The Shadow in the North

The Shadow in the North

When an elderly client loses a fortune on an investment, fearless Sally Lockhart will stop at nothing to rectify the situation — even if it means risking everything important to her in the process. As Sally sorts out the threads of the mystery — a magician being pursued by thugs, a clairvoyant who sees a brutal murder in the woods and a rich, heartless industrialist on a mad mission — nothing fits together. But as Sally closes in on the truth, it becomes devastatingly clear that her life will be forever altered.

Sally Lockhart and friends investigate the disappearance of a steamship, a magician who is threatened by thugs, a psychic with dark visions, and heartless industrialist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Shadow in the North torrent reviews

John W (ag) wrote: good band of brothers but not so polished..6-10

muskrat m (ag) wrote: i would rather shoot myself them wacth this

Stafford V (de) wrote: Scary movie hits rock bottom once again.

Laurel J (br) wrote: Maddin's only color feature to date, and very lushly colored it is. Makes great use of stars Gorshin and Duvall. An ostrich farm, a leg amputation, anamnesiac, "sleephunting"--pure Maddin, and very funny.

Tom T (nl) wrote: Shockingly bad from start to finish. A message to all Guyver fans out there "stick to the anime".

Jeffery H (ag) wrote: Great cop movie. One wants a partner and the other dont, but when a cop is murdered they decide they have to work together. Anthony Edwards and Forrest Whitaker get a thumbs up on this movie.

Paul N (br) wrote: Loved this when I was a boy - made us all want to be street dancers.

Michael R (ca) wrote: While it's paint by numbers within the genre, It's still a fun and enjoyable piece of exploitation cinema.

Martyn I (ag) wrote: Carry On? Oh dear...

Jonathan R (kr) wrote: Pretty good as propaganda. I didn't expect much, but the cast is pretty good and it's more interesting than I would have thought possible. Anthony Mann's direction keeps the pace perfectly throughout, and lets the actors carry the movie.

DC F (es) wrote: What a great way to describe current politics and in 1955! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Branden A (ru) wrote: Dominic Cooper is fantastic, but its an average film...

Brian O (jp) wrote: Could be great but.... It needs more plot and back story, or even after story. It could be a great movie just missing to much to make a complete story... People who love no sence movies like eraser head will like this movie. It could have been beyond awesome, I'd still watch this POS over eraser head....

John R (jp) wrote: 150502: I just don't get it. Is this what they mean when they say genius is close to insanity? I guess I'm just not educated enough. Into the garage sale pile.