The Shadow Box

The Shadow Box

TV movie directed by Paul Newman.

TV movie directed by Paul Newman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith H (de) wrote: kids like it, good over evil

Kenneth M (gb) wrote: Suprisingly I enjoyed Thor more than wolverine but that only attest to how good hulk vs Thor is not at all a slight on wolverine wich packs serious star power ( saber tooth omega red dead pool lady deathsrtrike) and a few more surprise guest plus razor sharp action yet it's the feeling being Thor Loki's hate for his stepbrother thor's unyielding loyalty to Asgard he defiantly puts it all on the line in his fight with hulk both good movies not great Thor To Me was slightly better.

Leo L (br) wrote: An absolutely hilarious movie!! Veera dreams of becoming a superstar in the world of cricket, ever since watching her favorite star players as a child. Playing in the fields in her spare time, she remarkably excels at batting left and right hand. After the town's local cricket team loses a great match, she inspires to join the team and pursue her dreams of stardom. Being a female, she is barred from entering and begins to lose faith until an abrupt opportunity allows her to audition for a spot on the team, as young "Veer". Veer/Veera are one, and the same. With slim chances of playing, she decides to embark on a wild adventure of upholding her position and concealing her true identity. Until she meets the young captain of the cricket team, it is more trouble than she would like when she begins to like Rohan. ********************************************************************************* Here is a movie that centrally depicts a character daring to dream beyond limitations, beyond the boundaries of 'so-called normality'. Veera dares to dream big, and not recede from the negative remarks and comments. Fantastic music!! Tons of laughter! Rani is truly sensational in the numerous unique roles that she casts for. Great cast- Rani Mukherjee, Shahid Kapoor, Anupam Kher, and Rakhi Sawant. Definitely worth seeing!

Brody M (mx) wrote: You seen 1 documentary like this youve seen em all

Raffi H (ru) wrote: this is a boring, ugly movie and its only redeeming quality is Bill Murray's performance.

Dylan G (gb) wrote: Wow, and I thought the live-action Scooby-Doo movie was bad! F

Steven L (ru) wrote: Again, the slasher era was the time for sequel after sequel to cash in. Well, in the case of Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 it probably didn??t need a sequel, or any of the 3 sequels after that either. The first one was great fun, an enjoyable film. This one on the other hand was something that really didn??t need to be made.The film finds us with a grown Ricky Caldwell, the little brother of Billy from the first film. Before I go on let me point out that Ricky??s last name is not the same as Billy??s was in the first film. I don??t remember him saying anything about taking his adoptive family??s last name, but whatever. So, we find him in a police station being interrogated about something (we don??t find out until later). He begins to retell the story of the first film, to establish how he became the way he is. After that we get going with the new story, about Ricky being adopted but for whatever reason having a terrifying fear of nuns, which is shown in a scene where a child Ricky freaks out after seeing nuns in slow motion! Well, everything goes fine until he is grown and has a thing for a girl. Well, this girl is treated badly by her boyfriend so Ricky without really even thinking decides to kill the boyfriend. The girl then comes up to him after seeing this, just to say thanks! After that it??s senseless death after senseless death?oh, and the worst acting you??ll ever see on screen!This movie is atrocious, and lets examine why. First off, the first half of the movie is footage from the first film which is absolutely not needed. I have read that the director was originally hired to remake the first film (3 years after release?) and they decided to make it a sequel instead. And how exactly does Ricky recall the night his parents were killed when he was a baby in a car seat? In fact most of the stuff he talks about and flashes back to are literally things he would have no idea about! So, then we get to the main story of the film and it makes no sense. He has absolutely no reason to be going nuts. In the first film Billy had every reason to go nuts because he witnessed his parents being killed when he was 4 years old. That can really fuck someone up big time. But, Ricky has no reason to lose his mind. I guess one can argue the fact that he saw his brother gunned down in front of him. But, what was with the fear of nuns? In the first film his character seems to be universally loved by the nuns and other children. And just some of the things that were done way over the top like the killing of the guy in the movie theater who won??t stop talking. Or the fact that the movie they are watching is the first film. Then it gets super ridiculous when for absolutely no reason he goes completely insane and just starts killing people left and right on a suburban street. Then when he tries to kill himself he realizes he has no bullets left and we find him at the police station.I think one of the worst things in this movie is when he goes to Mother Superior??s house to kill her (why? Who knows?), the character is played by a different actress and they covered that up by covering her face is what looks like a terrible flesh wound. And then they bring up quickly that she had a stroke. What stroke victim looks like that? No one! It was just a terrible way to cover the fact that they got a different actress.Should you see this movie? No, I don??t think so. Granted it??s a movie to make fun of, literally. This movie is so poorly done and the awful acting from Eric Freeman is probably the one thing that can be made fun of for years to come. It??s almost as if he is deliberately acting over the top, hopefully that was the case, if not he must be the worst actor ever to grace Earth. I would avoid this movie.

Andrew N (ru) wrote: A very good and smart comedy, which combines comedy with careful character development and story. Some parts however did make me want more from the tit for tat comedy which built up so well with Dreyfuss's character taking Devitos wife.. And after that the story changed and lost its comedy value somwhat. However I liked the time it was set in obviously.. very class cars and scenery.. Good acting from the two main leads..

Tony S (ag) wrote: How much do you love a sister? This movie explores that question. The werewolf casts his own bullets to put in his sister's gun, just in case he ever peruses her relentlessly, as he knows werewolves do! This psychological thriller has horror as well, but the ABC Movie of the Week was a huge deal back in 1972. Millions of Americans saw it and to this day, remember the delicious horror and relief at the depths of brotherly love.

J K (es) wrote: A general rule of thumb that I follow with movies is if there are at least eight actors or actresses in a movie and I've never heard of them, I avoid it like a dirty toilet seat.

Greg W (kr) wrote: i love these old pix set in exotic locales think 'the letter' or 'red dust' all done on the backlot of RKO

Luke P (es) wrote: A wonderful classic for all ages!

Jessica T (us) wrote: Very well-crafted, however over-long Ipod commercial.

Logan M (au) wrote: It's quite a ways off from living up to "Curse of the Black Pearl."

Andy P (de) wrote: It plays as a great pilot episode to an upcoming tv series which took a lot of what was done well with it away.

Chiek E (es) wrote: Superb horror film because of the immensely talented cast. Not since Linda Blair's exorcism has another exorcism so engrossing for me. Though less frightening, this one has a lot more heart and soul in it, even though it wasn't performed by a priest. Patrick Wilson nailed his role as an aspiring expert in demonology, a loving husband and father and first and foremost, a concerned and kind hearted human being.