other noteworthy aspects as well, such as Hector Babenco's stylish direction and Rodolfo Sanchez's fluid cinematography.

Peter D (jp) wrote: I love Martin Lawrence movies and this was no exception. I thought it was hilarious all the way through and Lawrence and Zahn make a strange yet humorous duo. It sure wasn't the best comedy of the century, but it did succeed in getting laughs. Overall a great film that had me laughing from start to end.

Allan C (jp) wrote: Horribly inept security/police, great performance by Michael Ironside, weirdly paced film.